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Function invitation letter
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Yours sincerely A letter of invitation Letter of invitation Organisations often invite a guest speaker or guest of honour to a special function. This is a request asking.

If you communicate with 10-year-olds on a daily basis, you’ve probably heard the phrase “I want to be an Instagram influencer when I grow up” more than once. You may blame it on social media. You might kick your kids off their devices. Or you might talk the hind legs off a donkey about the importance of a “real job”. This won’t change the fact that the culture of influencing will continue to shape the trends in all industries, including event marketing.

In fact, influencing is already on its way to becoming a “real job” with a huge value behind it. Ninety-two percent of consumers trust referrals from the people they know. For event marketers, influencing is a gold mine because people who might be considered brand ambassadors or social influencers can make your ticket sales skyrocket in the blink of an eye simply by recommending the event to their audience.

Key reasons to invite an ambassador

First of all, not every ambassador is good for your event. So before you jump straight into ambassador hunting, do your research in terms of the expertise and audience that your ideal candidate should have. The most basic way to understand whether someone is a good fit is to check the content an ambassador creates and think how this content can work in your event’s favour. For instance, if you are organising a tech conference, an event ambassador who has a blog on VR tech and shares lots of content under tech-related hashtags could be the one for you.

Apart from social influencing, an event ambassador can also speak at your event or share their expertise with your audience in other ways on the ground. Here’s how Nathalie Nault, Representative for Quebec City’s Ambassadors’ Club, describes her responsibilities in an interview for Quebec City: “We present the host city, venues, local culture and history, travel and tourism information, and the top reasons why an event should be held in Quebec City.”

How to invite an ambassador to your event

So how do you go about inviting an ambassador to an event? Most importantly, how do you invite an ambassador who can make a valuable contribution? There are three key methods that should shape your strategy:

  • Use an existing email list. The perfect event ambassador is not necessarily a trusted sponsor or an influential speaker. They could even be a random user who shares the same passion as you. Email prospects who you think could be the right fit, and research attendees who have been very active in responding to your event activities recently. Pick the most promising candidates, and send them your invitations as well.
  • Hunt for ambassadors on social media. This one is a no-brainer: You go online, check relevant hashtags, and message the authors. Ideally, you should focus on people who can share the details of your event and get active engagement on their content.
  • Recruit on site. Use your event connections to pitch an ambassador proposal on the ground. If you are looking into long-term cooperation, we recommend that you come up with a list of potential ambassadors based on an actual list of attendees and then approach each of your ideal candidates at the event. From customers to speakers, you can focus on anyone who seems to be interested in growing your event’s mission.

How to write a letter to invite an ambassador to an event

Each case is unique, but there’s one fundamental goal that every ambassador hunter should focus on: building empathy for an event. In other words, you have to make an event ambassador WANT to move the needle instead of just doing you a favour.

Here are several steps to creating a truly compelling message for prospective ambassadors:

1. Stick to formal. Whether it’s a roundtable meeting or a music festival, focus on keeping your invitation respectful, suitable, and concise. (Please note that “boring” isn’t mentioned here.) Of course, an eye-catching subject and a friendly tone are your secrets to success. Still, because it’s a business partnership proposal, a formal letter that explains all the details in the most comprehensive way is the best fit.

2. Mention a value offer. Time is precious, and even if an ambassador truly shares the vision of your event, he or she shouldn’t do it for just a “thank you”. When creating your email invite, think about ways to incorporate a brief description of a value offer—the details and terms of cooperation can be explained in an attached document—just to help the person understand the “why”.

3. Use attachments. The core function of an email invitation is to grab your prospects’ attention, not bore them to death with endless project details. However, some users want to understand the terms of cooperation before providing any response. Here’s a basic example of a classic ambassador invitation that clarifies the most important details and directs the invitee to an enclosed document:


Efficient recruitment of brand ambassadors can heighten recognition of your event and influence a large part of ticketing revenue. Use these simple tips on writing a compelling invitation, and win the attention of the most influential persona in your target niche.

It's important to demonstrate the knowledge of language functions and Write a letter to your supervisor 1) inviting him to the opening.

How to Write a Formal Invitation Email for an Event

function invitation letter

What Is an Invitation Letter?

An invitation letter is a written message that requests a person, group of people, or a company to be present at a certain event. This type of letter may be sent both by email and post. For some cases, hand-written or printed invitations will work better than an email. While you can just call your friend and invite him or her to your birthday, you will need to write an invitation letter if you need to invite guests for a formal event, business partners for a meeting, or assure the embassy consul that you will be hosting for your friend, and more.

The aim of a business invitation letter is to briefly describe the essence of the future event and tell the reader how it’s important for him or her to be present at the event (two weeks before the event or more). Besides, an invitation letter is a form of persuasive writing, especially if you need to receive a 100% positive response to the invitation.

You need to send the invitation in advance so your guests will have the possibility to plan the time in their schedule. It’s especially important if your guests have tight schedules and you want to raise the chance of their attendance at the event.

Invitation letters for visa purposes (also known as the invitation letter to a friend) have another aim. This letter should become a guarantee that your friend, family member, or other person will take care of you during your presence in the foreign country. Your friend should be a resident of the country you are planning to visit.

In this article you will learn how to write a formal invitation to the event and how to write an invitation letter to a friend (to make a visa). So, let’s start!

Preparing to Write an Invitation Letter

An invitation letter is usually limited by one page, but may be expanded if you need to attach more information about the event. Organize your information in a well-structured text so the reader will easily understand the information from your letter.

  • Make a list of potential visitors.

If you will be writing a personal letter, make sure that you accurately mention their names. Also, you need to find out whether the letter is formal or informal and choose the appropriate tone.

  • Find out the necessary information.

Make sure that you have all the information about the event. Briefly note the main points that you need to highlight in the letter. Are there any special instructions for the visitor? Do you need a response to your letter? How many guests do you plan to have Do you need to ask for a certain dress code?

  • Define the tone of the letter.

If you are writing to a friend, write the text in an informal tone. If you are writing as a representative of an organization or to the embassy, you will need to keep a formal tone.
Think about the format.

If you have decided to send an ordinary letter, think of what paper you need to choose. Find out whether your company has special forms for such occasions.

Steps on How to Write Invitation Letter for an Event

What steps do you need to proceed to write a good invitation letter? What is the best way to ask the reader to visit your event? Basically, there is no single approach to writing a formal or informal invitation letter. Below we have collected the most common steps you need to consider while creating a formal email to an event.

Step 1. Write the subject line (for emails).

It should clearly represent the essence of your letter. For example, you need to invite a travel manager for an annual tour of hospitality services in Turkey: “Invitation for annual hospitality tour in Turkey.”

Step 2. Add a letterhead.

If you are writing a formal invitation, use the company’s letterhead. It is not required, but it will represent the authority of the organization in a more professional light.

Step 3. Write the salutation.

Start your letter with a salutation. If you don’t know the recipient’s name, you can write: Dear Madam/Sir. If you know the person’s name, write the first and last name: Dear Laura Ashley. End the salutation with a comma and skip a line. Always try to find out the person’s name to address the letter personally. Here are the variants of starting phrases:

  • We are glad to invite you …
  • Our company will be honored to have you as a guest …
  • Would you like to join the event that will be held …
  • It would be our pleasure if you would come …
  • I will be happy if you come to …
  • On behalf of the company, we would like to invite you …

Step 4. Write the body of the letter.

In the first paragraph, state clearly the purpose of the event. But first, you need to show your respect and happiness for inviting the person to the event. Then you need to mention where the event will take place and the time. This information should be at the very beginning, as it will be helpful for the reader to find necessary information without reading the letter once more.

In the second paragraph you can identify yourself as a constituent. Describe the aim of the event and why you think the reader needs to attend it.

Additionally you can attach more details about the event. If the event will have a program, it is advisable to list it in the letter. You can also mention the special guests or activities that were prepared for the event.

Provide additional instructions, as some events require special actions for every guest. For example:

  • complete the registration form
  • get the copy of the invitation to an event
  • bring certain items or documents
  • dress code
  • return gift, etc.

If the event may imply giving a gift and you don’t want to receive any, just mention “No gifts please.” For other cases, don’t mention anything at all.

The letter of invitation should include the following details:

  • Reason for the event
  • Address
  • Date and day of the week
  • Time to arrive and time to leave (optional)
  • Special activities and program (optional)
  • Request for the reply (optional)
  • A map (optional)

Step 5. Write the closing and signature.

Show your gratitude for considering your invitation. Say that you are looking forward to seeing them at the event. If you plan to make a call to get a response, mention the date. Also, if you are asking the recipient to confirm their presence by email or filling in the form, indicate the deadline.

Write your contact information (email, phone number, etc.) after the text. If you are writing on the company’s behalf, mention your title. If the person will have some questions related to the event, they will easily contact you. See how it may look in the following example:

Thank you for your consideration. We sincerely hope that you will accept our invitation, and we look forward to your presence.


Your Name
Company Name
City, State

Contact phone number: +365987654500
Email: [email protected]

Step 6. Proofread the letter.

Always look through the letter before sending it. Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Make sure that your text doesn’t contain incomplete sentences or jargon.

Tips on How to Write a Formal Invitation Letter

  • Use an appropriate tone.
  • Be polite and positive.
  • Provide detailed information about the event.
  • Always check the letter before sending it.
  • Don’t forget to write the contact information.
  • Mention special instructions or requirements if needed.
  • Follow the required format if needed.
  • Send the invitation letter beforehand.

Invitation Letter Sample for Event

In the text below you can see what a well-written invitation email for an event looks like. Consider the comments in the text to have a better understanding of how a good invitation letter should look. Check other invitation letter samples on our website for more information. All samples were written by our experts, and you can successfully use them as templates for your own letters.

Click on the text to view the full-sized image.

How to Write an Invitation Letter for Visa

This type of invitation letter is usually written to an embassy for visa. Some countries ask for a visa to enter their country, and an invitation letter is one of the documents needed for the application process. The aim of this letter is to guarantee that your friend will provide you with a place to leave while you stay in the foreign country for a specific period of time. While some countries don’t require a letter, attaching an invitation letter to the embassy won’t hurt.

Basically, there are many variants of invitation letters: an invitation from family and friends for tourist visa, a business invitation letter, a sponsor invitation letter, a hospital invitation letter, and a college invitation letter.

If you have a lot of friends or relatives in the country you need to visit, choose the person with the best job position and who has been in the country for a long time. Besides, if you can prove your relationships, it will be advisable to attach a document (birth or marriage certificate) or a joint photo to prove your relationships.

Also, if the company is inviting you to visit their country for a business meeting, you also need an invitation letter. Usually, this type of letter is written by a manager or company representative. It should contain information about the relationship between you and the person you are visiting. Attach an itinerary of business activities to show that you are planning to work for a certain period of time. Also, you may need to attach your work position, salary, and other details about your current job.

If you are sponsored to take part in the conference, give a speech, or make a presentation, you also may need an invitation letter. In such a case you will need to receive an invitation from the person, organizer, or company that sponsors your activity. The person should tell why they have chosen you for this event, define the dates of your stay, and disclose the itinerary.

Structure of Invitation Letter for a Visa

The structure of the invitation letter may be different depending on the embassy’s requirements. Some embassies have a required format, so follow it strictly. For other cases we propose you the following format:

  1. Write the date the letter was written. For example: October 20, 2018.
  2. Insert the embassy name. Visit the website of the embassy and make sure that you are spelling it correctly.
  3. Embassy contact information: address and phone number.
  4. Write the salutation: “Dear Visa Officer” or “Respected Madam/Sir.”
  5. First paragraph. Here you need to list your name, your person’s status, and contact information (phone number, email, and current address).
  6. Second paragraph. Mention your friend’s name, and passport requisites. Write about the purpose of his or her visit and point out your relationships. Define the trip dates and places you are going to see or visit. Also, provide evidence of how the trip will be funded.
  7. Write the closing and signature: “Thank you” or “Kind regards.”
  8. Make a note if you have attached any documents or images to the letter. The embassy usually doesn’t require any additional documents, but the host can attach such copies: a scanned copy of ID or passport, evidence of financial viability, rental certificate, etc.

Sample Letter for Visa

Below you can see an example of a letter to a visa officer. We have chosen the general structure of an invitation letter addressed to a visa officer. The author plans to host a business partner from another country.


Dear Visa Officer:

Please be advised that we would like to formally invite Antony Hopkins to visit our company in Bern in February 2018 (February 1, 2018 until February 15, 2018). My name is Anatolia Adamantis, and I am a citizen of Switzerland. I am working in the Swiss National bank in Bern. My passport number is AA11111111.

My home address:
Apartment A10
6 Floral Ave.
Bern, Swizerland

Please contact me if you need further information.

Kind regards,
Anatolia Adamantis

Phone: +3123456789
Email: [email protected]

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are various types of invitation letters, and the structural elements will depend on the purpose of the letter. We hope that our guide will help you create an outstanding invitation letter for any occasion. Just follow our guide and consider recommendations from our samples, and we believe that you will make a great invitation letter.

We can also help you to create an original paper according to your requirements. All you have to do is to place an order and specify the instructions.

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Letter-Invitation Police Commissioner To Sports Day Function

function invitation letter

Sample Letters of Invitation

For ACL-2000

Dear ,

I'm writing to you in my capacity as Program Committee Co-Chair for the 38th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, to be held in Hong Kong from October 1--8, 2000. As you may know, the ACL conference is the premier international conference of note in the field of computational linguistics and natural language processing; I am writing to ask whether you would be willing to present a talk at the conference as an invited speaker. Invited talks will be one hour long, including a 10 minute question-answer session.

We have not yet established on which day your talk would be scheduled; should you accept this invitation, there is some flexibility we can use to accommodate your own scheduling preferences (although it would be on one of the main conference session days, Tuesday October 3 through Friday October 6).

In appreciation of your agreement to provide an invited talk, ACL would provide the cost of an economy class airfare from your home institution to the conference, hotel accommodations during the conference, and free registration to the conference.

I will be away for an extended period of time and will not be able to read my email on a regular basis during this time. So please cc Professor Martha Palmer, an area chair and member of the ACL-2000 program committee, in your response. She has kindly agreed to coordinate the invited speaker sessions during my absence.

I do very much hope that you will be able to accept this invitation.

Yours sincerely

PS. If you accept our invitation to give an invited talk at the conference, you can choose to write a paper up to 8 pages long that will be included in the conference proceedings. Along with the paper hard copy, we request you provide a pdf file for inclusion in the CD-ROM version of the proceedings. If you choose to write a paper, please provide the hardcopy and pdf file by August 1st. Please visit the conference webpage ( and click on "Instructions for Authors" for specific details on the formatting and submission of the camera-ready papers.

Regardless of whether you choose to provide a paper for the proceedings, we request you to provide us a title and an abstract (up to 200 words) by August 1st, 2000.

Author: K. Vijay-Shanker, 2000.

For AMTA-98

Dear ,

It gives me great pleasure to ask if you would be willing to appear on the panel named A Seal of Approval for MT Systems at the forthcoming AMTA conference near Philadelphia at the end of October this year.

The panel itself will last for 90 minutes on Friday, October 30. The other panelists being invited are:

  • Eduard Hovy (chair) USC/ISI, Los Angeles, USA (president, AMTA)
  • John Hutchins ­ University of East Anglia, England (president, EAMT)
  • Hitoshi Isahara ­ Communications Research Laboratory, Japan (for AAMT)
  • Bente Maegaard ­ CfS, Copenhagen, Denmark (MT evaluation expert)
  • L. Chris Miller ­ MCS, Washington, USA (PC MT expert)
  • Reba Rosenbluth ­ SYSTRAN Software Inc., La Jolla, USA (MT vendor)
  • Muriel Vasconcellos San Diego, USA (past president, IAMT and AMTA)
  • John White ­ PRC, Fairfax, USA (MT evaluation expert)

I include the description of the panel topic below.

There are 9 panelists. If we each speak for 5 minutes (two transparencies) then there will be plenty of time for audience discussion­and this is a topic on which audience discussion is likely to be voluble!

While AMTA cannot afford to pay the travel expenses of each invited panelist, it is pleased to waive your registration fee for the conference.

You can find out all details about AMTA-98 from the conference website at The program looks very interesting, and includes technical papers, system demonstrations, exhibitions, three workshops, and seven tutorials. In addition, there is a guided tour of interesting and historical aspects of Philadelphia and a banquet in the impressive University of Pennsylvania buildings.

I do hope you can make time in your busy schedule to attend the conference and share your ideas on this topic on the panel!

Please let me know whether you can make it as soon as you can. Thanks!

Best wishes,

Author: Eduard Hovy, 1998.

For INLG workshop 98

Dear ,

It is my great pleasure to invite you to appear on a panel at the upcoming International Natural Language Generation conference INLGW-98. This conference will be held in Niagara-on-the-Lake, near Niagara Falls, in Ontario, Canada, on August 5-7, 1998. We are expecting a packed room, containing some of the most prominent researchers in the field of NLG, and are eager to end the conference with a panel that summarizes what was new at the conference and points to the future.

The panel is called Reference Architecture for Generators. The panelists are Prof. Chris Mellish (Edinburgh University), Prof. Donia Scott (Brighton University), Dr. Robert Dale (Microsoft Research Institute, Macquarie University), Dr. Stephan Busemann (DFKI, Germany), and myself. Profs. Mellish and Scott will discuss their recently funded project on the Reference Architecture for NL generators, representing the work in England. I will describe the recently-funded effort in the US to establish a framework in which various generators, including those built for speech dialogue systems, can be compared, and outline the opportunities this new development affords the NLG community as a whole. %The other two speakers will discuss the work on creating %I hope you will be willing to discuss the work on creating a reference architecture or a set of standards for NLG systems as it is taking shape in Germany and Australia.

The panel will take place immediately before lunch on Friday, August 7. Besides lunch, it is the last event on the programme. Please take this into account in your travel plans.

Unfortunately, due to budget limitations, we are not able to offer any kind of honorarium or reduced registration fee in return for your appearance on the panel. My sincere regrets.

I do hope you will be able to act as a speaker on the panel; your experience and comments will add an important dimension to what is potentially a very important discussion for the field.


Author: Eduard Hovy, 1998.

For Multilingual Information Management workshop, 1999

Dear MLIM panelist,

We are very excited about the forthcoming Multi-lingual Information Management workshop in Granada, just after the LREC conference and just before the EMNLP workshop. The workshop has been popular beyond what we expected, and we are hoping to have a very interesting two days!

We have assembled the speaker program for the MLIM workshop, and are very happy to offer you a chance to appear on a panel. This is an important opportunity to be able to shape the way your field is described in the eventual report, and thus to have an effect on future developments.

Each session is organized as follows: two or more speakers each present a review of the subfield, in brief 20-minute talks. Then the panelists each have 5 minutes (not more, unfortunately!) to provide additional perspectives, fleshing out what has been missed, and generally ensuring coverage and completeness, with specific emphasis on multi-linguality. This is your function.

The theme of your session is .

The speakers in your session are:

The other panelists on your panel are:

Your session is led by , the Moderator/Editor. It is 's task to:

  • chair your session at the workshop;
  • collect all the materials from the presenters and panelists, and from anyone in the audience who provides any;
  • create a chapter out of this material for the final report.

In particular, we would very much appreciate it if you could structure your thought along the following lines:

  • timeline of major problem(s) addressed, from inception to near future
  • major bottlenecks and problems at present
  • major breakthroughs you see coming
  • role of multiple languages
  • juxtaposition of your subfield with other areas of Language Processing

We hope that this is not difficult for you to prepare! It should be a fun and interesting opportunity to reflect on where you have been and where you are going. We sincerely hope that you are willing to present here, and to assist the Editor in assembling the chapter.

Some general background, to help orient your thoughts:

As the various branches of Computational Linguistics mature, and as natural language processing becomes crucial for the information explosion, we now have the opportunity to draw together the branches into a more closely integrated research field.

Already, some cross-linking has occurred. Methods such as n-grams and the EM algorithm that were common in Speech Processing a decade ago but almost unheard-of in the ACL community are now being used freely there. Evaluation measures long employed in IR are being increasingly applied in the ACL community.

But there is a lot more to learn from each other. Speech processing can probably make good use of grammatical and discourse-level knowledge; multimedia research can benefit from evaluation techniques; IR is starting to look at machine translation.

To spell out what such integration might mean, and to understand the challenges of the future, we ask you to delineate clearly where we are coming from and where we are headed.

Sincerely, with many thanks,

The MLIM organizing committee

Robert Frederking Eduard Hovy Nancy Ide Joseph Mariani Angel Martin Municio Antonio Zampolli

Author: Eduard Hovy, 1998.

Format for Sample letter of invitation for school event to invite the companies, NGOs, schools, Sample Invitation Letter for School Function.

Sample Invitation Letter (Business)

function invitation letter

Format for Sample letter of invitation for school event to invite the companies, NGOs, schools, students, parents etc in your school to attend the event, event participation or social event attendees. Free invitation templates for school event.

Invitation Letter for Sports Event

District Public School
Mr. Jonson
Chief Sports Officer
District of Colombia.

Subject: Sample Invitation for School Event

Dear Mr. Jonson

It is a pleasure to inform you that our school has got the honor to host the 7th District Sports Competition. The event is going to start on September 19th. There would be a lot of games conducted to increase the importance of sports among the students. The prize distribution ceremony will be held on September 22, 20XX at 4:00 pm. Refreshment will also be provided during the ceremony from the school.

You are requested to attend the ceremony on September 22nd 20XX. Your arrival will constitute as a great honor for us. Please confirm us about your arrival before September 17th 20XX so that further procedure could be carried out.

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact us on this number 433662277 for any queries.


Mrs. Jacob

Sample Invitation Letter for School Function

The head person, care foundation, Lahore.

Respected sir,

It is stated with all respect that you are doing a good job for our society by providing education to special children. We admire your effort and to honor them the students of our school has arranged a funfair for the special children. Sir we invite you and your staff along with the children of your school on 6th June 20XX to appreciate the effort of our students. It will be a great get together. Looking forward for your arrival. Thanks.


Rehman public High School,

Invitation Letter for Inter School Competition

Dear Event Coordinator,

This letter is to invite you on the Inter School Sports Competition 2019 being held at The City School, Alpha Campus on Saturday, 23rd January 2019 and Sunday, 24th January 2019. There will be Badminton, Table Tennis, Soccer, Cricket and Hand Ball matches. Teams from all over Punjab will be participating in this event. There will be certificates and prizes for the participants and the winners. Furthermore, after the closing ceremony there will be a DJ night for the participants. We hope to see you at this Mega Event and assure you that the students will have a time of their lives.

Feel free to contact the event management team, in case of any queries and questions.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Event Management

The City School, Alpha Campus

Invitation Letter for Event Participation

Internship Fair 20XX

Dear Sir / Madam,

We would like to invite you at the Internship Fair at Beacon School System, Liberty Campus on the 19th of April, 20XX FROM 9:00 am TO 11:00 am . It would be an opportunity for our students to become familiar with your NGO and its mission. We at Beacon School System lay great stress upon the involvement of our students in internship during summer break in the areas where they realize their social responsibility.
We would really appreciate your gracious presence at the Fair.

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Invitation Letter for Email with Attached Invitation

Furthering our conversation, Beacon School System – A Level Johar Town Campus would like to invite you to attend the Internship Fair – XXXX.
It is the invitation and kindly confirm your presence. The event will be followed by Networking Tea.

Kind Regards,


Invitation Letter for School Event

A-Level Johar Town Campus
The Access Center

Dear Sir/Madam,
Greetings from Beacon School System,
A-Level Johar Town Campus Lahore!

We at Beacon School System believe in the importance of the responsibility towards the society and paying back to the people of our country in particular and the world as a whole. To bring awareness about the different social, environmental and community issues to our students Beacon house School System like every year has launched the Social Awareness Internship Program 20XX.

Beacon School System, A-Level Johar Town Campus has arranged an internship fair for this cause and we invite you to join us to communicate the details of your internship program to our students.

The details of the event are as follows:
Date: 6th April 20XX
Timings: 11:00 am – 01:00 pm
Venue: BeaconSchool System A-Level Johar Town Campus, Lahore.

This will be a great opportunity to interact with students of different campuses at the same place. The event will be followed by a networking tea, which will also be a good opportunity to interact with other organizations working in similar capacity.

The contact persons for this fair are:
Name Designation Contact Number Email Address
Amna Career Advisor 0335-1234567 [email protected]

We look forward to have you over at our campus and hope that the event will prove to be a success.


Letter of Invitation for School Event

The City School,
Kasur Campus

Dear Students,

It is to inform you that we have a Fun Fair on the coming weekend 02-09-XX to 04-09-XX which will start at 3 pm in the afternoon and will end in the evening at 6 pm. All the children are supposed to bring their parents and siblings along and the gates will be closed at 3 pm for the security concern and no one will be allowed to enter unless having this invitation letter.

Fun Fair will include different food and toys stalls for you, arranged by your seniors and their parents. You can also arrange your own stall along with your classmates and parents. For arranging a stall, contact the school administration.



Need a Letter/Application? Please write your topic in Comments Below:
We will post your required letter and let you know in your provided email.

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1 Sample Letters of Invitation . major breakthroughs you see coming; role of multiple languages; juxtaposition of your subfield with other areas.

function invitation letter
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