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Welcome to community letter
August 09, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

Welcome Letter, Community Service Center, American University, Washington, D.C.

Welcome to the City of Aberdeen!

It is a pleasure for me to extend personally, as well as on behalf of the City Council and mayor, a cordial welcome to the City of Aberdeen’s website. We believe Aberdeen to be one of the finest cities in the state. Aberdeen, called the Hub City for decades, serves as a regional hub for commerce, education, shopping, and medical services for northeast South Dakota and southern North Dakota.

The City of Aberdeen was incorporated in 1882. Aberdeen is the third largest city in South Dakota and also the county seat of Brown County. Brown County has led the state for the last seven years in pheasant hunting. Furthermore, Aberdeen offers unique activities for fun at Wylie Park for the visiting family.

The purpose of the website is to be an information resource in giving visitors a small snapshot about Aberdeen. This website provides updated information about city government, recreational activities, and community affairs. I encourage you to view the photo gallery so you can view the community facilities and the beauty of our community.

Thanks for visiting our site.

Lynn Lander
City Manager

Welcome Letter The Purbeck School is a vibrant and exciting community to learn in, serving over 1000 students in the Isle of Purbeck and surrounding area.

Gov Lynch Welcome Letter

welcome to community letter

Welcome to South Orange!

            As Village President and on behalf of the Board of Trustees and Village Staff, I want to welcome you to South Orange and our brand new Village website.  If you are already a resident, then you are probably aware of many, but likely not all, of the things that make South Orange such a special community; a Village not just in name, but in spirit. 

If you don’t live here yet, but are planning a visit or thinking of moving here, I want to take this opportunity to invite you to explore our community and our new website to learn more about this extraordinary Village that we call home.

South Orange: City Sense, Village Vibe.  This catchy phrase, coined by our very own South Orange Village Center Alliance, succinctly captures the essence of South Orange.  In our up and coming, thriving downtown, residents and visitors can enjoy the “City Sense” of our great restaurants, unique award winning shops, essential services, a gourmet grocery and our world class South Orange Performing Arts Center (SOPAC).   As one of New Jersey’s inaugural Transit Villages, our historic South Orange Train Station offers 30 minute Midtown Direct train trips to the heart of New York City and Newark’s Liberty International Airport is only a 15 minute drive away.  South Orange is also home to Seton Hall University, nationally recognized for academic excellence and home of the 2016 Big East Men’s Basketball Champions!

At the same time, within just a few steps of our downtown, you can truly feel the “Village Vibe”.   A short walk from downtown leads to our River Greenway, amazing parks and public places, our Village pools and tennis courts, and our Recreation and Cultural Center at the Baird.  Walk just a little further and you can explore our amazing neighborhoods featuring historic homes, neighborhood parks and some of the friendliest people you will meet.  A few more steps and you will find Essex County’s 2,100+ acre South Mountain Reservation with hiking trails, a dog park and scenic vistas.

Once you live here you will discover abundant opportunities to enjoy active and social recreational activities and endless artistic and cultural outlets, clubs and exhibitions.  Our Downtown Concerts after Dark, Summer Concerts and Movies in the Park and countless special events throughout the year offer entertainment opportunities for the whole family.  Together with our partner Maplewood, the South Orange/Maplewood community is recognized nationally for its diversity and inclusiveness, welcoming all; truly a Village.  I invite you to join us in calling South Orange home.

South Orange:  City Sense, Village Vibe….our way of life.

                                                            Sheena C. Collum, Village President.

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The Welcome Letter (Free Sample Template)

welcome to community letter

By Deborah Ng

As online community manager, you should try to make the welcome letter to your community sound more like news than a sales pitch. Write in a conversational tone to make new members feel comfortable and invite them to take part in your community’s many experiences rather than push them into a sale. Use words that entice rather than pitch. Try these examples of enticing words:

  • Invite (“I’d like to take this time to invite you to view this week’s discounts.”)

  • Enjoy (“Enjoy the conversation with other members of our community.”)

  • Experience (“Why not experience the many positive benefits that come with participating in our community?”)

  • Appreciate (“We truly appreciate your faith in us.”)

  • Welcome (“Welcome to the Brand X community.”)

  • Share (“I’d love to share some of the many community resources…”)

  • Community (“As a community member, you’ll enjoy…”)

  • Thank you or thanks (“Thanks for joining our community.”)

  • Entertain (“You’ll find our discussion topics both enlightening and entertaining.”)

  • Conversation (“I hope you’ll join the conversation.”)

The point of your welcome e-mail is to remind your new members that they signed up to join in the first place and also to eliminate confusion.

You want to guide them so that they find all the necessary information, without an obnoxious sales pitch or even pushing them into taking an action they’re not interested in. The key is to invite or suggest, rather than tell someone where to go.

​On behalf of the Beachwalk Home Owners Association Board of Directors and the other homeowners of Beachwalk, we welcome you to our community.

Community Welcome Letter

welcome to community letter

Hey all!

I just wrote my very first “welcome the the community” email that will go out to new members. I know its missing important things that are in usual welcome letters, like the “here’s some conversations and posts you can participate in” links, but I run a Facebook group and just don’t have the bandwidth to update new links every week. Gotta make do with what you can!

Anyway, I’d LOVE your feedback on this and any tips or suggestions you have…

Hi [NAME],

Thank you for joining our community – it’s great to have you as a member of the DM Engage Facebook group!

Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Suzi Nelson. I’m the community manager here at DigitalMarketer and it’s my job to help build and develop this community. The main way I do that is encouraging members to get involved, share their ideas and opinions, and help one another out. That being said, if I can be of any help, or if you have any feedback or suggestions, drop me an email at any time: [email protected]

Let me tell you a little bit about the group…

Who’s In It…
DM Engage is made up of your fellow DigitalMarketer Lab members. They come from a variety of industries, niches, and marketing backgrounds – from digital marketing newbies to enterprise-level professionals.

How To Get The Best Results From The Community…
The best way to get started in DM Engage is to ask the community a digital marketing question. We love helping our community members succeed.

The Do’s and Don’ts…
We do have a few rules in DM Engage. Nothing too serious or hard to follow, but it’s still important to take a look before you dive in. [LINK TO COMMUNITY GUIDELINES]

Here’s what you can expect from our community of like-minded digital marketers and business owners…

Members of the DM Engage community post fresh content, cool tools, great ideas, and feedback requests to the group daily.

This means there are thousands of digital marketers ready to answer your questions, provide support and encouragement, and keep you up to date on the latest in what’s working in digital marketing.

Typical posts include:

  • Questions and feedback requests on a variety of digital marketing topics include technology recommendations, landing pages, ads, lead magnets, and even full-funnel evaluations

  • Resources & Tools that members have found helpful in their marketing journey

  • Results & Case Studies about what works and what doesn’t

  • Job Postings from DM Lab members who are looking to hire marketers familiar with Digital Marketer strategies

Sounds like a cool place to connect, right?

My thoughts exactly.

Now it’s time to stop talking about it and actually join in the conversation!

Go ahead and make your first post and use the hashtag #ImNewHere so we can welcome you!

Not sure what to say in your first post? Here are a few ideas:

  • Post your ad campaign or landing page and ask the group to review it

  • Ask for recommendations and resources on a particular tool or service

  • Let us know where you’re from and see if there are any Engage members in your area!

This next part is important.

Jumping into a new community can be a little intimidating. Here are some resources that will help you feel right at home in DM Engage:

DM Engage Community Guidelines [LINKED]
Learn what’s cool to post and how to make DM Engage a great place for everyone.

The DM Engage Glossary of Market-y Terms [LINKED]
Our members love their acronyms. Use this short glossary to learn the lingo.

(TIP – If you need to get touch with me directly, Facebook Instant Messenger is usually the fastest. Be sure to send me a friend request so I won’t miss your message!)

Thanks again for joining us. I look forward to seeing you get involved in the community!

Suzi Nelson
Community Manager, DigitalMarketer

PS – I spend most of my time in DigitalMarketer Engage than not, so next time you visit the group, tag me in a post to say hi and tell me a little bit about your business.

Welcome Letter from the Village President, Sheena C. Collum. but likely not all, of the things that make South Orange such a special community; a Village not.

welcome to community letter
Written by Tagami
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