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Show me love sample
September 05, 2018 1st Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

[Sample] Give me some of that good ol' love. Ohhhh, let me make you, you. Give me some of that good ol' love. Whoa, ohhh "Put your hands together and show.

If you were a fan of dance music and/or pop music in the '90s, you are undoubtedly very familiar with Robin S.'s "Show Me Love," a top five crossover hit that celebrates the 20th anniversary of its single release this week. (This is not to be confused with Robyn's identically titled "Show Me Love," released a half-decade later.) Even if you weren't around for the initial release of the Robin S. song in 1993, however, chances are still pretty good you know and love the song, as it has not only endured as a club classic, but also popped up as a referenced text in later hits like Jason Derulo's "Don't Wanna Go Home," and been re-remixed seemingly every couple years to keep it current with new trends in dance music, perhaps most notably in 2008 by Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello & Laidback Luke.

Maybe you don't remember the song in its entirety, but if you've heard it even once, I bet you remember at least one thing about it--that gorgeous, glorious riff. There might not be five hooks in the history of dance music--a genre that places a pretty high fucking premium on attention-grabbing hooks--that are as unforgettable as the synth-organ line in "Show Me Love," a skeletal, echoing keyboard pattern that lasts virtually the whole song and creeps its way into the very fiber of your being before the end of the first chorus. It's far from the only great thing about the song--Robin S.'s bellowing caterwaul of loneliness and yearning earns her first-ballot entry into the Disco Diva Hall of Fame, even though she never had another hit--but it's the thing that ensures that 20 years from now, dance DJs will still be sampling, remixing, referencing and interpolating "Show Me Love" to death.

That's what makes it so shocking to discover that the trademark synth hook wasn't even originally a part of the song at all. Having loved the song for ages and ages, I only recently found out that the version that I and the rest of the world was familiar with--the version celebrating its two-decade anniversary--was actually a well-after-the-fact remix of a song originally recorded in 1990. The song's initial version (the "Montego Mix") did not include the hook or any semblance of its melody, and was in fact a totally different song--a much bubblier, sorta by-the-numbers diva house jam of the period, along the lines of Jomanda's "Got a Love For You" or D-Mob and Cathy Dennis' "C'mon and Get My Love," with a gentle piano hook, generously layered synth-strings, and even a wailing sax solo over some of the breaks.

The song never really went anywhere in its initial incarnation, and it wasn't until 1992 that "Show Me Love" morphed into the version we now know it as today--thanks to Swedish DJ StoneBridge, who was offered the chance by the song's licensing company to give it another spin. He recalls the process in the essay compilation The Remix Manual: The Art and Science of Dance Music Remixing with Logic:

They said they had this failed project with a great vocal. I got the tape and did three or four mixes that they didn't like at all. In frustration, I decided to go in and do one final mix. I stripped the track to just the kick drum and vocal, changed the bass sound I had used for the latest mix and it happened to be an organ...I then found a snare drum from a record, but it had a kick in it, so it got this heavy attack that worked perfectly with the massive kick. I then put on two string chords in the chorus and put a little distorted stab thing in the intro and it was done in a little bit over four hours.

Simple, but ultimately revelatory. Remarkably, StoneBridge says he had no clue what he had on his hands with the remix, saying he listened to it again a few days later and thought it was "pretty bad, but my girlfriend convinced me to send it off, and the rest was history." Sure enough.

Listening to the original version of the song gives you an even bigger appreciation for StoneBridge's remix, since it completely changes the feel of the song. The Montego Mix is an imminently acceptable dance-pop jam, and Robin S's massive vocal could carry just about any backing track, but it's not hard to see why it was initially lost in the sea of diva-led, house-rooted pop hits of the early '90s, since while pleasant enough, the track is kind of anonymous. By contrast, however, the remix is an instant attention-grabber, first with its lurching, austere intro, then with the introduction of that singular synth-organ hook, pierced by Robin's wordless cry. It didn't sound quite like anything on the radio in 1993, and still occupies a singular space in dance-pop history.

The interesting thing about the riff is the way it changes the tone of the entire song. It's so stark, so haunted-sounding, that it colors Robin's vocal--in the Montego Mix, her declarations of "So baby if you want me / You've got to show me love" sound optimistic and almost a little coy, like she's relieved that she's done with all the "heartbreaks and promises" and her new love is actually seeming pretty promising. With the StoneBridge mix, however, she still sounds shell-shocked and devastated, like she's pleading for her guy to show her love, because she just doesn't know if she can take another crushing disappointment. It's very dark, and could have been overwhelmingly dour, if not for the snare-and-hi-hate shuffle that keeps propelling the song forward, making sure that the song does not become an exercise in self-pity, but rather a chance to exorcise all your relationship demons on the dancefloor.

So, our thanks to StoneBridge for going back in for that final mix, and kudos to his girlfriend for convincing him that it was the classic it quickly ended up being. The original mix of "Show Me Love" is interesting and fun enough, but mostly just as a precursor to the famous mix, which 20 years later is as soul-and-body-moving as ever.

"Show Me Love" is a song by American singer Robin S. It was written by Allen . In 2008, DJ Michael Mind samples the song for his single "Show Me Love".

The Ten Best Samples in the History of House Music

show me love sample

Robin S Show me love OrganBass intro

by chielio72 » Sun Mar 04, 2012 6:04 pm

Hey guys, before I start lurking around I give something to share.

It's a split program, tried to recreate the intro sound on my roland alpha juno .. the bassline is a multisample created with Korg M1 (housesplit) layered with minimonsta for some more body in the lows. Created with the nord sample editor (what else, just like nespresso).

For the nord stage 2 users I've made a patch also with effects and splits, I've gotta find out how to dump that but I will post it in a reply later on.
For starters put some drive from the amp sim and add some 121 bpm delay and top it off with some stage verb.

My band members were very pleased, hope you'll find some use for it someday somewhere under the rainbow!
Can be used also for Push the feeling on by Nightcrawlers.

p.s. I'm new on the board, forgive me if something similar has been posted before.

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Deconstructing Hit Songs: Dance Music Synths

show me love sample

Robyn has finally returned, with Honey, her first solo album in eight long years. If you’re looking for the Swedish singer’s trademark anthems that serve up both emotional wallops and certified bops, it’s got what you need, sure. Now 39, Robyn processes both the death of longtime friend and collaborator Christian Falk and low points in her long-term relationship, and breaks from her lyrical tendency (albeit a highly relatable and affecting one) of casting herself as the wronged party narrating the actions of others from some dark corner in a club or a train station. She asks for forgiveness, and she declares herself officially over heartbreak. The song “Human Being,” in particular, feels like a rebuke to numerous previous songs in which she compared both herself and loved ones to robots.

Toward the end of it all, on track eight out of a nine-song album, arrives “Beach2k20,” which, you could make a strong argument, is one of the most lyrically inane songs of Robyn’s career. Professional reviews have passed it off as a quirky oddity, while some on Twitter have likened it to a song one might hear while trying on a $14.99 swimsuit in the dressing room of a Zara and H&M. It may very well be the album’s most divisive song.


Starting with a sly sample from Timmy Thomas’s “Why Can’t We Live Together” (the same song Drake built most of “Hotline Bling” around, though not the same sample) and dripping on ’90s-house-appropriate synth riffs like, well, honey, Robyn doesn’t actually sing on the track very much. Instead, she chants lyrics that sound like they’re from a group chat about trying to figure out what to do that night: “To this cute place on the beach. They do really nice food. I mean, it’s right on the beach. Come through, it’ll be cool.” As she says these lyrics over and over (and over) again, you imagine her sitting on the veranda of a rented vacation villa with, if not a joint, then at least a nice rosé in one hand, as she types those very words into her iPhone with the other (yes, the song samples the little “woop” noise), while listening to this exact beat from a Spotify playlist called “Ibiza and Chill.” It’s like audio vérité.

The thing is, almost any attempt to capture the exact feelings of just chilling somewhere tropical and quietly enjoying yourself are inevitably going to be a bit cheesy. Lots of musicians have tried. Just look at everything from Sheryl Crow’s “Soak Up the Sun” and the Go Go’s “Vacation” to a good chunk of the back catalogs of both the Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffett (“Cheeseburger in Paradise” is, technically, also a song about a place by the beach that does really nice food). It’s a pleasant feeling to evoke, but, lyrically, there’s not a lot there. There’s not much dynamic in just relaxing.

But maybe that’s exactly the point. There’s a small audio reference in the middle of the song to “Show Me Love,” the teen pop sample that launched Robyn’s career more than 20 years ago. It’s hard not to take it as a cue to think of “Beach 2k20” in the context of Robyn’s career. After all that heartbreak and joy and dancing on your own and the callings of girlfriends, wasn’t the mission that started back in those Max Martin days to find some sort of sense of contentment and happiness?

Of course, happiness isn’t a constant state of being, like nirvana. It’s small moments, like, well, setting up a chill night out with your friends at your favorite restaurant by the beach and seeing where the night goes. Simple little anxiety-free moments like that can sometimes seem fleeting, and the song knows this. It all but officially ends at about the 3:15 mark, before the beat suddenly starts up again to give you a few more minutes of chill, almost as a reminder to savor it before it does all ends.

It might sound like changing-room music, but listen a bit more closely and it also sounds like Robyn expressing newfound joy (if not wisdom) in her life in the most direct way possible.

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Samples Covers and References, Year in Music 2014 .. Because even DJ Mustard gets sick of referencing “Show Me Love” every now and.

Good Ol' Love

show me love sample

Not to be confused with Show Me Love (Robyn song).

"Show Me Love" is a song by American singer Robin S. It was written by Allen George and Fred McFarlane and originally released in 1990 by Champion Records in the United Kingdom. In 1992, it was remixed by Swedish house music production duo StoneBridge & Nick Nice, and re-released in many European countries as well as United States and Japan. It became one of the most well known house anthems in the United Kingdom, and Robin's biggest hit to date. The song is often confused with her following single "Luv 4 Luv", which is compositionally similar and was released around the same time, and with the 1997 hit "Show Me Love" by the Swedish singer Robyn.

In the US, "Show Me Love" reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100, number seven on the R&B chart,[2] and number one on the dance club chart. It was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America and sold 600,000 copies domestically.[3][4] Additionally, the song went to number six on the UK Singles Chart in April 1993.[5] "Show Me Love" has since been sampled and interpolated in numerous recordings, including "Don't Wanna Go Home" by Jason Derulo (2011) and "Show Me" by Kid Ink (2013).

Background and release

"Show Me Love" was written by American songwriters Allen George and Fred McFarlane, who had previously worked with Jenny Burton and Jocelyn Brown. The song was initially released in 1990 on British label Champion Records with remixes by Anthony King. In 1992, Swedish DJ and producer StoneBridge remixed the song on suggestion of Champion.[6][7] The song's iconic bass organ sound comes from the Korg M1 synthesizer.[8][9] The remixed version was later included on Robin S.'s 1993 debut album Show Me Love.

Impact and legacy

The song made it to the top five on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, a rare feat for a house song at the time. According to the The Guardian, "Show Me Love" has influenced contemporary house songs such as Kiesza's "Hideaway" (2014) and Disclosure's "White Noise" (2013), and artists such as Clean Bandit and Felix Jaehn.[9]

Track listings

1."Show Me Love" (Montego Mix)6:45
2."Show Me Love" (Dub Mix)3:30
3."Show Me Love" (New York Mix)5:51
4."Show Me Love" (Maritius Mix)4:07
  • Tracks 1 & 4 mixed by Anthony King.
1."Show Me Love" (StoneBridge Club Mix)7:43
2."Show Me Love" (Nick Nice Eagle Mix)5:31
3."Show Me Love" (Nice & Stoned Old School Mix)5:33
  • Additional production by StoneBridge. Remixes by Nick Nice & StoneBridge.
1."Show Me Love" (Radio Mix)3:21
2."Show Me Love" (Nick Nice Eagle Mix)5:32
3."Show Me Love" (StoneBridge Club Mix)7:44
4."Show Me Love" (Nice 'N' Steady Old School Mix)5:34
5."Show Me Love" (New Club Mix)8:52
1."Show Me Love" (StoneBridge Club Mix)7:43
2."Show Me Love" (Nick Nice Eagle Mix)5:28
3."Show Me Love" (New Club Mix)8:50
4."Show Me Love" (Nice & Stoned Old School Mix)5:33



  • Producer – Allen George, Fred McFarlane
  • Co-producer – StoneBridge
  • Mix – StoneBridge, P. Dennis Mitchell, Junior Vasquez
  • Engineer – P. Dennis Mitchell, Dave Sussman, Nat Foster, Robert Kiss
  • Keyboards – Fred McFarlane, Joe Moskowitz, Matt Thomas, Stonebridge, Robert Kiss
  • Guitar – Paul Jackson Jr., Dana Reed, Mike Cantwell
  • Backing vocals – Dana Reed, Debbie Cole, Dennis Taylor, Kim Miller, Luci Martin, Robin Stone, Vivian Sessoms


  • In 1994, Sharon S., a Dutch act whose name was inspired by Robin S., used similar sounded elements of "Show Me Love" for their single "Wonderful," which was later sampled by Firebeatz in 2013.
  • In 2007, Australian DJ Mobin Master re-recorded the song with vocalist Karina Chavez. In 2008 the song was re-released with vocals by Robin S.
  • In 2008, DJ Michael Mind samples the song for his single "Show Me Love".[25]
  • In 2011, Jason Derulo sampled the original melody for his single "Don't Wanna Go Home".
  • In 2012, Jennifer Lopez sampled a part of the melody in her single "Dance Again" featuring Pitbull.[26]
  • In 2013, the British synth beat combo, Street Parade, performed a version of "Show Me Love" in their live performances.
  • In 2013, American rapper Kid Ink sampled the melody on his single "Show Me" featuring Chris Brown.
  • In 2014, British electronic group Clean Bandit covered the song for the special edition of their album New Eyes.
  • In 2014, dance duo Ferreck Dawn & Redondo sampled the bassline for their deep house single "Love Too Deep".
  • In 2015, Russian DJ Matvey Emerson released the song featuring vocals by Glee's cast member, Alex Newell.
  • In 2015, Dutchman Sam Feldt featuring Kimberley Ann covered the song.[27]

Michael Mind version

In 2008, German DJ and producer Michael Mind recorded a cover version of the song using a different vocalist.

Track listing

1."Show Me Love" (radio edit)2:38
2."Show Me Love" (short edit)3:08
3."Show Me Love" (extended mix)5:18
4."Show Me Love" (club mix)5:18
5."Show Me Love" (Gap 4 remix edit)2:46
6."Show Me Love" (Gap 4 remix)3:47
7."Show Me Love" (G&G remix cut)3:47
8."Show Me Love" (G&G remix)6:40
1."Show Me Love" (official festival mix edit)3:28
2."Show Me Love" (official festival mix)5:34
3."Show Me Love" (Benjiy edit)3:14
4."Show Me Love" (Benjiy remix)4:56


Steve Angello and Laidback Luke version

In 2008, the song was remade by Swedish DJ and producer Steve Angello and Filipino-Dutch DJ Laidback Luke. Robin S. is featured re-recording her vocals. Also featured are additional vocals from Hal Ritson (co-producer) and Yolanda Quartey.[34] It was originally released through the Happy Music label on December 12,[35] and has had multiple re-releases since. "Show Me Love" is one of Angello's and Luke's best known singles, especially in the United Kingdom where it has topped the UK Dance Chart in 2009.

The song was also an international breakthrough for Dutch DJ Hardwell.[36] The song is based on his bootlegmashup of Robin S.'s "Show Me Love" and the instrumental track "Be" by Steve Angello & Laidback Luke.[37]

Track listing

1."Show Me Love" (Radio Edit)3:04
2."Show Me Love" (Extended Mix)6:40
3."Show Me Love" (Hardwell Style)5:18
4."Show Me Love" (Hardwell Sunrise Mix)6:46
1."Show Me Love" (Radio Edit)3:08
2."Show Me Love" (Blame Edit)2:56
3."Show Me Love" (Bootleg Mix)5:17
4."Show Me Love" (Extended Mix)6:42
5."Show Me Love" (AC Slater Vocal Mix)5:49
6."Show Me Love" (Blame Remix)5:29
7."Show Me Love" (Original Dub)6:48
  • Includes the video of "Show Me Love" (3:08).
1."Show Me Love" (Extended Mix)6:40
2."Show Me Love" (Hardwell & Sunrise Remix)6:46
3."Show Me Love" (Style Of Eye Remix)10:03
4."Show Me Love" (Partysquad Remix)3:38
5."Show Me Love" (Blame Remix)5:29
6."Show Me Love" (Afrojack Short Remix)5:45
7."Show Me Love" (AC Slater Vocal Mix)5:49
8."Show Me Love" (Radio Edit)3:04
1."Show Me Love" (Extended Mix)6:41
2."Show Me Love" (Radio Edit)3:04
3."Show Me Love" (Hardwell & Sunrise Remix)6:43
4."Show Me Love" (Partysquad Remix)3:36
5."Show Me Love" (Afrojack Short Remix)5:45
6."Show Me Love" (Blame Remix)5:25
7."Show Me Love" (AC Slater Vocal Mix)5:47
8."Show Me Love" (Style Of Eye Remix)10:02
9."Show Me Love" (AC Slater Dub Mix)4:32
10."Show Me Love" (Blame Edit)2:53
11."Show Me Love" (Bismark Remix)6:56
1."Show Me Love" (AC Slater Dub)4:35
2."Show Me Love" (AC Slater Vocal Mix)5:49
3."Show Me Love" (Afrojack Short Remix)5:45
4."Show Me Love" (Blame Dub)5:29
5."Show Me Love" (Blame Edit)2:55
6."Show Me Love" (Hardwell's Sunrise Mix)6:46
7."Show Me Love" (Partysquad Remix)3:38
8."Show Me Love" (Radio Edit)3:04
9."Show Me Love" (Style Of Eye Remix)10:03
10."Show Me Love" (DBN Remix)6:58
11."Show Me Love" (Bootleg Version)5:18
12."Show Me Love" (Extended Mix)6:40
1."Show Me Love" (Radio Edit)3:04
2."Show Me Love" (Extended Mix)6:40
3."Show Me Love" (Style of Eye Remix)10:03
4."Show Me Love" (AC Slater Vocal Mix)5:49
5."Show Me Love" (Afrojack Short Remix)5:45
6."Show Me Love" (Blame Remix)5:29
7."Show Me Love" (Hardwell & Sunrise Remix)6:46
8."Show Me Love" (Partysquad Remix)3:38
1."Show Me Love" (Anevo remix radio edit)3:24
2."Show Me Love" (Solodisco remix radio edit)2:59
3."Show Me Love" (Anevo remix)5:14
4."Show Me Love" (Solodisco remix)4:34
5."Show Me Love" (Boeboe remix)5:00


Sam Feldt version

In 2015, the song was remade by Sam Feldt featuring vocals from Kimberly Anne. It was released as a digital download on 21 June 2015 in the United Kingdom through Spinnin' Records. The song was produced by Sam Feldt.

Track listing

1."Show Me Love" (featuring Kimberly Anne)3:01
1."Show Me Love" (featuring Kimberly Anne) (Extended Mix)5:24
2."Show Me Love" (featuring Kimberly Anne) (EDX's Indian Summer Remix)6:40
3."Show Me Love" (featuring Kimberly Anne) (Kryder & Tom Staar Remix)4:54
4."Show Me Love" (featuring Kimberly Anne) (Kokiri Remix)6:34
5."Show Me Love" (featuring Kimberly Anne) (Quintino Remix)4:13
6."Show Me Love" (featuring Kimberly Anne) (Zac Samuel Remix)3:27

Chart performance


Release history


WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Robin S - Show me love instrumental + Free Download (Tury Beats Remake)

In 1994, Sharon S., a Dutch act whose name was inspired by Robin S., used similar sounded elements of "Show Me Love" for their.

show me love sample
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