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Customer invitation letter sample

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Customer invitation letter sample
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Here are useful ideas that will help you to easily write an invitation letter. Business Event Invitation Letters are written to invite clients, customers, and business.

A Business invitation letter is a model business invitation letter that is utilized to let a view client to know that his/her attendance on a certain sample business letter event of yours is significant. This is a official type of letter since it is all regarding business as well as it must contain simply the essential information concerning the event. Please observe an example for your better understanding in writing this letter or down load this it in a file formats like PSD, PDF, and Word file for your enhanced perception.

Business Invitation Letter

Formal Business Invitation Letter

Business Invitation Letter for Meeting

Business Invitation Letter for visa

Business Invitation Letter for an Event

Business Accepting Invitation Letter

Business Meet Invitation Letter

Business Party Invitation Letter

Sample Invitation Letter for Business Visa

Business Event Invitation Letter

Business Formal Invitation Letter

Sample Business Invitation Letter

Business Invitation Letter Format

Business Invitation Letter PDF

Business Invitation Letter Sample

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my boss has asked me to write a letter to our customers and prospects. I have to invite them to visit our stand at a well-known trade show in.

Vip Invitation Letter Sample

customer invitation letter sample

An invitation is how you create the first impression of the event itself. Considering this, it’s extremely important to master how to write a formal invitation letter for an event.

What makes an email “formal?”

People often do not know how to write a formal invitation letter for an event because the process could seem both tedious and difficult. Nevertheless, formal writing is, in fact, easier than you think.

The style of an email is what constitutes its formality. You should be concise in what you are trying to say. Your future guests need to get all the necessary information about the event from your invitation – so, it’s pivotal to be clear and brief.

You may also be writing an invitation email to media for coverage of an event. In this case, it is necessary to describe why your occasion is important enough to be covered. However, the main principles are the same: outline the most significant information.

To create an excellent formal email invitation for the event, include the following in your email:

  • The type of event
  • Place and date
  • Schedule
  • Main speakers, activities, etc.
  • Registration information

These details vary depending on the type of the event, so this is a general structure. Your future guests should be aware of what the event is going to be about, its purpose, etc. Try to make people interested and convince them (in a soft way) to attend your event.

Different Occasions Require Different Approaches

Let’s discuss the specific principles of writing a formal invitation email that strongly depends on the type of event you are organizing.

1. Seminar

It is essential to outline the topic of future discussions and to include information about the invited speakers. Sometimes, people may be interested not in the topic itself but in the speakers, so do not miss the opportunity to intrigue people with some names.

2. Meeting

In some cases, the person you send your email to won’t even be the one to read it first — secretaries may filter them beforehand to see which ones are important enough. Considering this, you should use an informative subject line and outline the reason for the meeting clearly.

3. Conference

Conferences often have a schedule and a number of activities or discussion panels. That is why it is crucial to indicate not only the location and date but also provide your guests with the schedule. You can describe it briefly or add a link with further information. You should also consider adding a button or link for online registration – it is rather convenient for those you are writing to.

Must-Have Elements in Formal Emails

There are some key elements each formal invitation must include. Your invitation should answer a simple list of the questions:

  • Who is inviting and who is invited?
  • What is the purpose of the event?
  • Why should people attend it?
  • When does the event start?
  • Where does it take place?

Concise answers to these questions in this order are what makes up the structure of your email. You can add specific details or features to your emails, such as the registration form or the ability to add an event to the Google Calendar. Still, remember that this list is the must-have information you should include no matter what.

How to Write an Invitation: Tips on Each Element

Writing an excellent formal email means paying attention to details. You will impress everybody if all parts of your invitation are written not just properly but with style.

What are the structural elements of the email?

1. Subject

The subject is what your email’s recipients will see first when they open their inboxes. Unless you capture the person’s interest, he or she won’t read any further. The main aim of the subject line is to provide them with as much information as possible while being brief. So, summarize the message behind the email in 30-40 characters.

2. Opening and Closing

These parts clarify who sent the mail. The line “from” is not enough when you write a formal invitation email for an event. Begin your letter with a formal greeting. It is not essential to mention the name of your addressee (many people use the standard “Dear Sir or Madam” phrase). However, it is an opportunity to emphasize the importance of each guest with writing his or her name. Obviously, this should be done without spelling mistakes, so if you are not sure about the spelling, a neutral greeting is better than the one with mistakes.

The name of your organization can be mentioned in the opening, but we strongly recommend to place it at the end as well. This can be done via special email signatures that are provided by different email services. Remember to be formal and replace closings you use for friends with something neutral, like “We are looking forward to your reply.”

3. Body

This part has to include all the information about the event. It consists of whatever you think is important for your guests. Mention the key details, then write about less significant information. Remember about being brief – it is always better than being too eloquent.

Etiquette in Formal Writing

There are six more etiquette tips you should keep in mind when writing a formal email:

  • Never use your personal account for sending formal emails – use the corporate one only
  • Use the ‘reply all’ option only if absolutely necessary
  • Use formal greetings (not ‘Hi, everyone’ or ‘Yo’)
  • Cut on the exclamation points – don’t use more than one in a row
  • Make sure you’ve double checked your attempts at your humor – not all jokes are funny to everyone
  • Proofread – mistakes in emails will make your event’s image plummet.

Formal Email Samples and Templates

The Internet is full of ideas for writing formal emails. You can also find a formal invitation email sample for an event on some websites. Besides, most text editors have built-in email templates. Using a formal invitation letter sample for an event can be an option for those who want to write a good invitation email without having much experience.

Here are a couple of examples you can get inspired by:

In Conclusion

Having to write a formal email is something we all may face. Everyone may get baffled with mentioning a lot briefly and tersely, but we are sure that with the help of this guide and ready-made templates you will succeed in inviting guests like a pro.

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Letter of invitation for business visitors to Canada

customer invitation letter sample

Germany is a country where many tourists and visitors aim to go. Its culture and history attract different kinds of people who are there for tourism, education, or business. If you are from a country within the EU, then you can simply pack up and go to Germany. If you are not from the EU, then you will need to wait and get a visa for Germany.

You can get a Germany visa by applying to a German Embassy within your home country. The procedure will take some time and will require you to submit different types of documents. One of these documents is an invitation letter for Germany Visa.

This article will go through what an invitation letter is, its types, and samples.

What is an invitation letter for Germany Visa?

To increase your chances of getting the German Visa you must convince the Embassy that you do not plan to stay illegally in the country. German short-term visas will not give you the right to stay in the country for more than 90 days.

Because of this rule, you must have enough proof for the Embassy so that they do not deny your visa because they think you will stay for more than 90 days or not return to your home country at all. To do this you submit as many documents as possible that prove you have strong ties to your home. This could include deeds to property, apartment lease, job contracts and so on.

However, if you are going to Germany for a specific purpose then it is better for someone there to also guarantee that you will not overstay your visa. That is where the invitation letter comes in.

An invitation letter is written by a person who has ties to you and lives in Germany. It declares that you are a responsible person who will not stay in Germany more than they are allowed to. It also proves that you have a relationship with the person writing it and that they are a credible source of information.

The invitation letter is not necessarily mandatory, but it is better to have it. It could make a difference to the German Embassy evaluating your application and increase your chances of getting the visa.

What are the types of invitation letters for Germany Visa?

Not everyone who wants to visit Germany has the same reasons. People go to this country for various purposes and that is why there are many different types of invitation letters.

Invitation Letter for Tourism

Germany is a popular tourist destination. It has many attractions and events which attract a lot of people. If you are one of these people who want to visit Germany for tourism, then an invitation letter would help you get the visa.

The best way to go about getting the invitation letter is if you have a friend in Germany willing to write one for you. The friend could include details about how you know each other and which places you are planning to visit.

The friend must include your visit dates in Germany. It is also recommended to include an itinerary of what touristic attractions you will see together.

Invitation Letter for Family (including spouse visit)

Another reason people might want to visit Germany is that they have family there. In this case, you must absolutely have an invitation letter. German Embassies could deny your short-term visa because they might suspect you want to move with your family permanently.

So you must submit any document they ask for and the invitation letter to prove that you will return in time. The family member you are visiting must write the invitation letter. If you have a lot of members of your family in Germany, the person who has the best job and has been in Germany the longest should write it.

Your family member must state why you are going to Germany to visit. They must write the dates of your visit and explain what you will be doing together while you are there. Additionally, they must also prove their relationship to you. This could be done through birth certificates or marriage certificates.

If the family member is your cousin or someone you do not share the same last name, you could also submit pictures or other documents to prove you are related.

Invitation Letter for Business

Germany is also a very developed country and full of business opportunities. This means that many people will have to visit for business reasons. If you are a person who has to go to Germany for this purpose, then an invitation letter is also a good idea to have.

Whether you are self-employed or work for a company in your home country, you must have the invitation letter from the company you will visit in Germany. The person in charge of the German business such as a manager or director must formally invite you to Germany.

They must write the reason why you will visit. This could be because your companies have a business relationship and you need to discuss that or you want to sign an agreement to do business together in the future.

The German business must also state how long you will be staying in Germany and your itinerary for those days. The itinerary could include business meetings, office or factory visits, and other business discussions or receptions.

Finally, the German business must attach proof that you have or will have a business relationship with each other. This could be in the form of contracts or agreements as well as business emails that you have exchanged with each other in your discussions.

Invitation Letter for Medical Purposes

Germany also has a lot of good doctors and hospitals which can treat health problems that many other countries cannot. If you are in need of medical attention from a German doctor or hospital, then you must have an invitation letter.

The doctor or hospital you are visiting must write why you are going to visit them. They must state the type of medical problem you have and what tests or check-ups they will do during the time you are there.

Finally, they must also write the dates that you will be visiting. The German Embassy will not give you a visa if you have a treatment that is indefinite. Your treatment must have a beginning and end date for you to get the visa.

Invitation Letter for Students

If you are going to study in Germany or visit a university in which you want to study, then you need an invitation letter from them. A professor or head of the department could write the letter where they state why you are visiting or what field of study you have.

They must also state the dates of your visit or study and prove the relationship by attaching an admission letter or scholarship letter.

Invitation Letter for Guest Scientists/Visiting Scholars

You might also be visiting a research center or a university as a scholar or scientist. You are being invited to give a lecture, a presentation, or contribute to research for some time. The institution where you will go in Germany must write an invitation letter for you.

The invitation letter must state the dates of your visit and the reasons why you were chosen. The institution could also attach an itinerary that shows what you will be doing during your time in Germany.

Invitation Letter for Training and Internships

If you are going to Germany for a specific training or to do an internship, then you will also need an invitation letter from the training institution or the company.

The letter must be from the main trainer or your supervisor stating the following:

  • The dates of your training or internship;
  • Your duties during the internship;
  • The topic of the training and the modules covered;
  • Your acceptance letter for the training/internship;
  • Who will cover the expenses of the training/internship.

Invitation Letter for Official Delegations

You could also be visiting Germany on an official capacity, representing your government or another organization. The organization you will visit must send you an invitation letter.

The letter must explain your itinerary and relationship with the organization in Germany. You might be discussing different policies, participating in workshops or sharing lessons learned. The organization inviting your delegation must state the dates of your visit and how the events are funded.

Invitation Letter for Trade and Fair Exhibitions

Finally, you might also be invited to attend or visit a trade or fair exhibition. The organization inviting you must send you a letter. The letter must have the exhibition dates and the itinerary. It also must be specifically addressed to you with your full name.

You cannot use an invitation letter that might only have the name of the company you work for or an organization you belong to. The German Embassy will not accept invitation letters without your full name on them.

How to write an invitation letter for Germany Visa?

Writing an invitation letter can seem like a complicated task at first. But it is quite easy once you know what to include. You can write the invitation letter and have the person in Germany sign it or they can write it on their own.

The letter must be in a formal language because it will address a formal institution, the German Embassy. The Germany invitation letter format must include the following information:

  • Name of Embassy;
  • Address and phone number of Embassy;
  • The applicant’s name and passport number;
  • The applicant’s country of residence, address, and phone number;
  • The name and contact information of the person inviting the applicant;
  • The dates and reason for the visit;
  • The itinerary of the visit;
  • Attachments to prove relationship and reason for the visit;
  • Closing remarks;
  • Signature of the person inviting the applicant.

For a more clear idea about how to write the invitation letter, you can take a look at the German Visa invitation letter samples below.

German Visa Invitation Letter Sample for Spouse

German Visa Invitation Letter Sample for Business



Here are useful ideas that will help you to easily write an invitation letter. Business Event Invitation Letters are written to invite clients, customers, and business.

Invitation Letter for Germany Visa

customer invitation letter sample

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[Your Contact Information]

[VIP Guest Name]
[VIP Guest Address]

Invitation Letter

Dear [VIP Guest Name],

We are pleased and honored to invite you to the annual gathering dinner that will take place at the [Marriot Hotel] on [Sunday, 23 August 2015]. It is a privilege to have you with us at this special occasion.

The event will kick off at [19:00] with drinks served followed by a gala dinner at [21:00]. Dress code is smart casual. Few of our guests will be giving quick speeches and you are mostly welcome to give one of your own.

We genuinely hope that you honor us with your presence. Should you accept our invitation, we kindly ask you to reply to this letter or contact [Mr. John] by [Friday, 1 July 2015] latest. [Mr. John] is the event coordinator and you may refer to him for any queries or questions.

Looking forward to your acceptance and to enjoying a great dinner with you.


[Your Name]

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Request for Appointment to Customer when customer invited you at their facilities/place

Use the following tips and samples (in pdf format) of business invitation letter is a sample business invitation letter that is used to let a prospect customer know.

customer invitation letter sample
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