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Thanks for hospitality letter business
September 11, 2018 1st Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

Dear X (or whoever it is) Thank you so much for your kind hospitality and for making me feel so How do you write a thank you letter for hospitality? This applies to all kinds of thank you notes in both your business and personal lives.

What to write in a Thank you note for Hospitality/ Thank you message for Hospitality/ Sample Thank You Message For Hospitality/ Thank You Wordings for Hospitality

After enjoying an excellent hospitality from your friends or relatives it is a must to send the host a note of thanks for the hospitality you received. Write a simple handwritten thank you message in a letter or a card or simply send a thank you message by email or SMS. 

To help you write a thoughtful and heartfelt thank you message here is a list of thank you wordings for hospitality to choose from. Also check our another great collection of thank you messages for dinner party.

  • Thank you for inviting me to your luncheon party. The food was great, the place was awesome, and most of all, I enjoyed your company. 

  • Thank you for allowing us to stay in your cozy cottage during the weekend. It was so nice. It was just the retreat we have been wanting for so long. You made it come true. Thanks a ton for your hospitality.
  • Thank you for inviting us to your victory dinner party. It was an honor to celebrate with you. Congratulations! 
  • I returned safely to my hometown. Thank you so much for the hospitality you extended to me while I was in your city. I will never forget your kindness.
  • Thank you for you hospitality to our delegates during their stay in your lovely country. The children will always remember the wonderful experiences they had while they were with you. You are always welcome to stay with us whenever you are in our city. 
  • In behalf of the whole department, I thank you for your generosity and hospitality during our visit to your company. We look forward to meeting you again soon.
  • Thank you for the warm reception we received upon our arrival. The meal was delicious and the limousine service to our hotel was such a generous gesture. You really know how to please your guests. 
  • Thank you for your hospitality during our tour. Your guides are the best. We were always at ease and we had lots of fun. The food and accommodations are worthy of recommendation as well. 
  • I am writing to express how much I enjoyed the evening spent with your family. There was never a dull moment during my stay at your place. I hope to see you soon.
  • Just dropping a line to express my appreciation for your hospitality during my vacation. Your rooms are really cozy and the place is very peaceful. I hope to stay here again on my next vacation. 
  • Thank you for accommodating us even with such a short notice. You hospitality is such a blessing. 
  • Thank you for allowing us to stay in your home while the kids attended camp nearby. This allowed us to get to know your family more while we were just a heartbeat away from the kids to check on them. Your hospitality is much appreciated.
  • Thank you for inviting me over while I was in town. I enjoyed dinner and our catching up. I never realized we have been apart from each other that long. Thank you for your hospitality.
  • My entire family wishes to extend their gratitude for inviting us to the barbeque cookout. Your home is quite amazing and the kids really enjoyed that dip in the pool.
  • Thank you for being a gracious host for your pool party. It's incredible that the food was almost bottomless. The kids had a wonderful time and I really enjoyed our conversation.
  • Thank you so much for having us at your house by the lake while we attended the conference. The view is spectacular and the surrounding was very peaceful. Thank you for your hospitality.
  • I would like to let you know how much I appreciate you having me at your apartment while I was waiting for my final interview. This saved me a lot of time and gave me time to prepare. I got the job, thanks for your hospitality.
  • Thank you for letting us spend the night in your home while we are on our cross country journey. I loved the catching up we had and we promise to get you souvenirs on our way back.
  • Thank you for inviting us to your backyard barbeque party. The ribs were spectacular! I got to have that recipe if you don't mind.
  • You really know how to host a party! Thank you for inviting us and be part of the festivities. Your house rocks and serves as a perfect venue for a perfect party with the perfect host!
  • Thank you for letting the kids spend the night at your place. They loved your game room and had a wonderful time playing the videogame collection with your son.
  • You made me feel like a true family member during my three day stay with you while I attended a company seminar at the Ritz. Thank you for being such a gracious host.
  • I must say I really enjoyed dinner last night and the lively conversation. Your husband's jokes are unforgettable. Thank you for being such a wonderful host.

Hope you enjoyed reading the thank you wordings for hospitality. So what are you waiting for go ahead and send your thank you messages for hospitality right away!

Thank you very much for the warmth and hospitality you showed me on my visit to your place last month. Not for a moment did I feel uneasy or an unwanted.

How to Write a Perfect Thank-You Note to Your Business Partners

thanks for hospitality letter business

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Thank You Card Wording Examples

A Lovely Collection of Sample Thank You Notes

Thank you. Those two words are simple yet powerful. They are the tools that help us grow and sustain relationships. They are ways of expressing personal gratitude for kindness, favors, donations, and specific actions you find admirable. Although you may have already given a verbal thank you for the gift or gesture, it’s highly appropriate and just plain good manners to follow that up with a special handwritten thank you message on a card or beautiful stationery.

Whenever a thoughtful person in either your business or personal life has gone out of their way for you, that’s your cue to take a moment to express your sincere thanks. Although good thank you notes are easy to write, they mean a lot to the people who receive them. Do you remember the wonderful feeling you had the last time you received a thank you note? You may have even saved a memorable one. Right now, at this very moment, you are just a few lines away from writing a great thank you note and promptly reciprocating a kind gesture!

Preparing to Write a Thank You Note

  • Choose lovely stationery or a beautiful card that is blank inside.
  • Select a nice pen with an ink color that is appropriate for the occasion.
  • Have an envelope ready with ample postage.
  • Focus on what you are grateful for, and how the gift or act of kindness made you feel.

Writing a Great Thank You Note

Choose the thank you note sample category on this site that best matches the situation for which you are thankful. As you browse through the thank you note sample entries, allow yourself to bring to mind the feelings and emotions you experienced upon receiving the gift, donation, favor or kindness. Select the thank you note example that most resonates with you. Keep in mind that each of our thank you note samples can be easily customized to better fit your needs. Simply add in additional text or make other small adjustments, as needed, to personalize your message.


BRAND NEW SISTER SITE contains even more professionally-written thank you note wording examples for personal and business thank you notes! The new site also has a huge library of wording examples for GREETING CARDS too. We’re thrilled to provide our loyal site visitors with an awesome new resource for both thank you note samples and wording for greeting cards.

GREETING CARD WORDING CATEGORIES ON NEW SISTER SITE: Birthday, Wedding, Baby Shower, Thinking of You, Sympathy, Get Well Soon, Congratulations, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day, Halloween, Graduation, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. New greeting card wording examples are posted weekly.

THANK YOU NOTE SAMPLES AND NEW THANK YOU CARD WORDING ON SISTER SITE: advice thank you, baby shower, bachelorette, bar & bat mitzvah, bereavement, birthday, boss, business thanks , personal, Christmas, dinner, donation thank you, employee, Father’s Day, friendship, get well, hospitality, house sitting, house warming, job interview thank you letters, money gifts, cash gifts, Mother’s Day thanks, pet sitting, teacher thank you, Valentine’s Day thanks, volunteer thank you, wedding, and more! Remember to bookmark

This beautiful site with lovely thank you note samples was written especially for you! We’ve filled it to the brim with the best high-quality content and original thank you note sample wording available online. We remain committed to frequently updating all pages and categories with new, fresh thank you note wording examples, specialty greeting card images, and unique thank you note sample ideas. Be sure to bookmark this site! We are excited to announce that thank you note printables are coming soon. Remember to check back often for more beautiful thank you note samples and entries.

Thank You Note Wording Examples – Personal and Business

    • Free eCards – Online ThanksWe’re all in hurry, and e-mail is by far the quickest way to send thank you notes to family and friends whom you see often.
    • Top 10 Thank You Gift IdeasTop 10 ideas for popular thank you gifts most people would enjoy receiving.
    • 4th of July BBQ Thank You NotesWriting samples for thank you cards for 4th of July BBQ Parties. Free wording to help you write thank you notes.
    • Advice Thank You Note SamplesUse the samples and suggestions in this section to help you create a unique thank you note that fully expresses your appreciation.
    • Baby Gift Thank You Note SamplesNow that the shower is over it’s time to choose some lovely stationery or blank thank you cards. We’ve provided several great baby shower gift thank you notes to help you get started.
    • Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Thank You Note SamplesIf you’re ready to write some great gift thank you notes, and are looking for a bit of inspiration, or just a sentence or two to get started, you’ve come to the perfect place.
    • Bereavement Thank You Card Wording ExamplesA short note of thanks to your friends, family, and neighbors that supported you during this very difficult time of bereavement is appropriate to let them know you appreciated their thoughtfulness.
    • Birthday Gift Thank You Card SamplesWording examples for birthday gift thank you cards.
    • Boss Thank You Card ExamplesA thank you letter to your boss written on lovely stationery is something that will be much appreciated.
    • Free Business Referral Thank You LettersThe majority of your referrals come from existing customers. Show them your appreciation with a thank you letter.
    • Christmas Gift Thank You Card Sample WordingChristmas is the perfect time to thank friends and family members who went out of their way to shop and select a special gift for you or your family.
    • Dinner Thank You Note Example WordingWhenever you are invited over for dinner it’s always nice to follow-up a few days later with a warm thank you note.
    • Donation Thank You Note SamplesA letter of thanks is important to follow up with whenever a donation has been received of goods, services, money or time.
    • Employee Farewell Thank You Letter SamplesTo help you make a graceful departure, we’ve included several great thank you letter samples from which to choose.
    • Employee Job Well Done Thank You Note IdeasExtending congratulations and expressing thanks is important for generating good will.
    • Father’s Day Thank You NotesLooking for the perfect words to say thank you to your father? We have several great samples from which to choose.
    • Friendship Thank You Wording SamplesGreat thank you note wording samples for the perfect way to say thank you to a thoughtful friend.
    • Get Well Thank You Note SamplesLovely thank you note ideas for all those people who were there to cheer you up and show their support.
    • Sample Wording for Graduation Thank You NotesSeveral wonderful thank you note samples to get you started writing some great letters of appreciation.
    • Wording for Hospitality Thank You NotesIt’s time to send a lovely thank you note written on beautiful stationery to your friends or family to let them know you enjoyed yourself.
    • House Sitting Thank You Note WordingWhen people take time out of their busy schedules to do you a favor, it’s more than proper to send out a nice thank you card to show your gratitude.
    • House Warming Gift Thank You NotesWrite perfect house warming gift thank you cards with our wording samples.
    • Free Job Interview Thank You Letter Wording ExamplesWithin 24 hours of an interview, it’s important to send out a thank you letter. Follow up with a strong final impression.
    • Free Money/Cash Gift Thank You Letter SamplesIt’s always important to send a thank you note to show your gratitude for a cash gift.
    • Mother’s Day Thank You NotesWe’ve included several great thank you samples and ideas to get you started on writing that heart-felt card to your mother or mother-in-law.
    • Pet Sitting Thank You Note SamplesNow that you’ve found a great pet sitter, it’s important to thank him/her for a job well done.
    • Teacher Thank You Card SamplesJust the right wording to say thank you to your favorite teacher! And teachers – we’ve included some great thank you note ideas for thanking parents.
    • Volunteer Thank YousThese wording samples let volunteers know just how much they are appreciated.

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30 Sweet Thank You for Your Hospitality Messages

thanks for hospitality letter business

[It is a Sample Thanks Letter to Hotel Management for Hospitality. You can follow these sample of Gratitude letters to send to hotel staff after you have stayed there and found your visit to be very pleasant and want to thank hotel management for making your stay an enjoyable one. You can make changes as per your requirements.]


To the Hotel management…

Hotel Name…

Hotel Address…

Sub: Thanks letter to the hotel for hospitality

Respected Sir,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter of thanks to thanking you for your services. I and my family visited your hotel a week ago and were very pleased with your hospitality. (Describe in your own words). You have given us no room for complaints. As soon as we arrived at the hotel, our luggage was brought to our room. We did not have to worry about our meals as they were delivered to our room and we received complimentary chocolates as well. (Describe all about the situation). My wife was very pleased with the interior design of the room and has decided to come here next year as well for a vacation. The recreational facilities at the hotel did not let us be bored and our children enjoyed very much as well. (Explain all about the arrangements). We had a great time until our stay lasted.

I would like to thank you once again for your services and wish you the best of luck in your business. (Cordially describe your greetings).

Best Regards,

Your name…


Contact information…

Thank you letter for hospitality, kindness or generosity. Thank You letters to acquaintances. Guide, letter example, grammar checker, 8000+ letter samples.

Thank You Note Samples – Personal & Business

thanks for hospitality letter business

Sending a business thank-you note, also known as an appreciation letter, to a vendor is a formal way to express your company’s gratitude for the third party’s services and assure them of your interest in continuing your association together.

Sending thank-you emails or letters to vendors and service providers that demonstrate sincere appreciation for their work is a good way to maintain a positive, mutually beneficial business relationship.

What to Write in Your Letter

Thank-you letters should begin with a simple statement thanking the vendor for their service. The rest of the letter will list reasons why you’re thankful for being able to rely on them, as well as a statement of hope for the continuation of your business relationship with them in the future.

Instead of a simple, “Thank you for your business,” write statements like, “It meant so much that we were able to rely on your consistent deliveries during the difficult winter weather,” or “Our business has flourished since we established our contract five years ago," or “Thank you for your willingness to accommodate our need for occasional weekend service, despite being given very little notice ahead of time.”

Specific examples will help to strengthen and confirm the point you are making – that you remember the times when they went the extra mile to provide outstanding service. Here are some examples of business thank-you email messages to send to vendors who have been especially helpful: 

Sample Thank You Letters for a Vendor or Service Provider

Example Thank You Letter # 1

Subject: Thank You

Dear Joanne,

I really appreciate all of your help in getting our restaurant ready for opening night.

You've been right there, helping out wherever and whenever needed for these past few months. From ordering supplies, to supervising the set-up of the dining room, to helping with the menu and marketing - we couldn't have done it without your expert consulting services.

Everything has finally come together, and we're ready to open the doors to the public, assured – thanks to your hard work – that our grand opening will be a memorable one that establishes our reputation as the hottest new “go to” spot in the community!

I am very appreciative of your assistance and am looking forward to continuing to work together.



Example Thank You Letter # 2

Subject: Many Thanks!

Dear E.J.B. and Sons,

I am writing to thank you for the quality of service provided by your company. We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated on each project, and the way you conduct business as a whole.

We have, and will continue to, recommend your services to other companies and contacts. Our team could not be more satisfied with your work, and we look forward to continuing this relationship

All the best,


Example Thank You Letter # 3

Subject: Thank You

Dear Ms. Garrett,

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your service to us as one of our most reliable regular suppliers. Ever since we signed our contract, you have provided the highest quality products with even better customer service. Deliveries are often received earlier than expected, and you are quick to resolve any issues that arise. 

We look forward to extending our contract with you for years to come and hope you will continue to provide such excellent service to us. We could not conduct our business without you! Thank you for a favorable first year in business together, and we look forward to many more.

Warm regards,

Eva Danielsen

More Examples and Writing Tips

There will be many times throughout your career when you’ll need to write thank-you letters. Here’s how to write a thank-you letter, including who to thank, what to write, and when to write an employment-related thank-you letter.

A thank-you letter is just one example of a letter you’ll need to write throughout your career. Other business letters such as cover letters, interview thank-you letters, follow-up letters, job acceptance and rejection letters, resignation letters, and appreciation letters are all important too. 

Key Takeaways

RECOGNIZE GOOD SERVICE: Writing personal thank-you notes to quality vendors will help to ensure their willingness and availability to work with your organization in the future.

USE DETAILS: Be generous in your descriptions of the specific ways your vendor has contributed to your company. Not only will this demonstrate your appreciation, but it also provides a useful testimonial for them that they can use in their marketing materials.

PROOFREAD: Don’t forget to proofread your thank-you letter for spelling and grammatical errors. Like all business correspondence, it represents your professionalism. 

It’s important to list the specific reasons for writing the letter. A vague thank-you note will lack the gratitude and emotion you are trying to display.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: How to Write a Thank You Note - The Art of Manliness

May 31, 2019 Are you in need of beautiful words and phrases to include in your note of thanks to someone for their warm welcome and hospitality? If this is.

thanks for hospitality letter business
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