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What is the meaning of love of my life

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What is the meaning of love of my life
January 13, 2019 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

May 18, 2016 One was my first love, one was the love of my life, and one was the man I mean , there are millions of people in the world and there's only one.

For a lot of people, finding love is one of the most coveted goals in life. Some say that "when you know, you know" — but falling in love isn't like acing a math test. There's no one right or wrong way to know if you're in love. Sometimes, it's just a gut feeling. Other times, there are signs you've found the love of your life.

Determining the reasons why the person you're with just gets you can be hard to pinpoint, but there are actually a bunch of different attributes and traits that make your special someone (your lobster, your other half, your bae, etc.) a great romantic partner for life. These characteristics aren't one-size-fits-all; what works for you and your partner in your current relationship might not work for your friend, nor would it necessarily work for one of your former relationships. Every connection is unique. Love never expresses itself in exactly the same way twice.

Whether you believe that there's precisely one perfect soulmate out there for everybody or that you can be compatible with a variety of people, love is a beautiful thing. Try to make it through this piece without turning into the heart-eye emoji, I dare you.

1. They Inspire You

The love of your life will make you want to follow dreams, and reach the goals you've always wanted to pursue. Through their support – both spoken and unspoken – you'll feel invigorated to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

2. They Take You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

By having your significant other and someone you love in your corner, you'll feel emboldened to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. Whether you're not huge on parties, but being with your SO makes you feel OK going to them, or they'll be in the audience while you karaoke your heart out while battling stage fright, you'll feel better just by knowing they're there with you.

3. They Know Exactly How To Make You Smile

Whether you've had a rough day, or you two are just laughing hysterically over some inside jokes, your SO will know exactly what it takes to make you crack into a smile.

4. They Know How You're Feeling Just By Looking At You

Finding the one means they can tell what your mood is or how you're feeling just by seeing your body language, hearing your voice on the phone, or from reading your tone via texts. Having a life partner is like having mind-reading superpowers.

5. They Compromise With You

Being in a lifelong partnership means you don't always get things done the way you want every single time. You'll both have to give and take a little, but that's what makes the whole relationship work.

6. They Listen To You

And you'll do the same to them.

7. They're On Your Team, Unconditionally

Having a life partner means someone who is by your side, even when you're not necessarily right. They'll back you up, stand up for you, and be a constant source of support.

8. They Show Interest In Your Interests

While there's this heteronormative idea that women should fake interests in men's hobbies, that is straight-up antiquated and unacceptable. Both partners — regardless of gender — should be excited to learn about their partner's hobbies and passions. When you've the one you want to spend your life with, you'll be excited to share some of their interests with them, and vice versa.

9. They Give You Space When You Need It

The partner who is right for you will understand when you need to be alone, and when you need to be with them. You'll have your time together and your time apart, because you both get that you need hobbies and a life outside of your relationship.

10. They Make Efforts To Be Close To Those Closest To You

This could be your parents, siblings, closest friends — whoever you find most important in your life, your significant other will also want to get to know and be around. They don't have to click with everyone you click with (and vice versa), but they at least try to connect on some level with the other people in your life.

11. They Lift You Up

Not literally. Well, maybe literally if y'all enjoy that. But, what I mean is, they support you and encourage you to pursue what makes you happy... aka they don't condescend your interests — at least, not seriously — and truly want to see you succeed. They don't get insecure by success you have, but instead want to see it happen for you because seeing you shine simply makes them happy.

12. They Help You Through Your Problems

When you need to vent about an issue with a friend, or if you're unsure how to handle a work-related problem, you'll go to your SO about it, and they'll guide you through it. You go to them because they're your moral compass, and will have the advice you need to hear.

13. They Show They Care

A "good morning" text, a call to check in on your day, a surprise visit to the library to bring you a much-needed iced coffee — your life partner will pop up with signs that they care about you.

14. They Trust You Implicitly, And You Trust Them

A universal sign of a great relationship is trust: you know you've found your life partner when you don't doubt for a second their loyalty to you, or your loyalty to them.

15. They're Who You Go To To Talk About Random Stories

Your SO is the person you want to immediately text or call at the end of your day or after something happens to you. Even if it's just calling to say you spotted the most perfect Golden Retriever on the street, you want to share every detail with them, and they'll want to hear all about it.

16. They Nurse You Back To Health

If you have a little head cold or caught a stomach virus, they'll bring you warm soup, medicine, Gatorade — whatever you need to feel well again.

17. They'll Do Little Things You Don't Even Think Of

A great significant other will think of things to do for you before you may even think of it. For instance, if you fall asleep before taking your makeup off by accident, they'll get one of your wipes and remove it off your face for you. Or, they'll remind you to study for that exam you have at the end of the week you totally forgot about.

If you've found all of this in someone, and you're with that person, congratulations, and hold onto them.

Love of my life synonyms. Top synonyms for love of my life (other words for love of my life) are my love life, i've ever loved and woman of my dreams.

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what is the meaning of love of my life

The unprecedented music group-Queen, known to be the greatest band to have conquered Rock music, goes on to show their musical versatility in “Love of My Life” song. This ballad is considered to be one of Queen’s best works from their diverse portfolio. Queen’s lead vocalist, Freddie Mercury straddles back from Rock and performs this serenading song in a display of his unimaginable vocal prowess.

“Love of My Life” is included in one of the biggest selling Rock albums-‘A Night at the Opera’ by Queen from 1975. This album is also the home to one of the most revered Rock songs ever-“Bohemian Rhapsody.” In the original album version, Freddie Mercury plays the piano while performing the song with other members on different instruments, whereas on a live stage, this song is performed with Brian May on guitar and Freddie performing only the vocals.

“I hate this thing about trying to recreate the albums on stage. We sometimes deliberately change. Look at ‘Love Of My Life’, for instance. On record I play piano on that but on stage it’s just Brian playing the guitar and me singing it, because it works on stage better that way.” – Freddie Mercury

“Love of My Life” is written about Mary Austin-the true love of Freddie Mercury’s life. His true passion for Mary Austin is evident in every performance of this song by Queen.

Watch Queen Perform “Love of My Life” Live in 1986

Download “Love of My Life” Song Live on iTunes and Amazon
Buy ‘A Night at the Opera’ Album on iTunes and Amazon

Written entirely by Freddie Mercury himself, this song is a confessional on his love and affection towards Mary Austin.

Who is Mary Austin?

Mary Austin was another ordinary girl, born in 1951 in London, UK. She met Brian May during college and dated him for a short while. Brian May was then forming a rag-tag band in college with Roger Taylor. They soon got introduced to Freddie Mercury who changed the group name to ‘Queen.’ Thus began Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury’s relationship. In 1973 they moved in together, but never got married. They lived together for seven years, and according to an interview with Freddie’s mother Jer Bulsara done by  The Telegraph, Mary Austin laboured two children named Richard and Jamie, not biologically related to Freddie. He was the godfather of the two children of Mary. Even after Mary and Freddie had a falling out of their relationship, they said to have remained close friends until Freddie’s death in 1991. Mary Austin was passed on Mercury’s massive mansion in West London.

Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury posing for a picture at his 38th birthday after performing at Wembley Arena (Image Credits:

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Love of My Life”

Verse 1

Freddie Mercury could be talking about a time when Mary Austin had left his life. If we glance at their relationship timeline, sources confirm that the two met in 1970 and moved in together in 1973. By 1980, Freddie Mercury had confessed to Mary that he has been continuously unfaithful to her, which leads to their fall out. “Love of My Life” is written in 1975, which leads us to believe that these two had their own share of ups and downs in their relationship.

Freddie Mercury was obsessed with Mary Austin, but that could not prevent him from getting into relationships with other partners, especially men. He repeatedly calls her the love of his life, and the tonality of this song leads us to believe that he means it.


Freddie Mercury begs for her to give him her love back. Mary Austin had been a major part of Freddie’s life in the band’s toughest times as well as their peak. She had been a major source of strength and inspiration in Freddie’s life and music.

Verse 2

Freddie Mercury is talking about an apparent breakup-maybe short-lived and undocumented. However, he is pleading for her to come back in this emotional outcry.

Watch Queen Perform “Love of My Life” Live in Montreal


Freddie Mercury knows she is not coming back. He affirms to her that she will remember all the good times even after they are over their relationship. Freddie says that even if they are not together, he will still love her till he dies. We can only assume this held true to his last breath.

Queen’s “Love of My Life” is one classic tribute to love. There have been covers of this song over the years, but nothing beats Freddie Mercury who sings with the true passion for Mary Austin for whom he wrote this song for.

Let us know your thoughts about this classic hit and Freddie’s diverse vocals in a spectrum of genres. Leave your ideas and interpretations and experiences of this song in the comments below.

Full Lyrics to “Love of My Life” by Queen


Read “Love of My Life” by Queen on Genius

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15 Signs You’ve Found the Love of Your Life

what is the meaning of love of my life

The meaning of life is to love. There is no greater purpose, no greater meaning. Everything and anything. It doesn’t have to be solely people, it can range from a pet to something abstract and imaginary.

Even if you don’t love life itself, through loving things/beings in your life you find meaning, purpose. For example: You choose your dream job because that is what you LOVE to do. You choose whatever path you choose in life because that is the path that you LOVE. Love is the very purpose of living, and like I said, it doesn’t matter what you love, so long as it exists, and as long as you love, your life is not wasted.

Even those who claim to love nothing, love something. For example, a person may love no one and not a thing, but himself. There’s always something/one to love, that’ll give your life meaning.

Loving things in your life will make you a more spiritual being. Both Buddha and Jesus taught, ultimately, one thing: Love. Love for everything and anything. The more you love, the closer thou art to know thyself, and the closer thou art to God, if you believe in him. You can be an atheist and still have love fill your very self, and therefore fill your surroundings, thus, you become one with your life, or, your karma, which means that the more you love others (things, people), the more others will love you, it’s that simple.

When you love someone/something, unconditionally, it gives your life meaning, it gives you the will to live POSITIVELY, and that’s one of the greatest treasures love can give, a positive, healthy attitude towards life, and of life towards you.

Love unconditionally as much as you can, expand your “circle of love” to the farthest it can reach. And you’ll find. The more you send your love to others, the more you’ll appreciate the love you’re giving, making you also love yourself UNCONDITIONALLY.


~Shahaf Yefet, 22, Philosopher 

(Article written by ©Shahaf Yefet)

Excellence Reporter 2015, Copyright © Shahaf Yefet

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Oct 30, 2015 You have surely asked yourself that big question of if they are the love of your life, whether it is a friendship, your current romantic partner.

The Meaning of Life Is Unconditional Love

what is the meaning of love of my life

The annotation on for the chorus of the song reads as follows:

The love he finally receives from her is spent (possibly on another girl?) and now she feels abused because the boy had given her hope for a real relationship, and that’s been the story of his life, always creating a sustainable connection then tearing it down.

He has become a guy who gets close and never keeps the connection alive, taking a toll on those who want to love him and those he wants to love.

The description/overview of the lyrics contains more insight into the meaning of the song:

The song is about a love story gone bad: in the first verses, in fact, the main character thinks about the break-up with a girl whom really loved. In the hook, the story changes: the boy, who can’t have the true love of her life (because she broke up with him), just passes from one girl to another, trying to convince them and himself that he does love them, but he realizes that he can’t forget the love of his life, who is the one that he can’t have, as well.

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May 18, 2016 One was my first love, one was the love of my life, and one was the man I mean , there are millions of people in the world and there's only one.

what is the meaning of love of my life
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