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Template for request
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Sample request letters with must-know tips, easy steps, sample phrases and sentences. Write your request letter today.

About issue and pull request templates

With issue and pull request templates, you can customize and standardize the information you'd like contributors to include when they open issues and pull requests in your repository.

After you create issue and pull request templates in your repository, contributors can use the templates to open issues or describe the proposed changes in their pull requests according to the repository's contributing guidelines. For more information about adding contributing guidelines to a repository, see "Setting guidelines for repository contributors."

You can create default issue and pull request templates for your organization. For more information, see "Creating a default community health file for your organization."

Issue templates

When you create issue templates for your repository using the issue template builder, they'll be available for contributors to use when they open new issues in the repository.

Using the template builder, you can specify a title and description for each template, add the template content, and either commit the template to the default branch or open a pull request in the repository. The template builder automatically adds the YAML front matter markup that is required for the template to show on the new issue page. For more information, see "Creating issue templates for your repository."

Issue templates are stored on the repository's default branch, in a hidden directory. If you create a template in another branch, it will not be available for collaborators to use. Issue template filenames are not case sensitive, and need a .md extension. To be included in the community profile checklist, issue templates must be located in the folder and contain valid and YAML front matter.

It is possible to manually create a single issue template in Markdown using the legacy issue template workflow, and project contributors will automatically see the template's contents in the issue body. However, we recommend using the upgraded multiple issue template builder to create issue templates. For more information about the legacy workflow, see "Manually creating a single issue template for your repository."

You can create a security policy to give people instructions for responsibly reporting security vulnerabilities in your project. For more information, see "Adding a security policy to your repository."

Pull request templates

When you add a pull request template to your repository, project contributors will automatically see the template's contents in the pull request body.

You must create templates on the repository's default branch. Templates created in other branches are not available for collaborators to use. You can store your pull request template in the repository's visible root directory, the folder, or the hidden directory. Pull request template filenames are not case sensitive, and can have an extension such as .md or .txt.

For more information, see "Creating a pull request template for your repository."

Use these general and industry-specific email templates for requesting online reviews. You need to ask for reviews to generate them and boost.

Template Toolbox | 2 Email Templates for Requesting an Interview

template for request

When authorities reply to requests they often use a template in their answers. FOI responses, where information is being withheld, will often show the FOI exemption used and then explain why that exemption has been applied.

Requesters, to an extent, can do the same when asking for information. Having a formulaic template that is used for FOI requests can help to provide consistency when multiple requests are being made.

Also by making it as easy as possible for an authority to identify an FOI request will reduce the potential for initial delays. It is possible to show them you know your rights, without being patronising.

The following template for a request may be a useful starting point. A good FOI request may clearly state what the information requested is, a date range, the department of the authority that may hold the information, and the format the information is to be received in.

Hello [Authority name]

I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information from [authority name/department]:

[Insert what is being asked for]

Please provide the information in the form [insert form to be received in]

If it is not possible to provide the information requested due to the information exceeding the cost of compliance limits identified in Section 12, please provide advice and assistance, under the Section 16 obligations of the Act, as to how I can refine my request.

If you can identify any ways that my request could be refined I would be grateful for any further advice and assistance.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or phone and I will be very happy to clarify what I am asking for and discuss the request, my details are outlined below.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

Best wishes,

[Name and email signature with contact details]

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Request Letter Template

template for request

There are a lot of ways of asking for a favor or generally just asking for something. One formal way of doing so is through writing a request letter. A sensible request has a higher chance of getting a grant if it is delivered politely and with the utmost respect. Requests could be about anything for as long as it is feasible. You may also see Letter Samples.

Requesting a reference letter for different endeavors is one reason why request letters are always encouraged. Beyond this, there would still be an array of reasons why request letters should be written professionally. Read through this page and know more.

Simple Restaurant Rent Reduction Request Letter Template


File Format

  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


Refusal of Request for Letter of Recommendation Template


File Format

    Size: A4, US


    Letter of Request for an Equity Investment Template


    File Format

      Size: A4, US


      Free Request Letter Format

      Free Request Letter for Approval Template

      Free Request Letter to Company for Bonus

      Donation Request Letters

      Request for Food Donation

      Door Prize Donation Request

      Sample In-Kind Donation Letter

      What Is a Request Letter?

      A request letter is often formulated by a sender for reasonable demands. The content of this type of letter is usually dependent on the sender’s purpose, which may vary accordingly. Like any other letter meant to be an official means of communication, a formal request letter format should still be observed.

      More so, it is evident on letter of request templates that formality is a factor when sending out a request letter. In this manner, requests are highly believed to be for legitimate endeavors.

      Importance of a Request Letter

      A favor, permission, or a request in general indirectly implies how important request letters are. One cannot just simply ask for it most especially when requests are made from well-respected individuals. Examine a free request letter template and observe how the letter structure and content are stitched together in order to effectively deliver what it should.

      In any request letter, it is important to note that the person requesting for anything should pay an amount of respect even through writing. Take a sample appointment request letter, it is important to formally request for something which should indicate that the request letter is written to address different areas of concern.

      Sponsorship Request Letters

      Request for Personal Sponsorship

      Reference Request Letters

      Credit Reference Request

      Reference Check Request

      Character Reference Letter Request

      Reference Request Cover Letter

      Tips on How to Write a Request Letter

      Request letters should be written in a way that it is able to comprehensively communicate and present meaningful objectives. From the structure of the letter down to its minute technicalities, everything just has to be in order for it to deliver the message as expected.

      Should there be instances that should require you to write a request letter soon, don’t forget to work on with these tips:

      • Letter Outline – Like any other formal letter you have encountered, structure its components accordingly from the heading, salutation, and body to name a few. You may also outline anything that is directly relevant to the request you wish to write about. Imagine an outline for donation request letter templates, which could include request for a specific amount in bills and other relevant proof.
      • Letterhead – If you are the requesting organization, it would be formal enough to make use of a letterhead. This makes your request letter an official one and thus considered a priority for evaluation and grant. Informal request letters do not observe the use of letterheads for a more casual approach but if you aim for a more presentable and formal one, use of a letterhead is advised.
      • Request Draft – Establish the main intent as to why you’re writing a request letter. Before finalizing it in a request letter template in PDF, see to it that you have completed a request draft that should somehow convince any reader to read further through your request letter.
      • Request Attachments – Make more convincing and believable request letters by referring to request attachments in your letter. These tangible attachments will make readers internalize your purest intention as to why you’re making the request letter in the first place. In a transfer request letter, request attachments could be anything related to your reason and intent to transfer.

      Visa Request Letters

      Request for Tourist Visa

      Request Letter for Family Visa

      Request for Withdrawal of Visa Application

      Sample Letter of Visa Extension

      Refund Request Letters

      Refund Check Request

      Request for Refund Deposit

      Transfer Request Letters

      Request Letter for Job Transfer

      Transfer Certificate Request

      Transfer Department Request

      Payment Request Letters

      Request for Advance Payment

      Request Letter for Payment Release

      Request of Balance Payment

      Payment Delay Request Letter

      Elements of a Letter of Request for Consideration

      A letter of request for consideration is generally just the same as a typical request letter. However, it differs in some aspects most especially in terms of its elements.

      Here are the most important elements of a letter of request for consideration:

      • Subject – At the beginning of any letter of request for consideration, it must already be indicated in the subject area what the request is all about. It could be as specific as a letter of request for reschedule in some cases.
      • Request for Consideration – The body of the letter should mainly be about why the sender is requesting for a consideration. An enumeration of reasons should be as comprehensive as possible for better reader understanding.
      • Closing Statement – The closing statement is set to embody a reiteration of the reason or reasons why the letter of request of consideration is made. Every closing statement in request letter templates could reassure that the sender and the letter recipient are on the same page of understanding.
      • Signature – To make a request letter valid and legit in writing, a signature of the sender should be observe at all times. A request letter sample often indicate a space in the letter allotted for signatures.

      Quotation Request Letters

      Request for Price Quote

      Request for Quotation Approval

      Insurance Quotation Request

      Proposal Request Letters

      Request of Proposal Extension

      Sample Request for Proposal for Auditing Service

      Recommendation Request Letters

      Job Recommendation Request

      Request for Recommendation for College Admission

      Appointment Request Letters

      Request Letter for Sales Appointment

      Request for Meeting Appointment

      Request for Doctor Appointment

      Statement Request Letters

      Request for Bank Statement

      Statement of Account Request Letter

      Request Letter for Account Statement

      Teacher Request Letters

      Teacher Transfer Request

      Teacher Job Request

      Business Request Letters

      Request for Business Meeting

      Business Partnership Letter

      Sample Business Letter of Request

      Formal Request Letters

      Formal Interview Request

      Formal Vacation Leave Request

      Sample Meeting Request Letter

      Different Types of Requests

      There are a lot of reasons why people write request letters. Anyone could actually do so corresponding to their own circumstance and reason.

      If you are planning to write a request letter yet do not know how to initially get started with it, these different types of requests might be a lot of help to structure your intention for a request.

      • Request for Information –This type of request is widely used among those that look into different company products and services. Information could either be directly related to a particular business or other informative operational procedures brought about by a company. The same request letter format is used for this type of request emphasizing request for information.
      • Request for Feedback – Since most companies, clients, or people in general do not favorably give a feedback most of the time, a request for feedback may be necessary.
      • Request for Interview – An employee request letter could include a request for an interview in case of promotion and other advancement opportunities.

      Request letters are perceived to widely deliver different purposes. Feel free to go over the page in search for the best request letter templates for you to use.

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      Request Templates are created for the most frequently raised requests so that the request can be accessed and raised instantly. The template is configurable to.

      Request for proposal software development

      template for request

      Step 1.4 CarsController#index is missing a template for request formats: text/html


      So I’m working on my first Ruby on Rails application and everything has gone pretty smoothly with some troubleshooting until now. I am able to launch and then when I navigate to http://localhost:3000/cars I get the error message

      No template for interactive request
      CarsController#index is missing a template for request formats: text/html

      Unless told otherwise, Rails expects an action to render a template with the same name,
      contained in a folder named after its controller. If this controller is an API responding with 204 (No Content),
      which does not require a template, then this error will occur when trying to access it via browser,
      since we expect an HTML template to be rendered for such requests. If that’s the case, carry on.

      I’ve tried some different things but nothing seems to resolve this. Any ideas?


      Sounds like the scaffold command you ran didn’t work properly.

      In the app/controllers directory is there a cars_controller.rb file?



      What’s in the contents of that cars_controller file?



      One last question. In the app/views/cars directory is there a file called index.html.erb


      Yes I see it there


      Try restarting the rails server.


      I have a few times, it causes the same error every time. I have also restarted my computer in case some elements weren’t installed properly as well as deleted the app and started from the beginning of the instructions. Running Ruby ruby 2.6.3p62 (2019-04-16 revision 67580) and rails 6.0.0


      This is a difficult one to debug.

      Can you show me a screenshot of your terminal when you try to open localhost in your browser?


      No problem. Can you show me a screenshot of your rails app directory in the views/cars folder. I just want to see what got created.


      Man this is really weird as everything looks normal.

      What are the contents of the config/routes.rb file?



      Ok I may be onto something here.

      what’s the output of running

      It should be run from the home directory which you’ll be in when you first open your terminal.



      Try starting your rails server with


      No luck! I get the same error


      Ok can you try starting the rails server normally with and then in your browser navigate to

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      Download a FREE sample request letter template to request computer equipment in PDF, Word, or copy and paste forms. I remember with an old Windows 98.

      template for request
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