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I hate reading them simply because the standard message is so. boring. 99 % of the Farewell emails I've seen have been carbon copies of the note above.

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Are you leaving your current job and going through several emotions?

Unsure what would be the nice things to do? Well writing a goodbye email to your colleague, boss and client should be at the top of your checklist.

Especially when you have worked with them for a considerable time and have developed a great bonding and repo with them. This is your chance to let them know what positive things you have learned from them, what has inspired you and how grateful you are to have meet them.

This will not only make them feel appreciated but will also help to further develop a much better reputation with them. Which is only going to help for your career and they would be willing to and happily write a recommendation for you on LinkedIn or wherever you ask for!

How cool is that, isn’t it? What’s more, this will not take you more than 15 minutes of your time to draft one, as here in this article we have listed goodbye message leaving company quotes and saying to make your task easy.

Furthermore, these captions are equally useful to address to a colleague leaving company and you would like to share your thoughts about him/her.

Goodbye message leaving company quotes

So, you have made up your mind to write a farewell message to colleagues after resignation and last day in your office in nearby. Following quotes will help you to write an emotional and inspirational email.

With my resignation, my way in this company has been finished, but I will always have the sweet memories about you all.

This quotes could be the best opening sentence of farewell speech/letter/email.

Goodbye made me think, made me realize what I had, what I have lost, and what I have taken for granted

— Ritu Ghatourey

Goodbye are not easy for everyone, it doesn’t matter even if you are going to a better place if you loved and enjoyed your stay with your current company, you are definitely going to miss it.

It feels right. But it’s emotional. Saying goodbye to anything you’ve done that long is hard

— Angela Ruggiero

It’s an emotional thing but one has to do it. Not only once but maybe on a periodic basis and one has to go through this every time, so one needs to be prepared for it.

I thought I was stronger than a word, but I just discovered that having to say goodbye to you is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

It might sound easy but when you are at that moment one do become emotional.

Thank you for trusting me to capture these memories for you.

This is not goodbye. It`s only the time when we have to close the door to the past to open the door to the future.

Thank you for surrounding me with people who love and care about me.

Thank you for your wonderful wishes. Your one wish really made my day special, I will really cherish this a lot in life. Thank you

Being told you are appreciated is one of the simplest and most uplifting things you can hear.

It is not forever, it is not the end. It just means that we`ll soon meet again!

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Funny goodbye message when leaving the company

It’s not a rule to use emotional or thank you quote for farewell, a pinch of funny quotes will make it even better and ease thing for everyone. So, below are few funny quotes:

If I got you a thank you card to match the size of your generosity, it wouldn’t fit in your mailbox.

Please, don`t forget me, otherwise I`ll never leave!

The last day is way shorter than counting to ten.

Farewell is a beautiful and a soft word and yet it is a horrible and a heavy thing too!

Good luck to wonderful colleagues. I`ve had a great pleasure working with you. Don`t miss me. I wish you well.

Farewell quotes for colleague leaving company

It’s your colleague last day in office and looking for a best inspirational message to send him/her and wish them luck for their future and dreams, below is list the list of quotes that will be useful.

Thank you for the good times, the days you filled with pleasure. Thank you for fond memories, and for feelings I’ll always treasure.

Before leaving I`ll wish you to have the life you want.

It only takes a moment to say thank you – but your thoughtfulness will be remembered a long time.

You can learn a lot from those people around you.

The hardest goodbyes are the ones that were never said and never explained, the ones where the story wasn’t over

There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart. – Mahatma Gandhi

Saying goodbye doesn’t mean anything. It’s the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it.

Don`t worry about saying goodbye. Just think about the time we spent together!

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Goodbye email / letter format for last day at work

You have selected the quotes that you would like to use and now it’s time to draft a memorable goodbye email.

Following letter format / email template one should follow:

1. Email Subject

Keep the subject of the email as simple and short as possible, following are few examples that you can use

  • adieu
  • Leaving Permanently Today
  • farewell time!!
  • Time flies, moments remain!

2. Referring to

Keep your complete Complete team/colleague in “To” just to make sure it reaches to everyone and know your feelings.

3. Introduction

First address all, you can start with “Hi Everyone!” and then like mentioned above you could use the following quote as an opening sentence.

“With my resignation, my way in this company has been finished, but I will always have the sweet memories about you all.”

After this, write about your overall experience you had with the company and general and about the things you learned and memories you had with them!

4. Write about everyone

Generally, people work in team of 4-7 people, which were in your contact on day to day basis, don’t forget to write few nice things about everyone, a quote for all will be great or some memory or moment you had with them, do mention it. It will add a nice personal touch.

Don’t write anything negative even if you didn’t go well with someone…. C’mon you can definitely think of something nice about everyone, do write that.

5. End

End your mail again thanking everyone for being a part of your journey and how much you are going to miss them.

Also, do mention your personal email Id and phone number and ask them to stay in touch with you!

I hope this will now help you to write an excellent goodbye message leaving company email.

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Sample letters to write a farewell letter to a person who is leaving employment.

35 Thank you and farewell messages when leaving a job

email farewell message

*Update* Check out this goodbye email generator

After you quit your job, your goodbye email to your coworkers has the power to set the tone for the whole of your tenure, your departure, and your farewell happy hour drinks at 5.

Leaving with your best face forward is a balancing act between:

  • not saying too much about how excited you are, to avoid resentment
  • saying just enough about what you’re doing next, to inspire jealousy
  • and saying more than enough about how awesome your team is, so you’ll be remembered as generous and kind

With this in mind, here’s a proven 8 step formula for writing your goodbye email.

1. Make your subject line ominous, but playful

The subject line of your goodbye email should convey the ominous nature of your message without being too alarming, keeping in mind your boss has probably already told everyone anyway.

Stay away from phrases like, “This is it,” “My unfortunate departure,” or “Checking out for good,” and instead go with something like, “I bid you adieu,” “A Fond Farewell,” or “Here’s to all the sexual harassment lawsuits I escaped.”

This will make your coworkers excited to read your email (later, when they have some time).

2. Say how sad you are to be leaving such an incredible team

Begin by mentioning what a tough decision this was, and make sure to relate how much you enjoyed working on such an awesome team. Say how thankful you are for everything they’ve taught you, but also be grateful for everything you were able to teach them.

3. Make fun of someone

There’s at least one person on every team that everyone likes to make fun of. By making fun of this person, you’ll be remembered as one of the cool kids.  Say something like “I’ll miss all of you, well not all of you, I’m not naming names (Greg).”

4. Mention how long you worked there

It’s very important to subtly throw in how long you were a member of the team, so that people appreciate the time you put in. People have a tendency to not remember this, so make sure to remind them. Your coworkers will say, “Oh wow, she was here that long?”

5. Talk about what an exciting ride, adventure, or journey, it’s been

Mention all the teams and projects you contributed to, in a way that makes it seem like you’re not bragging even though you’re totally bragging. Think of this as a list of your notable contributions subtly disguised as nostalgic reminiscing.

6. Talk about your exciting “next chapter”

When you mention where you’re headed next, it’s important to describe it in a vague way that also makes it sound incredible.

Say something like:

  • I’ll be exploring the bleeding edge of technology
  • I’m following my passion for global health
  • I’m seizing a groundbreaking opportunity to re-envision the future of hardwood floors

This will have everyone’s tongue wagging about where you’re going, and will give you something to talk about during those awkward goodbye drinks conversations.

7. Leave your contact info

It’s important to leave a few ways to reach you:

  • Phone number (don’t worry, no one will ever call you)
  • Contact info for the communication product your team was working on, if there is one (even though you’ll probably never use it again)
  • Personal email address (should be a first generation Gmail address, otherwise leave this out)
  • Twitter and LinkedIn profiles (but don’t update your bio with your new position until several weeks after you leave, you don’t want to seem too eager)

Since goodbyes are hard for everyone, talk about how this isn’t really goodbye. Say you’re only an email away. Say you hope your paths will cross again.

8. Leave some advice for the future

End with some parting, sage advice that shows what a deep person you are. This can be a quote from Seth Godin or Steve Jobs, or a general statement about always learning, giving it your all, continuing to change the world and striving for greatness. Be excited for them, and be excited for yourself, and overall leave on a positive note that re-iterates how sad, but still excited, everyone should be.

Sample email

Finally, here’s a sample email that you can use as a template.

Fellow <insert catchy nickname for your team>,

It’s with <a heavy heart, a gentle sad face, a knowing glance> that I must share with you my decision to leave <insert name of company>. This was <obviously, clearly, apparently> a very difficult decision to make.

It’s hard to believe that <insert how long you worked there> ago, I was the <insert your first position at the company>. From that time, until when I was <insert next position>, and all the way to my current role as <insert current position>, I have grown so much. Thank you for teaching and inspiring me, and allowing me to do the same for you.

I am headed off to explore my next chapter <insert vague but exciting thing you’ll be doing.>

I’m excited about my future there while I continue to be excited about all the things you’ll continue to accomplish here (except for you <insert name of person everyone makes fun of>), you never finish anything!

If I could leave you all with just one thought, remember <insert sage advice>.

If you ever want to get in touch, my contact info is below. This isn’t goodbye, our paths will cross again. Hopefully at farewell happy hour drinks at 5!

<insert your name>

<contact info>

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How to End a Letter: 12 Useful Farewell Phrases

email farewell message

Sample Farewell Email Messages

It's your last day and you have one more final impression to make - the farewell email.

If you're not able to say goodbye individually to people you've interacted with at work, a mass email blast will show people that you did at least spare them one thought in your last moments at work!
Unlike in your Out-Of-Office auto-reply, which is the automatic reply email generated whenever your "old" email address gets a new message from someone.  Make sure you craft one of those too.

Scroll down for 6 different farewell emails to announce your goodbye to the whole office.  

Have you just read a colleagues goodbye email?  Not sure how to respond to let someone know that you appreciated their time at work too?  Check out some of these email responses that let people know they mattered in the time they were there.

Farewell Email Message 1

Subject: Goodbye to Me

To everyone that knows me,
It will be my last day at the company this Friday, and at 5:30pm I can be located on the (insert club) deck.
Thanks for the good times, it's been a gas.
Feel free to laugh at me for going to WhatsitsCompany, otherwise you can buy me a shandy.

Jane Whatshername

Farewell Email 2

Subject: Good Riddance to Jane Whatshername

Hello all,

Just a short one to say goodbye. I will be at the bar after work, if you want to come celebrate my escape.
Hope to see you all somewhere out there. My personal e-mail for us to keep in touch: [email protected]


[LinkedIn profile]

Good-bye Email 3

Subject: Golden Journey Comes To An End

After a year of exciting and memorable stint with you, I am bidding adieu next week to this company to pursue other career opportunities.

As I move on, I would like to take a moment to remember and cherish our times together.

It’s been great interacting and knowing each one of you.  Thank you all for your support, patience, and friendship over the past year. You are a special group of people and I will definitely miss you.

I am looking forward to this new challenge and to start a new phase of my career.

This is not a goodbye, only “hasta luego” or “see you later”.

Thanks for everything.


Jane Whatshername

[LinkedIn profile]

And if they know you all too well:

Subject: You Won't See The Last Of Me!

Dear all,

I am leaving today to herd goats in Cyprus for my wealthy great-aunt. I wish to thank you for your support over the past X years. It was rewarding to achieve some of the targets with you, and to have known some of you personally (remember, what happens in the art department, stays in the art department).

I am now looking forward to the new challenges of close-quarter surveillance of the Billie-Gruff family, while moonlighting as a consultant in [industry/company].

If you are thinking of getting into the booming goat-herding industry (sorry [name of boss] to poach,) or wish to keep in touch, my contact details are [email/phone number].

I wish you all the best in your future.

Warmest regards,

Jane Whatshername

[LinkedIn profile]

Farewell Email 4

Subject: Thank You and Goodbye

Hi Everyone,

As most of you already know today is my last day with the company. Thank you all for helping me out & making my time here at WhatsitsCompany so much fun.
If you are ever down in WhatsitsPlace and feel like catching up, don't hesitate to drop me a line at:

[email protected] or at 041111111.

Take care & best wishes for the future,

Jane Whatshername

[LinkedIn profile]

Goodbye Message 5

Subject: Keep in Touch!

Hi all,

It is my last day after a wonderful 3 years with WhatsitsCompany. I would like to sincerely thank each of you for every experience shared, friendship made, opportunity offered and good times had during this time.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of being part of the exploration group and I wish you all the very best in the future.

If anyone wants to keep in contact, you can email me on [email protected] (or on facebook).

Miss you all,

Love Jane Whatshername

Leaving Email 6

Hello All,

My final day is today.  Thank you for your company in my time here,  I have learnt a lot from the job and yourselves, and any credit I've been given is also due to the support and help I have received from you.

Jodie Whattaname will be taking over my role, I hope you give her the generous support you had kindly given me. I know the company will be fine without me as I was privileged to work with such a talented, dedicated group of people as yourselves. 

I wish all of you the best in future, 

Many thanks,

Jane Whatshername

Ideas for wasting time on your last day

Want to write something longer?

Then check out thesegoodbye letters.

What NOT to write? See these bitter and twistedfare-ill emails.

...And Some Email Responses...

Subject: Re: Leaving

On behalf of the crew at WhatsitsCompany I would like to say how sorry we are to hear of your departure.
Our loss is most certainly WhatsanotherCompany's gain.
While we have not had a lot to do with each other, whenever our paths have crossed your friendly disposition and smiling face has been a welcome addition to our day.
Thanks, and best of luck in your new career path.
Take Care
John Whatsisname

Subject: Re: Leaving

Hello Jane,
Just to say all the best at WhatsanotherCompany, and thank you for the friendship and the upbeat attitude (you will be missed around the place trust me), no doubt we will catch up, so take care.
John Whatsisname

Subject: Re: Leaving

Hello Jane,

Just wanted to wish you the best of luck in case I don't see personally today.  I have appreciated your efforts in helping me with certain projects over the years and know that the company is losing a focussed, talented worker.

Thank you, and good luck,

John Whatsisname

Subject: Re: Leaving

Hi Jane,

Thanks for everything, I hope our paths cross again.  It's been lovely to know you.


John Whatsisname

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Here are 50 perfect farewell messages to coworkers that will remind them of how much they will be missed. ——. You've been so dependable, supportive.

Write a Farewell Letter to a Person Who Is Leaving Employment

email farewell message

It can be difficult to find the right words to say goodbye to an employee leaving your company. You want to write something meaningful, but remain composed and professional at the same time. Use this sample text as-is or as a starting point to craft a meaningful, personalized farewell message to share on one of these free printable thank you cards.

Retirement Farewell

Wish your soon-to-be former coworker the best as he or she heads into retirement. These sample letters can help.

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Time to Make Dreams Come True

The nice part about retiring from doing what you do so well is there is no more rushing around to meet deadlines and complete tasks. You'll have lots of time to make all your dreams come true. The bad part is how much we will miss the pleasurable experience of working with you. We wish you the all the best and thank you for your years of dedication, enthusiasm and team spirit.

Feelings of Gratitude and Joy

Working with you for the past X years has been a joy! While I'll miss working side-by-side with you, I am so happy for you as you transition from career to retirement. You have always been a hard worker and a terrific team member. No one is more deserving of a long and happy retirement filled with relaxation and enjoyment. I wish you only the best as you retire from XYZ Company!

Moving on for a Promotion

Say farewell to a coworker who is being promoted to a new role within the company. Try these options.

Enjoy Your New Adventure

Congratulations on your recent promotion! We know you will tackle this new venture with the same passion and dedication you've displayed as part of our team and will quickly establish yourself as a valued employee in your new role. Working alongside you has been an honor and privilege, and we know you will continue to succeed in this new phase of your professional career.

You Deserve It

While I will miss working with you each day, I am so happy that you will be staying with XYZ Company while advancing in your career. I am very proud that you have been tapped for a promotion as a result of your hard work and success. No one deserves this promotion more than you, and I am certain that you will do an outstanding job in your new position as ABC Role.

Lateral Move or Transfer

Share best wishes for a coworker who is being transferred to a new location or otherwise making a lateral move within the company. Add these messages to your card.

You've Been Indispensable

We wish you the best both professionally and personally as you move into your new position within our company. While we will miss the day-to-day interaction with you - you've been an indispensable part of our team - we know you will continue to do well and achieve major milestones.

Miss Working With You

I have enjoyed getting to know you during your time in the ABC Office and wish you success as you become part of the XYZ team. I'll miss working with you on a daily basis, as you have been a great team member and co-worker. I am sure you will enjoy continued success in your new role with the company.

Leaving for a New Job

When coworkers leave for a job with a new company, be sure to congratulate them and wish them success. Try these ideas.

You've Been an Inspiration

Congratulations on your new job - good for you! While we will miss you and have fond memories of working with you, we wish you well and hope you attain all the success you deserve. Your dedication and work ethic have been an inspiration to us all.

Please Keep in Touch

I'll miss seeing you at ABC Company on a daily basis, but I am so happy for your success! You are a great coworker and team member, so I'm not surprised to hear that you have accepted a wonderful new opportunity. Best wishes for continued success! Please keep in touch.

Leaving to Go Back to School

Congratulations and best wishes for success are in order when a coworker leaves to pursue higher education. Support your coworker's new adventures with these words.

So Proud of You

While I am sad to see you leave ABC Company, I am so proud of the fact that you have decided to continue your education. I am sure that you will be successful in school, and the skills that you learn will help you become an even bigger asset to the company that is lucky enough to hire you once you have earned your degree. Best wishes for success as you enter this exciting new phase of your life!

Cheering for Your Success

Going back to school is a big decision, and I am so excited for you as you make the transition from working full-time to pursuing higher education. Your dedication to pursuing your studies is admirable, and I wish you great success throughout your academic career and beyond. Your team at ABC Company will be cheering for your success every step of the way!

Staying Home With Baby

When a coworker decides to stay home as a full-time parent, a fond farewell and wishes for success are well warranted. Here's how to word it.

Wishing You Joy and Happiness

Congratulations on the addition to your family! I am so happy for you and wish you much joy and happiness as you focus on parenting full time. Enjoy every second that you have to spend with your little one! Know that your team at ABC Company is on your side. We'll be sending best wishes to you and your family, wishing you only the best.

Enjoy Every Minute

While I will miss seeing you at work, I am so pleased that you have the opportunity to step away and focus on your family at this time. I am sad to see you go, but I am also so very happy for you and your family. I wish you only wonderful things as you transition away from being my coworker to focusing on being a full-time parent. These days with your little one are precious. Enjoy every minute!

General Departure Messages

You may not always know why a coworker is leaving your company. Even if you aren't sure what they're doing next or why they are going, it is still a good idea to to send them off with best wishes for the future.

Wishing You the Best

Words are inadequate to express our gratefulness and appreciation of the incomparable work performance and attitude you've displayed during your tenure with our company. Saying goodbye is never easy, especially to someone who has been such a valued team member. We wish you all the best now and into the future.

It's Been an Honor

It has been an honor to work with you at XYZ Company over the past few years. I couldn't have asked for a better coworker and really appreciate the fact that you have been such a team-oriented member of the department. Please know that you will be missed. Best wishes for happiness and success. If I can ever be of assistance to you, please let me know.

Tips for Crafting Farewell Messages

While these messages may work for you the way they are written, you may need to tweak the content to reflect your relationship with the person who is leaving.

Consider a Theme

When you compose a farewell message for an employee leaving, you can turn to movies, television and books for inspiration. If you don't feel comfortable writing your own message, include a famous quote or line from a movie or television show. Several books contain compilations of quotes for any situation, from quotes of encouragement to quotes of sympathy. Once you identify an appropriate quote, include it in your message.

Add a Personal Touch

To remain professional, wish the employee luck and offer to provide assistance in the future, if applicable. You can also write about the employee's on-the-job achievements. Recall a favorite memory about the person and use the anecdote in your message. If the departing employee has a favorite hobby or sport, mention this in the message to personalize it.

Customize the Message

Many times, a customized sentiment means more to a departing employee than a standard greeting card. Embellish your message with photographs that illustrate your time together or use company newsletter clippings that discuss the employee's personal and professional accomplishments.

Stay Away from Off-Limits Topics

Keep in mind that even if you have a personal relationship with an employee, you should avoid writing anything that could be construed as inappropriate or against company policy as it could create compliance concerns. Always avoid risqué jokes and other messages that could be considered inappropriate.

Saying Goodbye Gracefully

If you craft your message carefully and present it with good thoughts, the employee will appreciate your gesture. It can help you preserve your relationship with your former coworker even when you aren't working side-by-side. Additionally, writing such a message may even open up networking opportunities for the future. You never know! The employee who is leaving your team or company today might end up as the manager of a company you would like to work for at some point in the future.

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Create a Farewell Letter. Your Name. Company Name. Catchy Team Nickname Your Email (optional). Your LinkedIn (optional). Your Twitter (optional).

email farewell message
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