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January 08, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

Thank you for sending me the statistics on employee use of our health care program. I sincerely appreciate your efforts. Please accept my sincerest thanks for.

I STILL remember the voice of my mom every time I wake up late for school. “Are you not going to school?” was her question every time I do not get out of bed during school days. My alarm clock was her words of advice on how important education is. But during that time, the word she utters has no impact in my mind and heart because I focus more on helping my grandmother to earn money.

Although often times I did not pay attention to her words, I was able to survive my primary and elementary school life with the help of my mother. During my high school days, my mom was still there for me. She was always there for me. She cooked for me every day. Every night she always asked what happened at school that day and she did not stop giving me advice until I graduated high school.

It is when I was in college when I realized how education is very important. The saying I heard before from my primary school that goes “Education is the key to success” echoed in my mind when I entered college. College is a life transforming experience because it is here where I learned how to stand on my own feet because of the requirements that I need to pass not only to one instructor but most of the time to several instructors. I said it is life transforming because comparing it to my high school life, being in college is much more challenging. And still, my mother stayed by my side- giving me support and encouragement whenever I need it.

My perception about education was changed even more when I saw the poster of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program depicting a kid smiling with the quote “thank you for sending me to school”. Upon seeing this, I was reminded once again of my mothers’ sacrifices just to send me to school.

As far as I know, there are many children who are not able to go to school because of poverty. Luckily, the Government has programs to address this. And among these programs is the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). In the said program, one of the provisions for the grantees is the children’s attendance to school. Grants will not be complete if they fail to attend at least 85% of the school days for the month. The grant that they receive may also be used to cater for basic school needs of the children. These conditions leave the families no excuse for not sending children to school.

I know that going to school is a challenge, not only mentally and physically but also financially. I am lucky that I do not have to experience hardships like most of the school children do just for them to be able to attend school. And I started to ask myself if ever there was a time that I have expressed my gratitude for my mother for giving the opportunity for me to comfortably attend my classes because she has sacrificed for me.

For only a few months now, I will be finishing my formal education. And hopefully by then, I will be able to give back to my mother. But for now, I would like to express my gratitude to her, “Ma, thank you for sending me to school.”

For my fellow students who are encountering challenges, think of the people who have and who are sacrificing for you. Think of their efforts only to provide for what you need. Always keep in mind that finishing school is the most precious gift that you could give them.

These should be enough reasons for you not to give up. But most importantly, you should keep in mind the importance of education. And that to be educated is one’s advantage over others.

In behalf of every student, thank you for sending us to school.

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Thank You for Sending Me an Angel This song is by Talking Heads and appears on the album More Songs About Buildings and Food (1978), on the 1999.

20 Thank you for the information email and note examples

thank you for sending me

“Thank you for shopping with us.” It isn’t just a slogan for plastic shopping bags, it’s a real feeling you have toward your customers. As business owners, we thank our customers in a lot of ways, but few are as personal as an actual thank-you note. And people appreciate them even more than we think.

Thank-you notes can be the difference between one-time and life-long customers. According to Forbes, 68% of people have left a business relationship because they felt that the company was “indifferent” toward them. That’s a lot of lost business, but it’s preventable.

Here are a few of our tips, best practices, and even mediums for those “thank you for your business” letters.

How to Say Thank You

“Thank you SOOOO much.”
“We appreciate the support.”

There are a lot of ways to say thank you, and some are better than others. In order to sound as thankful as you are, your thank you should be sincere, warm, and personalized.

Sound Sincere & Convey Warmth

Even though you may be genuinely thankful, a bad thank-you message can come across as insincere. Short and curt? Insincere. Long and flowery? Insincere.

Sounding as sincere as you feel is more of an art than a science. But there are a few best practices to keep in mind:

Length: Typically, a few sentences or a paragraph is long enough. Much more than that will likely go unread, and less than that could seem impersonal.

Language: Keep your language conversational rather than overly formal. Avoid using cliches (e.g., we think you’re the cat’s meow!), flowery language (we’re sooooo thankful for your purchase, it means the world to us!), or over-using words like “sincerely.”

Personality: This goes with keeping your language conversational. Insert your personality into your thank you notes. It makes the message seem more personal and gives your brand a little more identity. Don’t be afraid to throw in some humor (as appropriate).

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The above example isn’t a business thank you, but it’s a fantastic example of personality and personalization in a thank-you letter. It’s exactly what you’d imagine children’s author Roald Dahl (author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, and more) would write in a thank- you note. While you don’t need to go full Roald Dahl with your thank you, add some creativity to your message when you can.

Dahl’s note also does a great job conveying sincerity and warmth. It feels honest and treats the recipient (most likely a child) with respect. He doesn’t try too hard to be clever, though he is. Keep all those things in mind when choosing the language for your thank-you notes.

Personalize Your Message

The above example from Roald Dahl is an extremely personalized message. It thanks the person by name, mentions specifically why he’s thankful, and what he plans on doing next. It’s a standard “thank you for the gift” note.

Business thank-you notes don’t need to be quite that personalized. At the absolute least, your thank you should include your name and your customer’s name. Sending a thank you message without even including a name likely won’t give the customer the same warm, fuzzy feeling a personalized note might.

Here are some things you might want to consider personalizing in your emails:

  • Name: Hi Emily,
  • Product or service purchased: Thanks so much for picking up a pair of our boxing gloves!
  • The region the customer is based in: I saw you’re based in Seattle! I’ve never been, but I’ve been meaning to book a trip there at some point.
  • Any resources that might help the customer with their new product: I’m not sure if you’re set on your hand wrap style, but here’s one of my favorite videos. It shows five easy ways to wrap your hands, and it completely changed my workouts.
  • Recognition for repeat customers: We noticed that this is your third order with us. It makes us so glad to see repeat customers. We know there are a lot of places to buy boxing gear, so it means a lot to see you come back for more!
  • The best way to get in touch regarding customer service: If you have any questions, our employee Karen is our resident boxing glove expert. You can find her email address below.

Thank You Examples and Templates


Email thank yous can be just as effective, warm, and personal as anything handwritten.

Email makes it a little easier to personalize your message vs. a handwritten letter. You can use merge tags to automatically insert a customer’s name, the product ordered, that person’s company name, and more.

Here’s an example from Matthews Effects, a boutique guitar pedal builder based out of Washington.

This is likely a fully automated email that’s triggered when someone purchases a pedal through his online store for the second time. However, it doesn’t feel automated. The only thing personalized about this message is the name, but it radiates warmth and sincerity without extra personalization.

It’s short, sweet, and to the point. Plus, it’s unexpected. This message was sent in addition to the standard “thank you for your order” email confirmation that goes out with every order. This is a completely separate campaign that surprises and delights recipients.

Here are six thank-you email templates with varying levels of personalization. For consistency, these are going to be written from a fake business that we’ll call The Crooked Bookstore. In these examples, the business is a mystery bookstore that offers a book club subscription service.

For a first time buyer:

Hi Nancy,

From all of us at The Crooked Bookstore, welcome to our family! Thank you so much for your purchase of And Then There Were None. It’s a classic, and we’re sure you’ll love it!

We’re a small, carefully curated bookshop, and we stand by all of our titles. That means if you don’t like the book, you can trade it for any other book in our store. Just send your reply to this email and we’ll get everything sorted out.

Thank you again for choosing The Crooked Bookstore, we hope to hear from you again soon!

Your friend,

For a repeat customer:

Hi Nancy,

I was so excited to see your name come across our order pile again!

Seeing a returning customer is always a good feeling. We know you have a lot of options when it comes to buying books, so it means a lot to us that you’d choose to purchase Absent in the Spring from us.

As always, we have a love-it-or-exchange-it policy, so if your new book doesn’t live up to the excitement of And Then They Were None, we’ll work with you to find something more your style.

Thanks again,

For a one-year anniversary of being a customer (e.g., for a subscription service):

Hi Nancy,

Happy anniversary! We can’t believe it’s already been a year since you subscribed to our book club. Your continued support means so much to us. We hope to have many years reading and discussing our favorite mystery novels with you ahead of us!


For someone who left positive feedback:

Hi Nancy,

I just saw the positive note you left about our store, and I wanted to send a personal thank you. It’s so rewarding to know that someone had a good experience with our business and felt compelled to share that experience with others. In this day and age, positive reviews are especially important to a business like ours.

Again, thank you so much. Please let us know if there’s ever anything you need.


For someone who left negative or neutral feedback:

Hi Nancy,

I hope you don’t mind me reaching out. I couldn’t help but notice your negative review about your most recent purchase. It’s my hope that every transaction between The Crooked Bookstore and our customers is a positive one, and I’m so sorry to hear that this didn’t reach our standards.

I’d love to discuss with you exactly what happened and how we can make this right. Can you send me an email or call me at 555-123-4567?

Thanks in advance for your time, it’s greatly appreciated.


For someone who ordered a product on back-order:

Hi Nancy,

Thank you so much for your patience with your purchase of A Pocket Full of Rye. It’s not usual for us to have products on backorder like this, but it does happen, and I want to thank you for understanding. We hope to have your new book in your hands in the next 5 days!

Until then, please let me know if you have any questions, or if there’s anything else I can do for you.


Physical Cards

Thank you emails are always appreciated, but there’s something extra special about getting a physical thank-you card.
Thank-you cards don’t have to be fancy. They can be as simple as a blank postcard with your logo or a basic “thank you” design on one side and a handwritten note on the other.

While you can send these thank-you cards separately from any product you’re shipping, you can also drop a thank-you card into your package. A simple note that says, “Thanks so much, we hope you enjoy your new headband!” is a reminder that your package was packed by people who care about their customers.

Companies like Vistaprint and FedEx Office make it easy and affordable to buy branded thank- you cards in any quantity. For the sake of personalization, we do recommend that you hand write the message itself. If you’re feeling stuck on what to write, any of the examples in the email section would work great with physical cards, too.

Phone Calls

A phone call is one of the rarer ways to say thank you to a customer, and it’s understandable why that is. A phone call can feel invasive, and it’s impossible to automate. And unless you have a call center, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to reach out to every customer.

There are still times when it could make sense to reach directly out to a customer via phone to thank them. For example, if someone is a repeat customer who refers a lot of new business your way, a phone call would be an excellent way to say thank you.

Be Timely With Your Thank Yous

Let’s say you’re invited to a wedding and you get the happy couple a gift from their registry. You don’t really give it a second thought, and then months later, you get a thank-you card from them.

“Oh yeah,” you think. “I forgot all about getting them that knife set. Took them long enough to say thank you.”

The note is still appreciated but catches you off guard. You’re reminded that they didn’t take the time to send a thank-you note out sooner. It’s certainly better than no thank you at all, but there’s something off about it.

The same sentiment applies to your customers when you wait too long to send a thank you. A quick thank you shows that you’re at the top of their mind and that you’re valued. It also puts you at the top of their mind.

Thank You Notes Make Customers Happier Than You Think

According to a recent study, senders of thank-you notes consistently underestimate how happy recipients are to receive those notes. Senders of thank-you notes in at the University of Texas at Austin thought that these letters would seem insincere or would make recipients feel awkward.

In actuality, the letters made those who got them felt “ecstatic.” The study also showed that the letters took less than five minutes to write, on average. It also showed that recipients cared less about the exact language of the letter. What really mattered was the warmth.

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Thank you for sending me an email.

thank you for sending me


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I STILL remember the voice of my mom every time I wake up late for school. “Are you not going to school?” was her question every time I do not.

how do you say "thank you for sending me the letters"

thank you for sending me

Below are examples of messages for thanking someone for the information provided.

I write this type of note most often at my office job which requires asking others for information sometimes. So, I usually send the note via email, but depending on your situation, you could hand write the note or choose another method for delivering a thank you listed here.

Thank you for the information tips

  • If replying to an email where someone just gave you the information you needed, responding with "Thank you for the information" or "Thank you for sharing the information" may be sufficient. The best thank you notes are specific. However, when replying to this type of email, you likely do not need to restate what the information was that was just provided.
  • Include how the information was helpful if it isn't clear. Did it help you make a decision? Did you learn something from it? Is someone benefiting for the information? Again, this all depends on what the information was.
  • You can also thank them for the time if it took them getting the information for you was time-consuming.
  • The length of your note may depend on the length of the information. If the information was one sentence in response to a question sent in an email, then a one sentence thank-you response is usually sufficient.
  • Was the information advice or help? If so, check out the Thank you for the advice note examples and Thank you for the help message examples.

Thank you for the information message examples

Notes: In the samples, replace the words in [brackets] with your own words.

The examples will only the middle section of a thank you note. To see the complete layout of a thank-you note check out this cheat sheet. It shows all five parts of a note or download the free thank-you note writing guide.

#1 Thank you for sending me the information about [list what it was about]. I learned [what you learned] from it. I appreciate you the detail you went into [topic that was covered]. I am grateful for the amount of time and effort you put into this helping us. Your insights and summary are beneficial.

#2 Thank you for sending me the information. It was exactly what we needed and allows me to move on with my part of this project.

#3 We have received the information you sent in the mail. The book about eating whole, unprocessed foods has been interesting. Our clients will benefit from what we are learning.

#4 Thank you for providing the information about the sugar detox last weekend. I have purchased the book and will give it a try soon. By your results, I'm sure I will feel better after doing it!

#5 I want to thank you for sending the information about the real estate class. Hearing your perspective helped me decide to enroll. I look forward to being in class with you!

#6 Your information about how to help the cat was spot on. She is now using her litter box everyday! The website you shared with me had plenty of things to try.

#7 Thank you for providing the requested information. I am learning so much about [topic] now. We can discuss it in more detail the next time we meet for lunch.

#8 The information you provided about [topic] has been very helpful when discussing the topic with [Child's Name]. I appreciate the time you spent gathering all those books and pamphlets.

#9 Thank you for sending the email with the information that I requested. The details about the project are exactly what I needed to understand how to contact the supplier and handle the current situation. I am grateful for the background history you were able to provide as well.

#10 I am excited to read the information you gave me about how to get out of debt! You are a great mentor and I appreciate your book suggestions. I hope to be debt free within five years.

#11 Thank you for the information about how to save more money and invest. I want to learn everything that I can and what you provided will help to get me started. Our conversations about money are always exciting and help me to think about how I could be handling money better.

#12 Sometimes I feel like I have information overload. Thank you for sending me only the materials I needed for tomorrow's training course. I am grateful not to have to spend time sorting through stuff that isn't needed.

Click Image to see these note cards on Amazon! (affiliate link)

#18 Thank you for the information. I will be reviewing it soon and will let you know if we have any follow-up questions.

#19 The information you sent was useful. Thank you for taking the time to organize it. We will save this for our records.

#20 Thank you for helping us by providing the information that you had about the project. Your efforts saved us time and helped us learn more about the customer. We appreciate the detail you give to us.

What's your favorite way to thank someone for information?

#13 How kind of you to mail me the report I asked about last week. The printed version is easier for me to review. I will have the revisions back to you soon.

#14 The travel information you provided was fantastic! It helped me class decide where we will go on our camping trip. Your expertise saved us so much time.

#15 Thank you for the wonderful information about birds. The bird book you sent home with me has helped me identify several birds that are coming to my bird feeders in the yard. I am also excited to learn their songs using the app you told me about.

#16 The information you provided for the meeting was great. Seeing the data in charts helped make it easier to understand and present. The client had a few questions which I will forward on to you for review.

#17 I have learned so much about [topic] since you shared that your pet also as [condition] and you sent me information about websites that talk about the condition. Thank you for sending me all of those links!

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Talking Heads - Thank You for Sending Me an Angel lyrics

Thank you for sending me the statistics on employee use of our health care program. I sincerely appreciate your efforts. Please accept my sincerest thanks for.

thank you for sending me
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