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Saying thanks for a job well done

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Saying thanks for a job well done
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gratitude for a gift, for their help and support, for a job well done, I just wanted to say thanks a lot for making the workplace a fun place to be.

Social recognition is powerful stuff. It can improve productivity and staff retention, ignite employees’ intrinsic motivation and make people happier, better engaged and more creative.

It’s effective because humans need to be appreciated, and something as simple as being thanked for a job well done can go a long way.

In many workplaces, however, appreciation is thin on the ground. When taken to extremes it can lead to a toxic environment where absenteeism is rife, people are disillusioned and the whole organisation is sluggish and dissatisfied. 

Patting someone on the back within a small team is easy enough. Doing so in an organisation with hundreds or even thousands of employees is more complicated, and this is where formal social recognition programmes fit in.

Eric Mosley is the co-founder of Irish-American software company Globoforce, which is a significant player and innovator in the international recognition industry. The company was established in 1999, and employs 500 people between here and the US. Over four million employees in 150 countries are currently using its recognition programmes. 

“We’re in the ‘thank you’ business,” Mosley says. “We help companies to give recognition and to express gratitude to employees. Both the giver and the receiver are enriched and ‘lifted’ by the process, and this in turn generates a positive, can do working environment.”


The “touchy feely” bit of peer-to-peer or manager to employee appreciation is germane on the human level, Mosley says, but, recognising that hard bitten managers might struggle to park their cynicism, his company has developed a system that measures recognition in a way that can be used to improve corporate performance.

“By tying recognition to a company’s goals and values, a programme can achieve double-digit increases in employee engagement, for example,” he says.  Globoforce started out as a corporate gift-giving service. Today it is quite a different business with a string of Fortune 500 companies on its client list.

“A number of megatrends happened that transformed our business model,” says Mosley. “Social media emerged and quickly proved how powerful crowds can be. Workplace practices changed, and people began working more in teams and less as individuals. Thirdly, technology has created speed, and we can do things – like rewarding people – in real time rather than waiting until the end of the year.” 

To succeed recognition programmes need a budget, buy-in from the top and time devoted to “selling” them to employees and teaching them how to use them. Most programmes are set up by HR departments, and benefit from being given their own name/brand.


Airline Jet Blue’s programme (created by Globoforce) is called Lift, and its aim is to “reinforce our values among our 22,000 crew members while also showing them how much we appreciate that they are inspiring humanity one action at a time”, says the company’s executive vice-president for people Michael Elliott.  

“Unless companies take a professional approach a programme will work for about 48 hours and then die a death,” says Mosley whose company’s clients include Intuit,  Symantec, Proctor & Gamble, Cisco and Amgen.

“It needs to be web-based and frictionless to use online or with a mobile app. These programmes can also act as a communications channel within an organisation, and are a great way for managers (who approve the recognition transactions) to see what’s happening within their teams. In our experience,even the most cynical managers loosen up when they see how these programmes can change people’s behaviour and attitudes.” 

Recognition typically brings tangible rewards often in the form of points that can be redeemed against all sorts of things from flights and dining out to shopping vouchers. Each recognition is logged, and can be retrieved by managers in search of employee insights.

This is where the investment really pays off, Mosley says. “It instantly shows where the gratitude in a company or a team goes and who are the key people that ensure the work gets done. It’s a source of informal power, and managers would do well to know who these people are and to make every effort to keep them.”

Tangible rewards

Asked why tangible rewards are key, Mosley says “they elevate gratitude and give it a level of importance whereas constant ‘free’ recognition quickly becomes meaningless”. 

Companies that are really serious about recognition programmes generally commit around 1 per cent of payroll costs to fund them.

“It’s a big part of their budget but there is real pay back,” Mosley says. “We have worked with LinkedIn and they experienced a 96 per cent retention rate among staff who had received four or more awards in a year.”

Eaton Corporation, an Irish-headquartered energy management company with 95,000 employees worldwide, is also a Globoforce client. Its recognition programme is called  E-Star.

“Eaton saw rapid adoption of E-Star with 68 per cent of employees participating in the first six months, 82 per cent participation in year one, and 82 per cent rates year after year thereafter,” Mosley says. “The data from their  platform shows that employees who receive recognition are two times less likely to leave the company.


“We have also worked with the US operations of the InterContinental Hotels Group, and they found that a 5 per cent rise in employee engagement is the equivalent of 70 [US] cents of increased revenue per available hotel room per night,” Mosley adds. “This means a 200-bed hotel could make more than $50,000 in additional revenue a year by improving staff engagement.”

Globoforce will host its third WorkHuman HR conference between April 1st and April 5th in Austin, Texas. Keynote speakers will include Tarana Burke, founder of the Me-Too movement, and Andrew Shatté, chief science officer of meQuilibrium, who says rewiring our brains is the secret to success in the face of unrelenting change.

note or letter of appreciation to an employee for a job well done and don't know Saying thank you to employees for their efforts, hard work.

30 Ways to Say "Great Job"

saying thanks for a job well done

In performance reviews, words of appreciation for employees consistently impacts the happiness of an organization and employee productivity.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, 50% of employees indicated they believed turnover would decrease if managers simply recognized their efforts more frequently.

From a productivity standpoint, 40% of employees said they were unlikely to go above and beyond if their bosses took their efforts for granted. (Curious to learn more about what motivates employees to go the extra mile? Check out some more facts and statistics from our 

Have you been recognizing your coworkers for good work? If not, don’t sweat it. It starts with having good base phrases to say or write on a performance review.




Here are 50 examples of compliments for coworkers you can use express gratitude, appreciation, and encouragement to your coworkers for their hard work:


01. Having you on the team makes a huge difference.

02. You always find a way to get it done — and done well!

03. It’s really admirable how you always see projects through from conception to completion.

04. Thank you for always speaking up in team meetings and providing a unique perspective.

05. Your efforts at strengthening our culture are not unnoticed.

06. Fantastic work!

07. Even when the going gets tough, you continue to have the best attitude!

08. It’s amazing how you always help new employees get up to speed.

09. Wow! Just when I thought your work couldn’t get any better!

10. I couldn’t imagine working without you!

11. Your work ethic speaks for itself.

12. There’s no other way to say it: we’d be lost without you.

13. Thanks for always being willing to lend a hand.

14. The pride you take in your work is truly inspiring.

15. You’re so great to work with.

16. I am continually impressed by the results you produce!

17. Thank you for being so flexible.

18. It’s incredible how thorough your work is.

19. Your work ethic is out of this world!

20. You have an extremely healthy perspective.




21. You’re really good at cheering everybody up!

22. Is there anything you can’t do?!

23. You are one of the most reliable employees I’ve ever had.

24. Thank you for setting a great example for your coworkers.

25. Not everyone is as creative as you — I mean it!

26. It’s amazing how you’re always able to overcome any obstacle thrown your way.

27. Keep up the great work!

28. I was blown away by your contributions this week.

29. I really enjoy working with you.

30. You’re awesome!

31. Amazing job on that project — I really mean it.

32. You are an invaluable member of the team.

33. To be honest, I’m jealous of your talents.

34. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a great employee like you.

35. You come up with fantastic ideas!

36. What’s your secret? Your output is impressive, to say the least.

37. Wow! Nice work.

38. Your work ethic is enviable.

39. I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to the team.

40. How did this place ever operate without you?!

41. I know I’ve been busy lately, but I just had to tell you what a great employee you are.

42. You play a crucial role in our company’s success.

43. It’s so obvious how you pay attention to detail.

44. You are always so quick to show initiative.

45. It’s honestly hard to explain how integral you are to this team.

46. You are an awesome employee!

47. It’s incredible how often you go above and beyond.

48. Your work never ceases to amaze me!

49. I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t tell you how much you mean to this company.

50. Things have definitely been crazy lately, but you’re crushing it!



How to recognize employees with a job well done?

Now you've gotten the list of phrases at hand, here are three easy ways to recognize and reward your employees in a meaningful way without breaking the bank. 

It's a simple gesture to say "thank you" in person or write a thank-you note to employees who've done a great job. The caveat is that you can’t simply just blurt out these recognition phrases in hopes that they’ll feel valued. Make sure that you acknowledge tangible accomplishments and specify why you’re certain appreciation words for employees that earned them. That way they will continue that same behavior in the future.  

  • Give them a shout-out at all-hands meetings

Knowing you're doing a great job is one thing, hearing it from your boss has a different meaning. Public recognition is also a great way to inspire and motivate the rest of the team while rewarding one employee for a job well done. It can be as simple as email blasts, shout-outs at company meetings, and other company-wide communication. Plus, it’s totally free!

  • Encourage peer-to-peer recognition

Recognition shouldn’t be solely left up to managers. Organizations today are spread across the globe, which means that managers don’t get the chance to see day-to-day activities. Peer-to-peer recognition ensures employees are shown appreciation from their colleagues so they feel valued for their hard work.We found in The Surprising Effects of Employee Recognition and Appreciation that 44% of employees give regular peer-to-peer recognition when they have a tool that makes it easy. Give your team the opportunity and encouragement to recognize one another, so everyone is invested in the process!


Learn how Boston Red Sox has improved their employee happiness by getting real-time feedback and encouraging peer recognition at a company level.


"If our employees are happy and feel like the organization cares for them, they'll just go that extra mile." 

-- Amy Waryas, SVP of Human Resources at Boston Red Sox

Learn more about . Better yet,  to see it in action. 



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Thank You Letter to Employees w/ Free Downloadable Template

saying thanks for a job well done

More than half of Canadian workers between the ages of 21 and 30 feel unappreciated by their employers, according to a survey conducted by Canada Life Group Insurance. The survey also shows that, as the boss, neglecting to show gratitude can create an atmosphere where co-workers feel comfortable getting into arguments rather than resolving differences amicably. Remembering to thank your employees can drastically improve your workplace’s culture. Find out about some ways to thank your employees and others with whom you have business relationships.

Benefits of Showing Gratitude

The people you interact with regularly – your employees, vendors, and other contractors – need to know that you appreciate their work. If you’ve ever tried to brainstorm ways to get your employees to be more productive, for example, consider thanking them for their work. Telling your employees that you appreciate their efforts is one of the simplest ways to motivate them; workers who feel appreciated may also feel inspired to share their ideas for improving your products and services.

The same goes for your business relationships with vendors and other independent professionals. Say, for example, you run a retail store and get deliveries daily. If you get into the habit of thanking the delivery guy for his work, you may be pleasantly surprised when he starts bring packages straight to your desk rather than dropping them off at the back door.

Saying “thank you” sends a powerful message that you appreciate people. It also makes you feel good, which is an added bonus.

Saying Thank You to Workers

It is vitally important to verbalize your thanks, but actions sometimes speak louder than words. You can also thank your employees in ways that positively impact their jobs and overall quality of life. Consider the following ways to thank you employees:

  • Give raises and bonuses.
  • Send appreciation emails to individual employees and teams for jobs well done.
  • Post employee appreciation announcements on company bulletin boards.
  • Have employee appreciation days quarterly, rather than annually.
  • Promote from within.
  • Give positive feedback routinely.
  • Offer opportunities for professional growth, such as expense-paid trips to conferences, trade shows, and seminars.

Thanking People You Do Business With

People generally hold those who thank them for their work in high esteem. Get in the habit of thanking the people with whom you do business. Sending thank-you letters and cards show that you appreciate the business relationship, as does making followup thank-you calls after every interaction. Here are some ways to show gratitude to service providers and other independent professionals:

  • Give positive feedback about their goods and services.
  • Send high-quality holiday gifts.
  • When appropriate, extend personal invitations to lunch.
  • Write positive reviews or testimonials on their websites and social media pages.
  • Hold an annual appreciation dinner or gala.

References & Resources


Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

Express gratitude in a genuine, effective way using our free outstanding letter of appreciation for job well done sample.

How to Reply to a Boss's Accolades

saying thanks for a job well done

.Growing your business is an incremental part of your everyday life, as a small business owner. Finding new ways to do business, attracting new customers and keeping the ones you have satisfied is yours and your team’s main objective. However, a “Thanks for your hard work” to your staff should never be overlooked.

Lately, we have dedicated many articles tο teamwork management and how it can help you grow your business by empowering your employees. In this week’s post, we are going to provide you with simple, yet creative, ideas on how to appreciate someone for their good work!

Hiring talented employees, investing in their training and creating effective teams is one side of your job as their leader. These actions, of course, are drivers towards organizational growth and success, so they should not be overlooked.

However, employee satisfaction plays a huge role in keeping those employees working for you. Spending money on training someone that will later leave you because they feel unappreciated, is a waste essentially, both for you and them.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number one reason why employees leave their jobs (yes, even well-paid positions) is the lack of appreciation for their hard work.

Making sure your employees’ salary reflects their competence is one thing – appreciating them substantially is another. Appreciation may sound simple but it really isn’t; showing appreciation requires thoughtfulness and self-awareness.

Tinypulse’s interesting report which gathered data from 30,000 employees in 2014, found that 79% of employees “don’t feel valued enough for the work they put in”. This is disheartening, to say the least!

Reasons why words of thanks and appreciation for your employees in the workplace are important

Showing employees you value and appreciate their efforts is important for many reasons, three of them playing major roles in employee satisfaction:

  1. Recognition: Saying “thank you” to your employees for a job well-done has a powerful and long-lasting impact on their productivity. For example, saying “I really appreciate you working overtime last week to deliver the project” not only recognizes the individual effort but also highlights that their contribution was invaluable to the rest of the team as well. This will also reinforce the positive behaviors you would like to encourage the rest of your staff.
  2. Stronger sense of commitment: Thanking employees for hard work also boosts their level of commitment to you and your company. By making clear that their work doesn’t go unnoticed you will give them the incentive to continue to do so in the future. As we pointed out in our previous article on how to be a better team leader, providing incentives and appreciating your team members for their efforts will work miracles with their engagement and future performance.
  3. Improving morale: Another important benefit of recognizing your employees’ hard work is that it creates an atmosphere of trust in which team members bond with each other and create friendships. Having friends at work affects employee retention and satisfaction rates. Collegial motivation can have a greater impact than getting a raise to their morale!

Employee recognition is ideal for establishing gratitude in the workplace! You can do that by creating collaborative workspaces or organizing social events that facilitate office friendships. There are various types of team building activities and techniques that will not only improve professional relations but also keep your staff happy!

10 “Thank you” ideas for your employees’ hard work

#1 Say “Thank you” often

The first thing you need to get accustomed to is thanking your team. You should do it whenever they deserve it even if it means doing it a lot more often.

It seems like an extremely obvious thing to do but surprisingly, managers and team leaders, in general, find it difficult expressing gratitude to their team.

Some praise words for employees may include the following suggestions:

  • “Thank you for all the hard work you put in daily! Know that it is recognized and greatly appreciated”
  • “Thank you for stepping in and saving the day in this difficult project! So glad we have you on-board”
  • “Thanks for being so dedicated and hard-working! Is there anything I can do to make your life better in the office?”

This way, not only do you express gratitude to your employees but let them know they have your support!

#2 Write personal notes or Post-its

You may think that writing a thank you note to an employee is insignificant. Think again, because it is actually one of the best ways to give your employees a pat on the back.

It is ideal for daily matters and it shows you took the time to do this because you honestly appreciate them!

Your thank you note to colleagues for a job well done should be personal and concise. Make sure to leave it on their desk to find the next day. For example:

  • “Your presentation was awesome! Keep up the good work!”
  • “Thank you for helping me out with this [past action]. Nice job!”

You will pleasantly surprise them and, at the same time, boost their self-confidence, hence their productivity.

#3 Team e-mails

If you would like to show gratitude to a group of people consider sending a thank you email to your team members for their good work. This thank you message for team members can be addressed to everybody involved in a successful project.

Keep in mind to mention that effective collaboration was the cause of success. You could also highlight how the team spirit made it all possible.

You can also acknowledge your division’s accomplishments in a company-wide email so as to express appreciation for their dedication! This will also motivate other teams to work harder and gain that same praise as well!

#4 Personal e-mail

Writing a short personal e-mail is a great way to show appreciation for the good performance of the employee on a more personal level.

You can praise their efficiency on a task and thank them for their invaluable contribution to your company.

#5 Letter

You might think that handwritten letters are old-fashioned in a bad sense. Surprise, surprise it’s the opposite. They are actually a quite sincere way to express gratitude!

The letter of recognition and praise for employee performance may be longer than the personal note and more elaborate if you wish.

It shows you went out of your way to disclose your appreciation for their efforts. They will feel special!

Moreover, it is far more memorable than casual “thank you” e-mails that can be copy-pasted by anyone.

#6 Let them leave early

As much as one may love their job, leaving the office early feels like being a teenager again hearing the final recess bell for the day!

If the workload allows it, give the afternoon off to your employees so they can enjoy it as they please.

Writing an appreciation note to the team will suffice but this is a refreshing way to practically show them you value their personal time!

#7 Give Small gifts

Another more practical way to show gratitude is small “thank you” gifts for employees. They don’t have to be expensive or throw your budget off balance.

Think about symbolic items that will convey the message of appreciation you’d like to communicate. After the completion of a successful project or during the holidays share it to them.

#8 Family gifts

Actions always speak louder than words. So, is there a better way to thank your employees than offering nice gifts to their families.

Companies that care about their employees on a deeper level offer school supplies to their employees’ children at the beginning of each school year.

Another nice “thank you” idea for employees is treating them to recreational activities. Cinema and theatre tickets or fun parks passes, every once in a while, say “thank you” like nothing else.

#9 Praise them in front of an audience

Thanking employees for putting in hard work can also happen during staff meetings as well or under any circumstance, you believe praise is well-deserved.

Appreciating your employees in front of others can have beneficial effects on their self-esteem!

It may also serve the purpose of motivating the rest of the team to follow one’s good example and thrive too. However, be careful not to mistreat anyone by comparison.

#10 Employee of the month tradition

Another great way to publicly thank your employees is by establishing an “Employee of the month” prize, awarding it to your overachievers.

Acknowledging the effort of an employee in such an official way will show everyone in your firm that hard work is being rewarded.

This will most likely motivate others to perform better in order to get that distinction themselves.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Thank You to EMS Professionals for a Job Well Done

Show appreciation and say thanks for a job well done. All too often, managers only document and discuss employees' flaws rather than their.

saying thanks for a job well done
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