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Sample class reunion letters

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Sample class reunion letters
September 01, 2018 1st Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

Class reunions bring high school and college classes together years after graduation to catch up Address the letter to either "fellow classmates" or "the class of (year) at (school). Winston-Salem State University: Sample of a Reunion Letter.




In the North-eastern and Midwestern United States, Summer is the most popular time of year for reunions, and the main reason is the weather. If you want to leave the possibility for picnics and other outdoor events at the reunion, then choose June, July or August. If you are in the southern states you may actually prefer non - summer months to avoid the extreme heat. Thanksgiving Weekend is also a common choice as it coincides with trips back home for many alumni.

When selecting a date for the big event, you will need to weigh the convenience of a holiday weekend (people may already be planning a trip home) against the inflated costs of a hotel's high season. Holiday weekends also tend to be booked earlier in advance (venue, entertainment, accommodations, flights), so if you do decide Thanksgiving is the right time for you, be prepared to book early! A reunion is typically scheduled on a Saturday night.


If you are choosing a popular location on a holiday week-end you will need to book your venue at least 12 months in advance. So, where you have the reunion may be a function of what is available. But what place do you want?  In our estimation, hotels are the way to go. They provide you with support and supplies that would otherwise be your responsibility. Need a microphone?  No problem!  Need an easel for your registration sign? They’ve got it! They have done this before and have the experience that you lack.  Our next choice would be a restaurant, but make sure you have sufficient room for a registration area before you commit.

If you decide to choose a road less traveled (a gallery, or museum for instance), budget accordingly, and make sure that you have thought through the following list before signing on the dotted line: caterer, waiters and bartenders, tables, chairs, linens and dinnerware rentals, liquor license, audiovisual equipment, a screen for the slide show, registration tables, dance floor, washroom supplies, and liability insurance. You can learn a lot about a venue by visiting while an event is in progress, so take the time to see a live event if you can.

When you check out a possible venue, walk through it slowly. Imagine how you will divide the space for reception, registration, dining and dancing. Discuss decorating the walls, hanging a banner, and the equipment you might need: projector, screen, microphone, podium, easels, bulletin boards, and registration tables.

Choose a middle-of-the-road menu when looking at prices. Ask the hotel to give you a per person rate including open bar, and a per person rate without it. Find out the details of the cash bar option. How do they handle special meal requirements for those with allergies or special dietary requirements? Ask how it works if you decide to sell last-minute tickets at the door.

Once you have made your venue selection, try and negotiate the best price you can. If you are flexible with your dates, see if there is a quiet time for them that will reduce the costs significantly. Keep in mind though that the priority is to get a wellattended reunion, so give them dates that you have already determined will work for the majority of the class.

Position your reunion as a non-profit event and you may get a favorable rate. Verify what perks come included (if it is a hotel you may receive a complimentary suite for the evening, which comes in handy.) Find out the cancellation policy, liability insurance, hidden costs, overtime implications, etc. Remember to read the fine print before signing anything!

If the reunion is at a hotel, approach the hotel to arrange a special accommodations rate for out-of-town participants. If the venue is not a hotel, choose one nearby. Inform alumni about the special offer and any reservation deadlines that may be in place.

Class reunion planning involves creating invitations that require careful Introductory letter from class reunion committee; Details of where and when the class Below is a sample email you can send out to the graduating class inviting them.

Sample Letter Inviting Parents To School Event

sample class reunion letters

Sending out invitations is the key to a successful class reunion. Without invitations, guests don’t know important reunion details, including when to arrive and the events offered. Sending a letter is a good option because it requires you to be precise and clear about the reunion. Letters publicizing a class reunion help you achieve a good turnout and bring together a wide range of classmates.

Online Invitations

For a modern twist on reunion letters, send out an online invitation. Keep in mind that this type of letter only works if you have up-to-date e-mail addresses and contact information for everyone on the guest list. Do not expect others to spread the word because someone is bound to be left out. Write a basic letter that includes the date of the class reunion, the time, the location and any other pertinent information. If you’re planning any special events, such as a bus tour or picnic outside, then include those details as well. Attach the letter as a document and forward the e-mail to everyone in your class.

Scroll Invitations

A scroll invitation has an old-fashioned look that almost resembles a treasure map. Dip sheets of white paper into a diluted tea mixture. For a darker look, steep tea bags in water, using the ratio stipulated on the packaging, and soak the paper. The tea colors the paper, giving it a darker and stained look. Dry the sheets on a flat surface or hang them and let them air dry. Once the paper dries, print the class reunion information on the front, either by hand or with a computer. Depending on the budget for the reunion, you may want to roll the letters and tie with a ribbon before sending.

Traditional Invitations

A traditional class reunion letter should include not only the basic information, but an address to respond to the invitation. An address is even more important if guests need to pay up front for a reunion dinner or you need a head count for a specific event. Make sure you include a date by which the guests must respond to the letter.


Word the letters simply, starting with the invitation itself. The very first line of the letter should include the class name, such as “Class of 89,” or the reunion number, like “Our 15th Class Reunion.” After announcing the reunion, list the date, time and location of the event. List any other information at the bottom of the letter and finish by thanking classmates for responding.

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Class Reunion Announcement Letter

sample class reunion letters

“After 50 years, we’re good as new, we’re the Class of ’62”  

            Greetings from your 50th Class ReunionChairman and Committee Members.          

            In the fall of last year a “Central Committee” (CC) was formed and has been working diligently and enthusiastically (actually having a blast) planning our 50th Class Reunion. This group of seasoned, hard working, hard playing and dedicated Classmates is more easily identified in the picture below.  

            Our 50th Reunion is shaping up to be an event that you do not want to miss and that you will forever be sorry if you do.  It has been patterned after “The Greatest High School Tradition of All”, the………


            Your Committee Members strategically positioned to welcome you to Grapevine for our 50th !!  Of course this was preceeded by a little wine tasting in Grapevine.


          A number of Committees and Subcommittees have been formed, i.e., Site Committee, Program Committee and Financial Committee (FC). Furthermore, a number of decisions have already been made and executed. The first important decision that was unanimously approved by the CC is that the 50th Class Reunion will be held in the DFW area. This decision was made after careful evaluation of where the majority of the Classmates lived, accessibility by plane and car, probability of the highest turnout and a desire for a change of venue given that we just had a 48th Class Reunion in PampaThe following map, showing an accurate location of every Classmate for whom we have an address lends considerable support and credibility to that decision.


 This is where your classmates live.

          After considering a number of venues in the DFW area, the CC again unanimously decided that the Austin Ranch Facility located next to and associated with the DFW Hilton at the Lakes in Grapevine, Texas afforded the best venue and value for the goals of accessibility, high probable turnout, quality, affordability and fun! (See the following)  


 Hilton Hotel above with outside pool below.


A "Tequila Sunrise", please!!llJ(

Just another spot to visit with "old friends".


So, “Hold the Dates” of Friday, September 21, and Saturday,September 22, 2012. Friday night’s event has been planned as a “Howdy Party” just like in the old days at dear old PHS. This party will be held in the Meritage Room and adjoining Patio conveniently located in the Hilton Hotel.


At a recent planning session Johnny "Straight Shooter" is lecturing Sandra "Hot Stuff" about something while "Double Shot" Mackie takes a snooze....


     Here is the rest of the committee laughing when "Hot Stuff" told "Straight Shooter" to....stuff-it!!

The "Chairman" sends "Straight Shooter" to his room and tells "Hot Stuff" to get that smirk off her face. 

Meeting adjourned !


Saturday’s event will be held at the Austin Ranch Round-Up Room which is a large facility located just behind the Hilton Hotel in a separate building (an old barn like structure). 




There will be no lines at this bar!!


            Now, you may ask what can you do? Well, dig deeper into the packet and you will find a Biographical Form that you can fill out and return to us ASAP. One the goal’s of the CC is to put together a Class Biographical Booklet for all to have and share. The booklets will be given to all that attend the Reunion. 


            Secondly, you can help us find the location, addresses, phone numbers and/or emails of missing classmates. Included with this packet is a list of all the Classmates for whom we do not have addresses.  If you have any information, write to the address below or email Bill Don Eads at [email protected] or Butch Crossland at [email protected] (note only one s).


            Thirdly, if you want to volunteer to help one of our subcommittees, i.e., the Program Committee, Site Committee or Website Committee, please contact one of the CC members. We are especially looking for Classmates living out of State and in the DFW, Houston and Austin areas to act as Ambassadors to contact and encourage other classmates to attend.  

            Finally, we will be sending out and posting more information regarding registration, accommodations and estimated costs in a separate announcement for the....... Senior ClassRoad Trip!!


By: _Butch Crossland__                  

                  “Butch” Crossland, Chairman              

                  Pampa High School Class of 1962

                  P.O. Box 1962

                  Basalt, Colorado 81621                      

                   1-970-927-379-2871 “Cell”                                                  

                   [email protected]                                            


Committee Members:                                                          Email


Mary Ellen Williams (Coon)                                    [email protected]

Ruth Anne Guthrie (Tripplehorn)                            [email protected]      

Sandra Whelchel (Brown )                                       [email protected]

Johnny Hatcher                                                             N/A

Dwight Mackie                                                         [email protected]

Bill Don Eads                                                            [email protected]

Sue Maxey (Atkinson)                                             [email protected]

Dave Thomas                                                            [email protected]


 There is more, keep going!! 

Check out the 48th Class Reunion link.






Our class reunions have always been a time of celebration, and we anticipate that our 45th reunion will continue the tradition. Reunion is a prime opportunity to .

Sample Correspondences

sample class reunion letters

Dear BHS 1992 Classmates,

It’s hard to believe that 20 years have flown by since we roamed the halls as students of BrutonHigh School!Some of us have a lot of catching up to do with our former classmates and there are many great memories to share!

Saturday, October 13th 2012 has been set as the date for a  reunion of the BHS classes of 1992.

Our Main Event will be held at The Williamsburg Hospitality House in Williamsburg.

Other plans include the Friday football game and an informal cookout on Saturday afternoon.

Comments and suggestions from our classmates are welcome and encouraged … We want your input!

Efforts are being made to keep this reunion simple, classy and inexpensive but most of all FUN!

The Bruton Panthers will face Jamestown High School Eagles Oct 12th at Cooley Field.We are encouraging our 1992 alumni to come support our Panthers in this match. The Panthers smoked the Eagles in the 2011 season 26-6. Come support the team and see what will happen this season.

Anyone desiring motel accommodations is encouraged to secure their preference as soon as possible.

The Hospitality House has set aside a block of rooms for us with a special rate.

Many of our classmates have joined our Facebook group page administrated by Derrick Roots, located at: and ideas are shared regularly on the site.

Finally, PLEASE visit our webpage:

and respond to the Reservation / RSVP found there.This site is a work in progress to keep our ideas in motion.Your suggestions, preferences and input will be respectfully considered in the ongoing planning of our class reunions.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in October 2012!

Class reunion planning involves creating invitations that require careful Introductory letter from class reunion committee; Details of where and when the class Below is a sample email you can send out to the graduating class inviting them.

sample class reunion letters
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