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Congratulatory message for winning the election

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Congratulatory message for winning the election
September 02, 2018 1st Anniversary Wishes No comments

In a message sent on Monday, Al Qasimi wished Sisi success in his sent similar congratulatory messages to Sisi on winning the election.

Achieving a new level position or appointment that you have awaited years to accomplished can leave you feeling very satisfied and happy. Here is a look at some amazing sample congratulatory messages on a new appointment that your friends and loved ones may wish to share with you as you take on these next steps in your career.

A better job and a better pay, your destiny has finally showed you the way. A new job is not just about perfect timing, it is about celebrating a wonderful new beginning. Congratulations.

A few words of wisdom as you begin your new job – there are two types of employees. One, who always do what other people tell them to. Second, who always do what their hearts tell them to. No prizes for guessing which ones are more successful.

Always remember that it wasn’t destiny that got you a new job. It was your courage and desire to make your own destiny that pushed you forward. Congratulations.

By losing you, your previous employer suffered a big loss. By gaining you, a fantastic discovery has been made by your new boss. Congratulations for you new job.

Certainly your willingness to volunteer your time and effort, as well as express your opinions, has contributed to your being selected for the post. We wish you all the best as you represent us.

Congratulations on your appointment and wish you every success in your new duties. Please be aware that you have our full support.

Everyone works to pay the bills and live a happy life, but very few people like you live to work at a job that gives them happiness. Congratulations on your new role.

I wish to congratulate you on your new appointment as (new role) and I take this opportunity to look forward in working closely and strengthen the cooperation between our companies (institutions).

I would like to offer you my most sincere congratulations upon your assumption of your new responsibilities as the (new role). We at the (name of the company or institution) pledge our further support and look forward to productive cooperation.

It gives me great pleasure to extend my warmest congratulations to you on your appointment as (new position). I trust that you will continue to work for the improvement of our business relationship.

It was with great pleasure that I learned just now of your nomination as (name of the position). Allow me to congratulate you most warmly both on my behalf and on behalf of the company (institution).

Just like one plus one naturally makes two, your new job easily found a deserving contender like you. Congratulations.

Life is all about grabbing opportunities by the collar and squeezing them out till the very last drop. Make sure you do the same with your new job. Congratulations.

On the first day of your new job, you won’t just be opening a door to your new office. You will be opening the door to life’s new opportunities. Congratulations.

Thank you for sharing the good news and I hope it’s not too late to congratulate you for the well earned promotion to the post of the (new position). I wish you the best in this new term of office.

We have the pleasure to congratulate you on your assignment and wishing you a successful mission. (The company or institution) has made an excellent choice based on expertise, experience and talent.

We were delighted to hear of your victory in election. We are sure that under your great leadership, wisdom and guidance (city, company, institution) will strive to much greater heights and achievements. Let me once again reiterate my sincere congratulations on your success!

You can never guarantee what will happen in the future, but the least you can do is learn from your failures. You can never be too sure of unforeseen circumstances, but you can always be prepared to better your chances. Congratulations for your new job.

You can never predict how your new job will turn out to be, but you can always work hard to make sure you get what is in your destiny. Congratulations.

You will never find out your real worth until you give life your best shot. Work hard and give it all you’ve got. You will find more success than you had ever thought. Congratulations for your new job.

Your new job is your chance to redeem yourself of all the mistakes you made in the past. It is also an opportunity to work hard and make a great impression that lasts. Congratulations.

Here is one example of a congratulatory message on new appointment to a high level position. Many of people work their whole lives in hopes to receive such a congratulatory message for their own appointment to a Presidential or Vice Presidential position.

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The foreign minister expects more congratulatory messages to arrive Joko " Jokowi" Widodo on winning the April 17 presidential election.

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congratulatory message for winning the election

Congratulation Messages 


Election congratulation messages are sent at the time of winning of elections. These messages are sent to a person who stood for some post in the elections and to congratulate him on his winning.

The messages are sent to congratulate a person on filing the nominations for the elections or for his winning the elections. Messages must be sent in an attractive manner.

Sample Election Congratulation Messages

  • With great respect and pride, you have won the much desired position. We heartily congratulate you on winning the elections. We all trust you and your powers, we are sure that you are going to be a great leader. We wish you all the best for your future. Congratulations!
  • On behalf of the student’s union of University of Buckingham, we would like to congratulate you on the impressive victory in the elections 2013. You have successfully earned the post of the Vice President. With the support of all, we are sure that you are going to exercise your duties. Congratulations on winning the elections and all the best for your new responsibilities.
  • [blockquote]I wish to congratulate you on winning the elections. This victory surely calls for a great celebration. Heartiest congratulation, keep up the spirits high and work with utmost motivation.[/blockquote]
  • I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Ronald for winning the elections for the post of a chair person of Holmes’s Academy. He has surely earned a much deserved position. Heartiest congratulations and this surely calls for great celebrations.
  • You have earned a well deserved position. We congratulate you on winning the elections. We hope you would work with full dedication. Congratulations.
  • I must congratulate Mr. Ronald Henry for winning the post of a president of student’s union in the 2012 elections of Illinois University. The post was well deserved by you. Congratulations!
  • [blockquote]I would like to congratulate Dr. Tara Williams for being elected as a first women chairperson of the American Union Commission. [/blockquote]Your winning was a sure fact. We are so happy with this result. Congratulations and all the best for your duties.
  •  On behalf of University of Buckingham, we congratulate you for your impressive victory in national student’s union elections. You have earned a position of vice president which is well deserved by you. Congratulations and we hope that you will live up to your promises.
  • Allow me to congratulate you on winning the elections. This calls for great celebrations! Heartiest congratulations! 
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Congratulate an Official on an Appointment or on Winning an Election

congratulatory message for winning the election

BEIJING, Nov. 3 (Xinhua) -- Congratulations are pouring in from around the world since Chinese President Xi Jinping was re-elected general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) last week.

In their messages, leaders of foreign countries, political parties and organizations also expressed their confidence that the CPC, under Xi's leadership, will guide China toward greater prosperity and a larger international role.

The following is an edited version of some of the messages.

Michel Aoun, president of Lebanon:

I convey my warmest congratulations on your re-election as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, and sincerely wish every success in your work to lead the Chinese people to realize national development.

Ilir Meta, president of Albania:

Wish Your Excellency continue leading the CPC and China to make greater achievements as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee. We firmly believe Albania and China will further deepen friendly cooperation in various areas under your leadership.

Patrice Talon, president of Benin:

Your re-election as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee shows how Chinese people highly affirm the huge achievements that China has attained under your leadership. We firmly believe Your Excellency will lead China to an enhanced international status.

Andrzej Duda, president of Poland:

We have paid close attention to the 19th CPC National Congress and the magnificent blueprint for China's future development. Poland would like to deepen win-win cooperation with China, and enhance the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.

Filip Vujanovic, president of the Republic of Montenegro:

The fact that the 19th CPC National Congress has drawn worldwide attention shows China's growing international influence. In the past five years, Your Excellency has put forward a series of trail-blazing concepts, thoughts and strategies on state governance, leading the Chinese people to achieve plenty. All of us in Montenegro hope and believe the approach recognized as Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era will bring prosperity for the Chinese people.

Dragan Covic, president of the Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and rotating chairman of the Presidency of BiH:

Your re-election as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee demonstrates Chinese people's high-level trust and expectations for Your Excellency.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, chairman of the National Front:

Your re-election as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee shows not only over 8.9 million CPC members have a high degree of confidence in your wise leadership, but also the whole country hopes you will guide China toward greater prosperity and stability. China's development will not only benefit the Chinese people, but also contribute to regional and global peace, prosperity and harmony.

Mauritius Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, leader of the Militant Socialist Movement:

I convey my heartiest congratulations upon your re-election as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee. In the past five years, China has made extraordinary achievements under your leadership. I firmly believe China will make huge contributions to a stable, peaceful and prosperous world.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, chairman of the Likud party:

I congratulate you as you begin your second term as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee. I wish you continued success in leading your nation and ushering in a new era of even greater prosperity and progress.

Papua New Guinean Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, leader of People's National Congress:

Your re-election to this most important post yet again demonstrates the confidence and trust of the delegates to the 19th National Congress of the CPC in your capabilities and leadership qualities. Through your continued leadership, I am confident that our two countries will deepen friendly cooperation in various areas and together promote the harmonious development of the world.

Vanuatu Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, president of the Reunification Movement for Change (RMC):

During the 19th National Congress, the CPC Constitution was amended to include Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era enshrined into the CPC Constitution as the CPC's guide for action. I am pleased to see the world's second-largest economy will continue to deepen reform and open itself wider to the world in the next five years.

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Congratulations Messages for any Occassion Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then.

Congratulations Quotes

congratulatory message for winning the election

If someone you know recently won an award then sending congratulation message is a must. 

Read on to find the perfect congratulatory wishes for winning an award. We are sure you will find the perfect congratualtion messages for winning right here. 
  • Congratulations on your award! You deserve to receive such plaque because you really are a hardworking person and I’ve seen your dedication through the years of your service. More power!
  • I just heard the good news! Congratulations for getting a special award. You always inspire others with your good works. You are such a legacy and thank you for your wonderful contributions to us. Congratulations!
  • My warmest congratulations to the most devoted person who truly deserves and award. It is a symbol of your hard work and efforts you have shown. In many years, you did your best. Congratulations and more power!
  • The way to success is always difficult, but you still manage to get yourself on top and be honored. Congratulations for being so brave in taking challenges in life. You are such a winner. Congratulations on your award! You truly deserve it!
  • I congratulate you for your achievements. We are so happy for you. More power to your new challenges as you take the new title in your job. Congratulations!
  • I can’t believe that you just succeed in your career. That award truly belongs to you because you simply deserve it. Congratulation my dear friend! I’m so glad about the news about you.
  • Congratulations for winning the award. I simply wish for more awards on the next following years. Keep it up!
  • Well done! All the best for you as you receive a wonderful award in your career. May your life be filled with more blessings such this. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations on your success! You truly deserve an award. Keep up the good work! You made us proud too! 
  • I’m very glad to hear that great news about your award. Congratulations on your achievements. All the hard work paid off.
  • That award only reflects your hard work and dedication in your profession. Congratulations! This calls for a celebration.
  • Congratulations to the real winner! You are always the best and I knew you could do it. Cheers!

Congratulation Messages For Winning in Sports/ Sample Congratulation Wishes For Winning in Sports/Congratulatory Wishes For Winning in Sports

When a team or an athlete wins, celebration is sure to follow. So send the perfect message of congratulations for winning in sports right away.

Here is an excellent collection of sample congratualtion messages for winning you can use. Read on to find the perfect congratulation messages for winning right here.

  • Congratulations to the _______ University team  for winning this season’s championship!  You had the best lineup and the best coach as well. 
  • To more victories! Cheers and congratulations!
  • That was a great game! You totally rocked the court. I was there and felt the thunderous excitement the whole time. Congratulations for winning!
  • Your team play was the best I’ve seen so far. You really deserved the championship. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations and best wishes on the super bowl. We are behind your cheering all the way. 
  • Congratulations! This is your year to shine. I bet you are on cloud nine right now. You deserve that trophy! 
  • They have set the course; you have won the race. Congratulations on winning the gold on this season’s track and field race. 
  • What a terrific season this has been! Congratulations, team _________ !  You went for the gold and bagged it home!  
  • Our biggest congratulations to our very own Christie, who won the Olympic gold medal for _______. We are so proud of you.
  • Well done, team. Congratulations for winning second place. The best is yet to come. We’ll bring home the gold next season! 
  • Congratulations, team __________! Your training paid off. I can’t wait to see you march in the Olympic stadium as you represent our country. To victory!
  • The happiness and pride I feel right now is beyond words. Congratulations! I always have faith in you that you can do it. 
  • Congratulations to your victory! I celebrate with you as you savor this moment for winning against the team that has been challenging you for the past ____ years.
  • Congratulations to us! We finally won the gold! That was one hell of a season! To more victories! 
  • What a great win for you, guys! You’re truly the best! Congratulations! Keep it up! 
  • We are the champions! Congratulations to us, team! The national cup is next. See you tomorrow at the gym for more training. Let’s do this! 
  • Congratulations! You ripped your opponent to pieces. That’s my boy! 
  • Congratulations to your team for that epic win!  That was the best game I have ever seen this season. 
  • Congratulations for winning this year’s figure skating competition. That was a flawless performance. I can’t wait to see you slice the ice again next year! 
  • Congratulations to your victory! You totally owned this tournament. You are the people’s champion. 
  • Concentration, strategy, and the ultimate winning moves - your techniques are unbeatable. I wholeheartedly congratulate you for this victory. It was an honor playing against you in this game.
  • The marks of a champion have always been in you from the start. I am proud that you have delivered and claimed your championship. Congratulations on your winning! 
  • Congratulations on your recent victory. How I wish I was there to see you beat your opponent. I’ll see you in the world championship. Cheers! 
  • Congratulations to your team for winning this round. Good luck on the next one. I will always be cheering for your team. Go get all the golds! 

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Need help writing a congratulations message? —2 Timothy 4:7 (ESV) Here's to you, fighting the good fight, and coming out a big winner!.

congratulatory message for winning the election
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