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Sample letters for invitation to an event

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Sample letters for invitation to an event
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Formal invitation letter template. Layout of the formal invitation letter. How to write formal invitation letter?.

An event is a puzzle, and if you don’t manage to craft a strong event invitation email, you can lose one of its fundamental pieces. This is especially true if you’re new to the world of event planning; it is a challenge to understand how people will respond to your invite.

What can really be helpful here is tapping into your own inbox. Check out other event invites that made you sign up for various things, and try to spot any similarities. People have different interests and preferences, but there are some common email triggers that compel them to convert. Through the detailed analysis of good event invitation emails, you can develop a strong quality standard for your event invites.

And if you don’t know where to look, we have great news for you: You can just continue reading this blog post!

To help you understand the anatomy of a high-converting event invitations email, we’ve picked five top-notch samples that work for a wide array of event types.

The key elements of a good event invitation email

You can change visuals and messaging, but there’s a basic framework that makes your event email invitation work. Here are the key elements that belong to it:

  1. Subject line: You’ve heard this one a thousand times before, but it’s still never a bad idea to remind you about the importance of a catchy subject line. The major rule you should follow with a subject line, apart from making it “concise and clear”, is adding some punch. Remember, your goal is to pull a recipient in, which definitely requires some attention-grabbing originality.
  2. Focal point: This is something that you want to be the core of your email invitation—the so-called “wow” element. Whether it’s a video or a punchy message, make sure the focal point resonates with email branding and value proposition. For instance, if you’re building a holiday festival invitation, a colourful visual is obviously the right fit.
  3. Event details: Let’s say you’ve been pulled into an event invite. Your attention has been drawn to a catchy focal point, and you realise this is something you might be interested in. What’s next? You want to find out the what, when, and where of the event. Design your event invitation email in a way that helps people identify basic details like theme, date, and location at first glance.
  4. Call to action (CTA): Creating an event invitation email without a CTA is a fool’s errand. Since your goal is to prompt registrations, the critical part of your planning should be the creation of a vivid, enticing call to action. The common mistake here is making a “Register here” CTA one of many. Many event marketers think they are creating value by linking an event invitation with additional resources, while, in fact, they might be diminishing this value. Using multiple CTAs can divert recipients’ attention from the main action they are required to take: signing up for the event.
  5. Brand/company identification: Telling your prospective attendee who stands behind an event is critical. Showcase a company logo and/or a company name to make it clear. If you partner with well-known sponsors, you might also want to add their names or logos as social proof.

The best event invitation email examples

Sticking to the skeleton in terms of an event invite structure is the first step to success. The next one would be wrapping these key structural elements within targeted content and enticing designs. Check out the following five best event invitation email examples that are very different in style but extremely effective in their own ways:

Content focused

Introductory webinar from Buffer

This formal event invitation email sample has three great elements: 1) targeted content, 2) a strong CTA, and 3) social proof. The best-use case for such event invites is business communication. While Buffer targeted people who were interested in the product, it was a great idea to provide a clear value proposition in the “What you’ll learn” section as well as a client testimonial.

Lesson to learn: If the goal of an event is to sell a product or service, focus on explaining the value of this product/service in an event invitation.

Engagement focused

RISE Conference

To promote a spectacular conference, you need a spectacular event invitation. RISE focused on delivering value through a video preview, which is a fool-proof strategy for pulling people in. Additionally, the organisers focused on fostering engagement through interaction with speakers’ lists and the agenda.

Lesson to learn: For industry conference promotion, arm yourself with engaging content. Since the target audience may be quite broad in such cases, it’s critical to use catchy elements that can resonate with different recipient groups.

Content focused

Advanced Content Marketing Summit from Neil Patel

Neil Patel’s event invitations are known for their simplicity and catchy messaging. In the example below, we notice the emphasis is placed on the list of speakers.

Lesson to learn: Employ a speakers list as the main highlight for your event invitation if you’re building a personal brand. This will demonstrate your knowledge of recipients’ interests and help you collect targeted signups.

Brand focused

IFLA World Congress Singapore 2018

This is the perfect example of a simple, on-brand exhibition invitation complemented with a vivid CTA and clearly emphasised event details.

Lesson to learn: Brevity is always a good idea. Focus on what’s important to communicate at this particular stage of event promotion, and align it with branding.

Engagement focused

Click by

This event invitation email has two excellent visual highlights: a branded image and a presentation video. Also, since is a globally known brand, it was a clever idea to use the name of the company’s CEO in the initial statement as well as to put an emphasis on brand colors.

Lesson to learn:  If you can leverage a brand name that adds trustworthiness to your event invite, whether it’s the name of an organiser or a partner, make the best use of it.


Now you know what it takes to create your own ideal examples of event invitation emails. Hopefully the templates of event invites that we selected for this blog post gave you a better understanding of how you can compel people to convert.

Letter of Invitation to Community Groups And Local Schools the time and expected duration of the event, what to do in the event of rain, explanation of.

Formal invitation letter template for the event

sample letters for invitation to an event

Sample Letters of Invitation

For ACL-2000

Dear ***,

I'm writing to you in my capacity as Program Committee Co-Chair forthe 38th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics,to be held in Hong Kong from October 1--8, 2000. As you may know, the ACLconference is the premier international conference of note in the fieldof computational linguistics and natural language processing; I am writingto ask whether you would be willing to present a talk at the conferenceas an invited speaker. Invited talks will be one hour long, including a10 minute question-answer session.

We have not yet established on which day your talk would be scheduled;should you accept this invitation, there is some flexibility we can useto accommodate your own scheduling preferences (although it would be onone of the main conference session days, Tuesday October 3 through FridayOctober 6).

In appreciation of your agreement to provide an invited talk, ACL wouldprovide the cost of an economy class airfare from your home institutionto the conference, hotel accommodations during the conference, and freeregistration to the conference.

I will be away for an extended period of time and will not be able toread my email on a regular basis during this time. So please cc ProfessorMartha Palmer, an area chair and member of the ACL-2000 program committee,in your response. She has kindly agreed to coordinate the invited speakersessions during my absence.

I do very much hope that you will be able to accept this invitation.

Yours sincerely


PS. If you accept our invitation to give an invited talk at the conference,you can choose to write a paper up to 8 pages long that will be includedin the conference proceedings. Along with the paper hard copy, we requestyou provide a pdf file for inclusion in the CD-ROM version of the proceedings.If you choose to write a paper, please provide the hardcopy and pdf fileby August 1st. Please visit the conference webpage ( click on "Instructions for Authors" for specific details on the formattingand submission of the camera-ready papers.

Regardless of whether you choose to provide a paper for the proceedings,we request you to provide us a title and an abstract (up to 200 words)by August 1st, 2000.

Author: K. Vijay-Shanker, 2000.

For AMTA-98

Dear ***,

It gives me great pleasure to ask if you would bewilling to appear on the panel named A Seal of Approval for MT Systemsat the forthcoming AMTA conference near Philadelphia at the end of Octoberthis year.

The panel itself will last for 90 minutes on Friday,October 30. The other panelists being invited are:

  • Eduard Hovy (chair) USC/ISI, Los Angeles, USA (president,AMTA)
  • John Hutchins ­ University of East Anglia, England(president, EAMT)
  • Hitoshi Isahara ­ Communications Research Laboratory,Japan (for AAMT)
  • Bente Maegaard ­ CfS, Copenhagen, Denmark (MT evaluationexpert)
  • L. Chris Miller ­ MCS, Washington, USA (PC MT expert)
  • Reba Rosenbluth ­ SYSTRAN Software Inc., La Jolla,USA (MT vendor)
  • Muriel Vasconcellos San Diego, USA (past president,IAMT and AMTA)
  • John White ­ PRC, Fairfax, USA (MT evaluation expert)
I include the description of the panel topic below.

There are 9 panelists. If we each speak for 5 minutes(two transparencies) then there will be plenty of time for audience discussion­andthis is a topic on which audience discussion is likely to be voluble!

While AMTA cannot afford to pay the travel expensesof each invited panelist, it is pleased to waive your registration feefor the conference.

You can find out all details about AMTA-98 from theconference website at program looks very interesting, and includes technical papers, systemdemonstrations, exhibitions, three workshops, and seven tutorials. In addition,there is a guided tour of interesting and historical aspects of Philadelphiaand a banquet in the impressive University of Pennsylvania buildings.

I do hope you can make time in your busy scheduleto attend the conference and share your ideas on this topic on the panel!

Please let me know whether you can make it as soonas you can. Thanks!

Best wishes,


Author: Eduard Hovy, 1998.

For INLG workshop 98

Dear ***,

It is my great pleasure to invite you to appear ona panel at the upcoming International Natural Language Generation conferenceINLGW-98. This conference will be held in Niagara-on-the-Lake, near NiagaraFalls, in Ontario, Canada, on August 5-7, 1998. We are expecting a packedroom, containing some of the most prominent researchers in the field ofNLG, and are eager to end the conference with a panel that summarizes whatwas new at the conference and points to the future.

The panel is called Reference Architecture for Generators.The panelists are Prof. Chris Mellish (Edinburgh University), Prof. DoniaScott (Brighton University), Dr. Robert Dale (Microsoft Research Institute,Macquarie University), Dr. Stephan Busemann (DFKI, Germany), and myself.Profs. Mellish and Scott will discuss their recently funded project on the ReferenceArchitecture for NL generators, representing the work in England. I willdescribe the recently-funded effort in the US to establish a frameworkin which various generators, including those built for speech dialoguesystems, can be compared, and outline the opportunities this new developmentaffords the NLG community as a whole. %The other two speakers will discussthe work on creating %I hope you will be willing to discuss the work oncreating a reference architecture or a set of standards for NLG systemsas it is taking shape in Germany and Australia.

The panel will take place immediately before lunchon Friday, August 7. Besides lunch, it is the last event on the programme.Please take this into account in your travel plans.

Unfortunately, due to budget limitations, we arenot able to offer any kind of honorarium or reduced registration fee inreturn for your appearance on the panel. My sincere regrets.

I do hope you will be able to act as a speaker onthe panel; your experience and comments will add an important dimensionto what is potentially a very important discussion for the field.



Author: Eduard Hovy, 1998.

For Multilingual Information Management workshop,1999

Dear MLIM panelist,

We are very excited about the forthcoming Multi-lingualInformation Management workshop in Granada, just after the LREC conferenceand just before the EMNLP workshop. The workshop has been popular beyondwhat we expected, and we are hoping to have a very interesting two days!

We have assembled the speaker program for the MLIMworkshop, and are very happy to offer you a chance to appear on a panel.This is an important opportunity to be able to shape the way your fieldis described in the eventual report, and thus to have an effect on futuredevelopments.

Each session is organized as follows: two or morespeakers each present a review of the subfield, in brief 20-minute talks.Then the panelists each have 5 minutes (not more, unfortunately!) to provideadditional perspectives, fleshing out what has been missed, and generallyensuring coverage and completeness, with specific emphasis on multi-linguality.This is your function.

The theme of your session is ***.

The speakers in your session are: ***

The other panelists on your panel are: ***

Your session is led by ***, the Moderator/Editor.It is ***'s task to:

  • chair your session at the workshop;
  • collect all the materials from the presenters and panelists,and from anyone in the audience who provides any;
  • create a chapter out of this material for the finalreport.
In particular, we would very much appreciate it if youcould structure your thought along the following lines:
  • timeline of major problem(s) addressed, from inceptionto near future
  • major bottlenecks and problems at present
  • major breakthroughs you see coming
  • role of multiple languages
  • juxtaposition of your subfield with other areas of LanguageProcessing
We hope that this is not difficult for you to prepare!It should be a fun and interesting opportunity to reflect on where youhave been and where you are going. We sincerely hope that you are willingto present here, and to assist the Editor in assembling the chapter.

Some general background, to help orient your thoughts:

As the various branches of Computational Linguisticsmature, and as natural language processing becomes crucial for the informationexplosion, we now have the opportunity to draw together the branches intoa more closely integrated research field.

Already, some cross-linking has occurred. Methodssuch as n-grams and the EM algorithm that were common in Speech Processinga decade ago but almost unheard-of in the ACL community are now being usedfreely there. Evaluation measures long employed in IR are being increasinglyapplied in the ACL community.

But there is a lot more to learn from each other.Speech processing can probably make good use of grammatical and discourse-levelknowledge; multimedia research can benefit from evaluation techniques;IR is starting to look at machine translation.

To spell out what such integration might mean, andto understand the challenges of the future, we ask you to delineate clearlywhere we are coming from and where we are headed.

Sincerely, with many thanks,

The MLIM organizing committee

Robert Frederking Eduard Hovy Nancy Ide Joseph MarianiAngel Martin Municio Antonio Zampolli

Author: Eduard Hovy, 1998.

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7+ Sample Business Invitation Letters

sample letters for invitation to an event

15 Practically Useful Tips on Writing a Formal Invitation Letter

Wondering how to word an invitation letter? And do you need to write it really well for some important invitees? Then read on, for here is a list of some tips on writing a formal invitation letter.
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Informal invitations can be done verbally but formal ones need to be in the written form and should be drafted thoughtfully. While some go with invitation cards, some choose to send out formal invitation letters. You may want to invite the dignitaries of your area for a social event, or invite your clients for a function at your workplace. You may want to invite your business associates to a social gathering, or you might be wanting to invite foreign delegates to your office.
The content in a formal invitation letter varies depending on the occasion for which it is being sent and the guests to be invited. But the way in which they are written is similar - they are formal invitations. Let's look at some tips on writing formal invitation letters.
How to Write a Formal Invitation Letter
✦ While writing a formal invitation letter, do not forget to include the names of the host and the guest, the address for response, and the details of the function being hosted.

✦ Choose a font according to the organization's standards, and of a size that's readable.

✦ The size of your invitation letter should be that of a standard card. As it's a formal invitation, do not choose fancy colors in the font or the paper.

✦ Mention your name if you are the host or the host's name if you are writing on his behalf. As the letter of invitation has a formal nature, you need to make an official address to your invitees. Mention their names along with their designations.
✦ The most important part is the main content of the invitation letter. Start the letter with a small preamble to the actual reason for the invitation.

✦ After the preamble, describe the actual event for which the guest is being invited. Mention the details of the venue and the date and timings of the event. Make a mention of the reason to invite.

✦ If the event has a particular dress code, mention the same in detail, in the invitation letter.

✦ Express your pleasure in inviting the guests. Make them feel that their presence is important.

✦ Furnish the host's address and ask them to confirm their attendance for the event through a letter or a phone call.

✦ You may want to include a special response form with the invitation letter or go with the typical R.S.V.P. format. It may be in the form of a confirmation or may require the guests to post their arrival details in the response.
✦ End the invitation letter with your name and designation and the details of the host (if the host is different and you are writing on his behalf).

✦ Do not forget to thank the guest. Thank him anticipating that he has accepted your invitation.

✦ Phrases like, Looking forward to seeing you, I would be highly honored to have you as my guest, Grace the occasion by..., ...request the pleasure of your company..., The honor of your presence is requested or ...cordially invite you for... can be used in a formal invitation letter.

✦ Use salutations like Dear Mr./Mrs. or Respected Sir/Ma'm depending on the designation of the guest and the kind of rapport the host shares with him/her. Use letter closings like Sincerely, Faithfully or With Regards for the invitation letter.

✦ Be polite and cordial, and maintain a formal tone throughout the letter.
Formal Invitation Card Examples
Formal invitations need to be precise and short. There is not much scope for poetic language or creative writing as such, because it's a formal invitation. So, cards is something many prefer, as they look both formal and classy. Let's look at a few templates for formal invitation cards.
Host/Hosting Organization's name

Request the honor of your presence

For Event Name

On Date

At Time

At Venue
Host's name

Cordially invites you to grace the occasion of
Event Name

On Date
At Time
At Venue

Dress Code: Give the dress code details here
Host's name

Request the pleasure of your company

On Date

From Time To Time

At Venue

R.S.V.P before Date
Formal Invitation Letter Examples
For a letter of invitation, the invitation wording is not as brief as that in cards. The event is described in greater detail. So there is scope for describing why the event is being hosted and the different things planned for the same, the inauguration, the opening speech, the meal, cultural programs (if any), etc. Also, the dress code can be described. It's a good practice to enclose a map to the venue, with the invitation letter. Find two invitation letters here.
Dear Mr./Mrs. 'name(s) of the invitee(s)'

We request you to attend the 'event name' organized on 'day and date' at the 'venue details'. The dress code for the event is 'dress code details'.

The event will commence with an inaugural speech, followed by cocktails and dinner party which will be served in 'location' at 'time'. Looking forward to a positive reply from you. Find a map to the venue enclosed herewith.

R.S.V.P. 'contact details'

Host's Name
Dear Mr./Mrs. 'name(s) of the invitee(s)'

On account of 'reason for the event', we have planned a dinner party on 'event date'. We request the honor of your presence for the 'event name' on 'day and date' at 'venue details'. The event will start with a formal welcome speech by 'speaker's name' and will be followed by speeches of the dignitaries. A four-course lunch will be served in the banquet hall at 'time'.

Grace the occasion with your presence. We will be glad to have you with us. Please accept our invitation and confirm your attendance.

Host's Name
While drafting a formal invitation letter, take these three things into account; the occasion, the invitees, and the host's relation with the guests. If the invitation is being sent on behalf of an organization, ensure that it adheres to its standards. Also, take into consideration the social status/designation and age of the invitees and decide your salutation and wording accordingly.

Formal invitation letter template. Layout of the formal invitation letter. How to write formal invitation letter?.

Examples of a Good Invitation Letter for an Important Business Meeting

sample letters for invitation to an event

Inviting someone to a formal event like an out-of-town company conference or a charity gala and dinner at a fancy venue should be done the proper way. Writing a letter of invitation is the right approach to telling someone that their presence to a formal social gathering would be deeply appreciated. Unless you’re used to writing this type of correspondence, it can be a bit of a challenge to accomplish. But with the help of the sample letters showcased below along with some tips on writing the perfect invitation letter, you should be good to go in this particular situation.

Formal Job Invitation Letter Template

Free Formal Invitation Letter

Formal Invitation Letter for Meeting

Formal Business Invitation Letter

Free Job Interview Invitation Letter

Formal Business Meeting Invitation Letter

Office Seminar Invitation Letter

Example of Formal Invitation Letter

Sample Formal Invitation Letter for Chief Guest

Similar to the way professional business letters are written, formal letters of invitation must have a decorous tone in its content to let readers know that the sender’s intentions are serious and cordial. Furthermore, the contents of an invitation note will vary depending on the type of situation, so you should be mindful of how you’re phrasing your paragraphs. Here are other key points for you to consider when writing this type of letter:

1. Keep it short

As much as possible, your letter should be short and direct to the point. In a few concise yet descriptive paragraphs, you should be able to inform the recipient about the purpose of the event, as well as the full details concerning the specific occasion.You may also see formal interview letters.

2. Use premium stationery

Because of the formal nature of this particular missive, you have to be very mindful of the type of stationery that you’ll be using to print and enclose the letter. It simply just won’t do if you’re going to resort to using low-quality materials.You may also see visa invitation letters.

3. Include an RSVP reminder

Since you’re sending an invitation, you should expect a response from the recipient. Make sure to give a friendly reminder at the end of the letter that you require the recipient’s response to the invite days before the expected date of the event.You may also see business meeting invitation letter

Example of Formal Invitation Letter for Seminar

Formal Meeting Invitation Letter Sample

Formal Invitation Letter in PDF


Formal Invitation Acceptance Letter

Formal Invitation Letter Format

Formal Invitation Letter for an Event

The aforementioned guidelines can also be applied even when you’re planning on writing business invitation letters since the basic form and structure conform to similar compositional patterns. Another important thing that you have to remember when writing your invitation is to properly address the recipient with his or her full name as a sign of courtesy. Apart from this vital aspect, here are some additional guidelines that will help you make the perfect formal letter of invitation:

1. Be formal but friendly. By its very nature, invitations must always sound inviting. Thus, your tone when writing it should not only be formal, but it should also convey warmth and friendliness. Recipients must feel that you would be honored to see their presence.You may also see invitation letters for US visa

2. Write and send it early. The second that you know exactly when an event will happen, you must write your invitation letters at the soonest possible time and send it right after. This way, you’ll be able to get a response from the recipients in a timely fashion.You may also see formal letter formats.

3. Make judicious edits. It may take you several drafts until you end up with the final version of your invitation letter, and bear in mind that this is a normal part of the letter-writing process. Don’t forget to proofread and edit your letters before you send them out.You may also see sample email invitations.


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Should you accept our invitation, we kindly ask you to reply to this letter or contact [Mr. John] by [Friday, 1 July 2015] latest. [Mr. John] is the event coordinator.

sample letters for invitation to an event
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