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I can t imagine life without you

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I can t imagine life without you
September 24, 2019 Anniversary Wishes No comments

Sep 7, 2017 Date someone who you can't imagine your life without. Someone with whom you have imagined your future and you see yourself growing up.

Did I tell you I loved you
Tell you I cared
So many questions left in the air
Did I ever tell you how I was feeling
I guess that's the burden I have to bare

So much left unsaid (hmm hmm)
Moments that were left
So without saying goodbye
I'll really try to say

I can't imagine a life without you
No I can't imagine but now I have to
And I'd give anything to see you again
It's true

You said you'd be back

And I'd see you soon
But I never thought that I would lose you
I had visions
There was so much we planned
But instead there's no ending to this book I have read

I can't believe you're gone (no)
And I just can't move on from here
And I can't pass the time
Coz my mind's always thinking of you

I can't imagine a life without you (without you)
No I can't imagine (oh no) but now I have to (now I have to)
And I'd give anything (anything) to see you again
It's true (it's true)
I can't imagine
And I just don't understand
No I can't imagine (no) giving up on our plans (it ain't the way it's supposed to be)
And I'd give anything (anything) to see you again
It's true

My friends say your name
And I feel more alone
Everyday, without you (everyday without you)
Without ya (everyday without you)
And I see your face
And ain't nothing the same
Coz I want you back (I want you back)
Oh yeah (oh yeah)
And there's no way I can go on without you

I can't imagine a life without you (without you)
No I can't imagine (am I gonna do) but now I have to (now I have to)
And I'd give anything (I'd give anything)
To see you again (there ain't nothing that I wouldn't do)
It's true
I can't imagine (oh no)
And I just don't understand
No I can't imagine (can't imagine no) giving up on our plans (I have to yeh)
And I'd give anything (anything) to see you again
It's true

Why did you leave me
Coz I really really miss you
I miss you

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Text message from MegaMan

i can t imagine life without you

Date someone who you can’t imagine your life without. Someone with whom you have imagined your future and you see yourself growing up with. Date someone that makes you want to become a better person.

Don’t date someone just because you feel lonely or your need afection. Don’t waste your time dating the wrong guys, just because you crave goodnight kisses and good moring texts. Please, don’t date someone that makes you feel like in someday you are going to meet someone better.

If you feel insecure about your relationship, or you are able to see your future without that guy, he definitely is not the one. If the idea of getting married or getting older with him makes you cringe, run and don’t look back. Do it for yourself, for your heart, and for his heart too.

You deserve love, butterflies on your belly and the freedom of fantasizing over the idea of spending the rest of your life next to the man you love.

You deserve to be with someone that makes you feel like home and makes you feel like you don’t have to look for someone else, because everything you want is right there.

The future might be terrifying, but if you are lucky enough to have someone that makes feel excited about what is coming next, keep him, take care of his heart and fight for the relationship because every little thing that you do for both of you will be worthy.

Not everything is going to be flowers, romance and endless kisses. There are going to be difficult days, but the beauty about these trials is that even on the darkest days, you are still going to want to be with him because he is the kind of guy that you can’t imagine your life without.

The love that you have is going to overcome every doubt, question and disappointment, and one day, when you wake up next to him, you are going to realize that everything that you went through was worth it.

One day, you will understand that it-s better to fight to make things work, than spending the rest of your life without the person can’t live without.

Being with another human can be a challenge, and this is why you have to be wise when it comes to choosing a partner. Don’t date someone just because you feel emptiness on your heart, or because you long for someone to cuddle with.

You deserve to be happy with someone that loves you and can be with you through thick and thin. You deserve to be with someone that can give you peace and confidence. You deserve to be with the one you can’t imagine your life without.

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i can t imagine life without you

Love can be a crazy feeling as we suddenly find ourselves needing someone and doting on them.

If you are lucky to find an amazing person who makes your life so beautiful and perfect, you should hold him/her tight and never let go.

This collection of 2019 Trending I Can't Imagine My Life Without You Messages is a way of letting your lover know just how important he/she is to you.

My Life Is Nothing Without You Quotes and Messages

When you look back to see that your life wouldn't have been complete without your lover, send these to him or her.

1. I can't imagine my life without you, I always want to be by your side, holding you up when the going gets tough. I love you, my love.

2. I miss you every second we are apart, I wish I can take you everywhere I go because I simply cannons imagine my life without you.

3. When I look at you, I see a perfection of God's craft, God took extra time crafting you, you are simply amazing.

4. You are all loveliness should be, you are all awesome should be. I know I am lucky you chose me, I can't imagine my life without you.

5. There is something special your touch does to me, something I had never experienced before I met you. You are simply one of a kind.

6. Thanks for giving us a chance, thanks for giving me a chance. Thanks for being the awesome person that you are, I love you a lot.

7. Till I die, I will never cease to love you. I will never cease to give my all to you. You are worth it my love and I will show this to you every chance I get.

8. I am glad I have you, God must have created you solely for me. I blessed to have someone like you to call mine.

9. Don't ever stop loving me my dear even if I do wrong. Don't ever give up for me. I promise to be a changed for you, don't give up on me.

10. Life without you is not worthwhile because my life is wrapped all around you. I started true living the day I met you and now, I can't imagine my life without you.

11. You know I love you right, if there is a word stronger than love, I would have used it. No word can truly communicate the depth of my feelings for you.

12. I am crazy about you and that itself is crazy. I want to be yours forever, I want to forever be called yours.

13. I feel we have become one, we have blended so much that it is impossible for me to see "a me" without you. Thanks for being a soulmate dear, I love you.

14. You are more than a lover, you are my helper and confidant as well. You are all I have ever wanted, you are all every human would want and I love you.

15. I love you, I love you, I love you. These are the lyrics to my song and I will sing it loud for you every day. I love you, my dear.

16. Don't worry love, I go nowhere. I would be a fool to leave someone like you so, I would not even consider it. You are "it" for me.

17. I am very fortunate, I have a priceless gem as my lover
I very fortunate, I have a treasure of incomprehensible value.

18. I feel God created us together, he inserted some of your genes into me and vice versa. O believe this because we are so good together. I love you, my dear.

19. I am never going to be out of reach, distance might come between us but it would be bridged in no time because I would climb mountains and swim through oceans just to be with you.

20. I know you met me not quite long but I am going to be with you till the very end. I am going to be that person who loved you forever.

I'm Incomplete Without You Messages and Quotes

Are you sure you're incomplete without your girlfriend or boyfriend? Then send these messages and quotes to her or him.

21. You are beautiful, I get lost staring into your eyes a number of times. You are so beautiful I do not want to ever be with another. I love you, Darling.

22. I stooped knowing pain from the very first day I met you. My life became suddenly bright and I became happy. How you did it, I never can tell but all I want to say now is thank you.

23. You are not just another person in my life, you are my angel, my darling, the only one I want to be with forever.

24. They say no love is perfect but ours is an exception. You have given me a love so perfect, a love so right and a love so true. I can't be without you.

25. Everything changed when you agreed to be mine, everything in my life started making sense. I love you more than I thought I was capable of.

26. You have been there for me when every other person has failed. Your presence in my life has helped me through a tough situation. A life without you is unimaginable.

27. I must never be without you, I must never live without you. A life without you is one that will crumble, a life without you is a useless kind of life, I can't even imagine it.

28. Stay with me, be with me, be mine, don't ever leave me. You are my perfect synchronized half, let's stay together forever.

29. I solemnly vow to always treat you right, I promise to never hurt you and to always be there for being. I am smitten by you sweet.

30. People like you are rare, they are uncommon and that's why I am holding you tight. I am holding on to you forever my love.

31. Hi baby, how is your day going? I just want to remind you I am deeply in love with you and I am going nowhere. I am here to stay.

32. When you get a divine gift, you need to show gratitude. I am deeply grateful to have one like you as a partner. I am never letting you go.

33. I am ready to know all there is to be known about you and learn all I need to learn. I am sticking to you come what may, whatever it takes.

34. You are my rock, my all. You are all I need, I have found satisfaction in you. I love you.

35. It is either you or you, I can't imagine being with any other. You are what I need, I want to be with only you forever.

36. I keep studying you, I keep noticing the smallest, minutest features about you. Everything about you amazes me. You are something different.

37. You are cute, you are sweet, you are naughty, your Whits and whims amuse me. You have thrown my life into a spotlight, you are one of a kind.

38. In my darkest thoughts; you were mine, in my faintest imagination; you were still mine. You see: you are going nowhere.

39. You have caged me, you have caged my heart. You have me spellbound, you have me mesmerized and I am loving it.

40. Anytime you need me, I will be there, even when you do not need me, I will still be there for you. I will never be far from you my dear, I have come to stay.

41. Whenever I think about you, I am reminded of the faithfulness of God. You are a testament to God's love, I love you.

42. Without correct quotations from the law of the land, a beautiful case can be declare null and void. So is my life without. I love you with every single in me words.

43. There is always a joy that flows into my heart whenever I'm with you. This always bring out the best of me. I love you, you are the source of my joy.

44. You are the only thing that satisfies me. Without you in my life my heart is just like a basket under a running tap. I love You.

45. There is always a peak for everything but you are the peak of my love. I love you so much. 

46. Science say matter is anything that has weight and that can occupy a space. To me you are my matter because you add weight and occupies my heart. I love you.

48. As far as I am concerned, you have no flaw. I can't find a simple imperfection to you. You are simply incredible.

49. At this point, I think I am going to come out straight and say it the way it is. I need you, baby, I need you more than you need me and I am always going to hold you tight.

50. My heart is devoted to you, my time and everything I possess is yours. My heart is yours, you are the only one for me.

51. As no man can live without breathing, so is it difficult for me to live without you. I am crazy about you and that is the plain truth.

52. I am always yours, always. I will remain yours till eternity, for as long as you want me because I seriously cannot imagine my life without you.

53. You do the sweetest things because you are the sweetest human. I will never part with a sweetness like you, you are my honeycomb.

54. I can't imagine ever being apart from you, it would be immense torture for me. Life without you is unbearable my dear, I am crazy about you.

55. I don't care how much I need to say this but I love you a lot. I will do all I can to convince you of this truth. You are my everything.

56. I have waited my whole life for someone like you, you are the reason I am at this stage of my life now and that you are an important part of it.

57. I feel like all my previous heartbreaks were preparing me for this time where I would meet you so I can be the best person for you. Thanks for choosing me.

58. I really hope to spend forever with you, I really hope to be with you till I draw my last breath.

59. You are the fibre that holds my whole world together, the glue that holds it all in. You are all that makes sense to me and I love you.

60. You are what I think of when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I see before I go to bed. Thoughts of you continually rapture my being, I love you forever.

61. You are more than health, you are more than happiness. You are more than enough, you are my everything. I love you.

62. Without you, my life is one lonely fading world, a world without colours. You illuminate Nate my life, you add fragrance to my world. Thanks for being this great.

63. I can't imagine my life without you, that imagination is not even possible. I would rather imagine drowning in the ocean than imagine a life without you.

64. You set me on fire, you make me burn with zeal and motivation. I can't help how I feel about you, I really do love you.

65. All I do, I do for you. You are the reason I go to work in the morning, the reason I smile through every stress and hiccup. You are the reason I do all I do.

66. Thanks for all the love you show to me my dear, thanks for loving me the way you do. You have become an important part of my life and I am standing by you for life.

67. You know I am happy to be yours right, I am happy and elated you are mine. I will never male you regret choosing me. In fact, I will love you so much you would choose me every day.

68. You are my life inspiration, the only one that keeps me going in difficult times. You are my now and tomorrow, my respite and confidence. I love you.

69. Without you, I nothing. Without you, my life will be blank and dead. Thanks for breathing into on me, my dear.

70. I adore you, sometimes, I look at you and wonder how you can be so perfect. I love you now and forever Darling and I am doting on you forever.

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Written By Olofinko Eniola.

rubberduckyfoxtrot. There is nothing I could possibly want more than a future with you . connor:i can't imagine a life without you BRO. evan:you're the most.

I can't imagine my life without you.

i can t imagine life without you

Discover in this article, 15 of the most inspirational “I Can’t Live Without You” Quotes so that you can express even better the way you feel.

It’s been said that “true love never dies”. If that is true, and probably is, loving and being in love is not bound by your age, circumstances or financial situation.

We have to admit though, that being in a relationship that you’re saying from the bottom of your heart “I can’t live without you” contains a bit of sadness as well.

The humans are trying for many years to live longer and longer… become immortal if possible. Until we’ll find a way to live forever when we love we’ll have a bit of sadness attached to it on the back of our mind.

The reality is that, sooner or later, you have to manage to live without some of your loved ones. No matter how much of an optimist you are, when you say “I can’t live without you” the awareness of our mortality can be petrifying.

I never knew what means to die of a broken heart until last year. A neighbor of mine had a stroke; doctors predicted she might not survive. Two days later her husband had a heart attack and passed away.

So, yes! People can die of a broken heart. However, the sadness I’m talking about is the way your unconscious mind protects you.

The love you feel today includes the sadness of tomorrow, but that sadness of tomorrow will also include the love you feel today.

You can’t give your full love to anyone if you’re not willing to accept the fact that love has attached to it sadness and the other way around.

Get inspired by these “I Can’t Live Without You” quotes and make your love feel unique and timeless. Yes, you might be aware that most things in this world don’t live forever. Yet, assuming everything that comes with loving and being in love can make your love immortal.

Listen, we say about many people and things that we can’t live without. Yet, if it happens to lose some of those people and things, you adapt. That is the human nature. “True Love Never Dies” because the home of your love is your heart. Therefore, as long as you’re alive, your love is alive too.

If “I Can’t Live Without You” scares you a bit, think about the love you feel and go a bit further by saying “I can’t live without loving you”. That means, no matter what happens in life, you will never lose the love you feel.

1. Without you, I am completely lost.

When you’re in a loving, healthy, and happy relationship, most probably you understand that your individuality has attached to weight a new referential index “WE”.

“The we” becomes more powerful than you or your partner (at times more demanding) entity in that loving relationship. Why? Because there is no love, true love, without growing, cherishing, appreciating “The we”.

Therefore,“Without you, I am completely lost” is so true!

2. You are the air my body needs every day in order to survive.

3. I don’t want someone like you, I want you.

Don’t you know you’re truly in love when you feel you’re not in a relationship but this particular relationship?

Many people get comfortable in unhappy relationships because struggling together seems easier to bear than being lonely. Yet, for those in love, loneliness sounds much better than not having the one they love.

4. Imagining a life without you is something that is impossible, you make me complete and I want you to know you mean everything to me.

5. I can’t wait for the world to meet the best thing that has ever happened to my life – You.

At the beginning of this article, we talked about the fact that “I can’t live without you” has a bit of sadness attached to it. However, what we didn’t talk about yet is how many other things or connected to being in love. One of those things is being proud.

It’s been said that love is blind. Love is not blind; it always sees the things that are amazing about each other.

6. Don’t ever give up on something or someone that you can’t go a full day without thinking about.

7. Even in my next life, I will still wish to have your love. Your absence in my life right now cost me more than anyone can think of.

8. Your love gave my life a new meaning, I wouldn’t have gone this far without you.

Love is most meaningful when your partner knows how to bring out the best in you. Why? Because when that happens, you feel you’re loved for who you are and not loved in a selfish way.

You might never know what path your life could have turned if your love wasn’t in it, but you can certainly feel amazed by how far you can get in life alongside with the person you love.

9. It is difficult existing without you everyday because each breathe I take in proves that I can’t live without you.

10. From the rising of the sun to its setting, you turn my sorrow to joy and my sadness to happiness.

11. I can’t make it till the end without you, I’d rather walk through fire with you than take this journey all by myself.

What fantastic thing love is! Shoulder to shoulder, conquering everything:

  • Every obstacle is more comfortable to overcome;
  • Every problem is smaller by the minute;
  • Every decision you make is the best one.

Love doesn’t turn things in a competition. It turns things into collaboration, commitment, compassion, and freedom.

12. Sometimes I just wish you were here so I could tell you how much I need you and how hard every day has been without you.

13. I can’t imagine spending just a day without seeing you. It’s like serving a life sentence.

14. Every moment without you is a moment of time lost.

15. How can I face the world without you? How can I face every tomorrow without you? How can I live another day without your love?



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i can t imagine life without you
Written by Arashishura
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